2013-11-08 『僕は◯◯好きの男子です。◯◯が好きな女の子と文通がしたいです』


When I was a junior school student, there was a magazine whose name is "the fifth grade" for juvenility.


The magazine ranged from study, comics to hiplines, and I was looking forward to supplements of the magazine.



There was a "Let's begin a correspondence" in the magazines.


"I am a boy who likes ○○. I want to have correspondence with a girl who likes ○○ too."


"○○" is, for example, comic titles or favorite idols, never obscene words.


with their home address.



Believe or not, there was a generous-hearted time when personal information has been disclosed in the magazine.

さて、昔と今、どちらが幸せな時代だったのか ―― どっちにしても、私にはあまり関係のない世界であることには違いないのですが。

I wonder if it was happier than the present --- Anyway both are less relevant to me.


電子メールがある時代だからこそ、手書きの手紙には価値がある ―― という話を、私は「アホか」と思ってきましたが、

Snail mails are valuable because E-mails exist in the present ―― I think it is stupid.


_ Now I am asking my daughters to draw some illustrations to my father and mother who can't read any characters and walk alone.


It is troubled with absolute for me that the letter communication becomes extinct.

2014-11-08 ―― 「永遠に生きる」、というのはどういうことか


The other day, I had discussed the following story to my junior daughter (The 6th grade).

―― 「永遠に生きる」、というのはどういうことか

"What does "to live eternally" means?"


Daughter:" I merely think that it is that we don't die all the time"


Ebata:" I think that it means "to remember everything all the time""




Ebata: "Our mount of memory is decided by the size of our brain, so we cannot continue to record what we are doing eternally."


Daughter: "And?"


Ebata: "For example, if we can live eternally and can keep our memory only for 100 years, can we live eternally?"


Daughter: "We live only for 100 years, don't we?"


Ebata: "All right. It thinks it not to make much of a difference from the life of the life of 100 years after all."


Daughter: "But I think that the life that there is not fear of the death is not bad"


Ebata: "Does the value of "living eternally" have fear of the death?"


2015-11-08 ともかく、『無条件に良い』 ―― というものを、私は信じないのですよ。


(Continuation from yesterday)


Like that, there are enormous contents of "friend supremacist", so I think that it is ridiculous to try a cross-culture arguments.


More over, the "friend supremacist" seems not to be clearly beneficial, and alleged it only, and have no evidence about the effectiveness quantitatively. (According to "loneliness supremacist", it should be my life work)

ともかく、『無条件に良い』 ―― というものを、私は信じないのですよ。

Anyway, I don't believe something good without condition.


I think it is even an original sin called "lack thought".



"Meism". That's all fine and good.


"Meism" means to be crazy for something by oneself.


For me, persons in the TV program "projectX", Nobel Prize winner, presidents of venture company, are meism and crazy for something,


But I deny a thought that "they are greater than other, so "meism" is good."


Meism itself makes us happy, and all of them has already become happy if they didn't get the Nobel Prize.


I think even the Nobel Prize is like a free gift of snack.



If most of researchers or engineers in the science and engineering majors are meism, that mean the following.


Conclusion:"When you go to science and engineering majors, you are going to be happy."


If you have a plan to turn to a new religion, I will propose that you go to to science and engineering majors and work with petri dishes, electric circuits, super-computer overnight with tired red eyes.

2016-11-08 本気で、下っ端の意見が聞きたいのであれば、『サクラ』を用意しておくくらいの配慮が必要なはずです。


(Continuation from yesterday)


In addition, some executives will lose their temper easily, even we say honest opinion.


"That is different!" An executive who puts opinions during the statement of a young employee shouted. They amaze me with thinking "they do not even notice self-contradiction of their behavior."


Why don't they do "consensus-building" first?


If they are serious and want to hear the bottom opinions, they should be careful about preparing "by-bidder".


If they prepare about three "by-bidder" and order to say an exotic opinion first, the other employee can feel safe and start to express the opinion.


In the past, there seemed to be many charismatic executives who can harmonize the battlefield and make everyone have a free opinion.


(To be continued)

2017-11-08 ならば、「自分で排泄物の処理のできない自分」になっても、今の私では想像できないような、何か「面白いもの」を見い出せるかもしれません。


(Continuation from yesterday)

で、今どうなっているかというと ――

Let me explain about the current "me".

まあ、体に関しては、概ね予想通り、悲惨 ―― とまでは言わないまでも、面倒くさい(見えないとか、痛いとか)状態です。

According to my body and health, as expected generally, "tragedy" is an exaggerated expression. So "annoying" (for example, low vision, or pains) is acceptable for me.


On the other hand, I think that "philosophy of living" has been improved since now.


I live my life for long time, and many use-cases have been accumulated, and the possibility to avoid problems is higher than of my youth.


And, I come to know many trouble-shooting of each use-case.


It it true that I come to take my life easy, because I can dull the pain of the trouble for short time.


In addition, I cannot think that "I want to repeat my younger days" at all.


This means (for me, at least) that it is evidence that "aging" is something valuable.



If it is true, I, who cannot dispose of excremental matter of mine, will find something valuable beyond my imagination.


I don't give up hope from "my figure from outside", but I want to expect "my figure from inside".


There was joy and suffering in my 10's, and


there was also joy and suffering in my 50's, and


I wish that

―― あるといいなぁ、と思うのです。

"I, who can not handle excrement by myself", will have the joy and suffering in the era.



However, honestly speaking, I am afraid that I can not imagine even the hypothesis of the possibility, at this moment.

2018-11-08 ―― Google世論調査


"Public opinion" is hard to investigate.


Mass media, government, etc can do large scale questionnaire to obtain these information.


However, such activities are limited to corporations with financial resources.


Weekend writers can not compete at all.


Because a weekend writer cannot compete at all, I should do simulation and use various mathematical calculations and inference tools, as palliation.



Recently, I am using "Google" search engine as a simple method of investigation of public opinion.


Although the purpose is not the same as the questionnaires, if you enter a specific term, you can get the number of hits directly. It is suitable for investigating rough public opinion.


For example, if you compare the number of hits with the term "nursing care" and "enjoyable nursing care", you can see that the concept of "enjoyable care" is less than 0.01% of the content "nursing care".


In fact, we can judge that there is no concept of "enjoyable care" in the world.


By using the service of "Google Trend", we can know when a specified words appeared and disappeared.


For example, we can know the lifecycle of the words of "M2M" "Long tail" and "Big Data" with "Google Trend"


Google is the super lowest method to investigate "Public opinion"


It is

―― Google世論調査

"Google opinion poll"



(To be continued)

2019-11-08 ―― 群れる奴らは、例外なく見苦しい


Recently, I often see that about 3 people who have come to work from overseas gathered in front of the convenience store, stacked canned chu-hi cans, talking loudly with a language you have never heard.


I thought that they are migrant foreign workers from Central Asia and Africa.

安いアルコール飲料を飲みながら、同じ出身国の仲間と、日本人には理解されない言語を使っての、コンビニの入口付近の大声の「立ち飲み」は、―― きっとストレス解消になっているでしょう。

A loud "stand-up" drinking party near the entrance of a convenience store, while drinking cheap alcoholic beverages, with friends from the same country of origin, using a language that is not understood by Japanese, will be stress relief surely.

しかし、たった一人で、深夜に、(大抵の場合は)仕事が上手くいかなくてイライラしているところに、大声の理解不能な言語を聞かされる私は ―― ストレスが溜ります。

However, at midnight when I am frustrated by my work and I heard a loud and incomprehensible language, my stress is going to be piled up.



However, I can understand well the psychology that people from other countries in the same country want to gather in a certain place.


I also visited the Japanese town and the Japanese community many times during my assignment in the United States.


The joy of speaking your native language in a foreign country is really great.


However, I don't think that we should "tolerant" to the guys who is speaking loudly and holding a can of high in front of a convenience store.



In my personal opinion,

―― 群れる奴らは、例外なく見苦しい

"Persons trying to flock are ugly"



Junior high and high school students who cannot walk with friends unless they are lined up


College student who continues low-level conversation while shouting a loud voice while visiting the historical heritage of overseas travel


A boss who can't even go to drink unless he takes his subordinates


I don't know that "only one person" makes a noise at a Halloween event in Shibuya, and was caught by the police.


I don't know the person (perpetrator) who is bullying "just alone".


There are always multiple idiots making noise on the adult ceremony platform.


When they are alone, they look so clever and polite (sometimes seemingly so). Once they "crowd", why do they get so frustrated, rude and unsightly?


最近、安いアルコール飲料を飲みながら、同じ出身国(日本)の仲間と、日本人には理解「される」言語を使っての、コンビニの入口付近で大声での「立ち飲み」―― を目撃するようになりました。

Recently, while drinking cheap alcoholic beverages, with friends from the same country of origin (Japan), I can see "standing drink" loudly near the entrance of a convenience store


It's also time for "Izakaya(drinking bar)" to disappear.


But I thought this is interesting.


私、「飲み会」が嫌いですが ――

Though I don't like drinking parties,


If I can replace the year-end party and the New Year party with "standing drinks" near the entrance of a convenience store,


I think the participation rate for my year-end party and New Year party will increase considerably.

2020-11-08 なぜなら、我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマ日本国政府(*) ―― 名付けて"Japazon(ジャパゾン)" (江端命名) ―― とのサービスメニューは、膨大だからです。


(Continuation from yesterday)


Honestly, we are one of those households that strongly supports Amazon's monopoly.


- Most of our purchases, except for groceries, are made on Amazon

■配送費無料となるAmazon Primeサービスの濫用(最近は過剰包装も改善されつつある)

- Frequent use of the Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping (excess packaging is improving these days)


- Most of the items I order can be returned (albeit formally, however, in principle) for any reason. Amazon owns the cost of returning the item.)


- When it comes to book purchases, I'm almost 100% dependent on Amazon. They are outpacing the e-book (Kindle version) by more than the paper book.

■Amazon Prime会員の無料サービス、Amazon Prime Videoのメニューが抱負。話題の映画も無料で公開されることが多く、地上波と同時にアップされているコンテンツも多い(最近はテレビではなくPCで見ることが多い)

The Amazon Prime Video menu, a free service for Amazon Prime members, embraces. Many of the hottest movies are released for free, and much of the content is up at the same time as terrestrial content (these days, I tend to watch them on my PC rather than my TV).

■会社の仕事での、Amazon Web Service(AWS)の利用は、避けて通れなくなっている

- The use of Amazon Web Service (AWS) at work has become unavoidable.

■最近はAmazon Lightsaiなどのように、500円/月で、個人運用のインターネットサービスがある。ビジネスで使うに足る十分な性能と機能を持っている。

These days, there are internet services like Amazon Lightsail and others that allow you to operate your personal Internet service for $500/month. They have enough performance and features to be used for business.


Conclusion: Without Amazon's services, the Ebata family's services (but only logistics, education, entertainment, and work) would not be possible.




By the way, it's unfair to say that the Japanese government, which is supposed to be our country's largest service platformer, is losing ground to Amazon, which I mentioned yesterday.

なぜなら、我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマ日本国政府(*) ―― 名付けて"Japazon(ジャパゾン)" (江端命名) ―― とのサービスメニューは、膨大だからです。

Because the menu of services with our country's largest service platform, the Japanese government (*) -- named "Japazon" (named by Ebata) -- is enormous.


(*) In this context, it also includes local government services


Broadcasting, education, electricity, environmental protection, firefighting, city gas, health care (publicly funded health care, national health insurance, etc.), military, police, courts, libraries, transportation, housing, telecommunications, water... Anyway, It doesn't compare to Amazon.

もっともAmazon Prime(4900円/年)と違って、"Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービス利用料金は、もの凄く高いです。

However, unlike Amazon Prime (4,900 yen/year), Japazon's service fee is very high.

先日試算してみたら、江端家の収入の1/3以上が、Japazonへの"課金" ―― "課税"とも言いますが ―― に持っていかれています。

I calculated the other day that more than 1/3 of the Ebata family's income goes to "charges" -- also called "taxes" -- on Japazon.


In Japan, the people in charge of operating Japazon are elected by the users of the Japazon service (the people).


The policy development and monitoring of the operation of the Japazon service, as well as the cost of operating the service, is checked by an "auditing body" called the Parliament.


And this "elections" and "monitoring" cost an enormous amount of money, which is included in the bills (taxes).



In other countries, the operation of the service is "entrusted to a specific person or entity to operate the service for an indefinite period of time" (usually without user consent).


Such a form of service operation is called "dictatorship".

例えば、「日本の北に位置する半島のさらに北半分の国」 ―― ええい、面倒だな。

For example, "a country in the northern half of the peninsula located in the north of Japan"... it's a hassle.


Directly stated. North Korea and China.


For both countries, "dictatorship" is not a bad word.


After all, both countries have an official "dictatorship" in their constitutions and other documents.



What I'm trying to say is,

―― "Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービスが、ユーザメリット(正確には"江端家"のメリット)を最大にするのであれば、サービスプロバイダが誰であっても構わん

"As long as the "Japazon" service maximizes the user benefits (more precisely, the "Ebata family's" benefits), I don't care who the service provider is"



So, while I know that the Japazon service is very difficult to operate, I can't help but think the following.

―― "Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービスって、もっとAmazonレベルの満足度に近づけられないのか?

"Can't the "Japazon" service get any closer to Amazon level of satisfaction?"



(To be continued)

2021-11-08 ですが、私が「愛猫家であり、愛犬家である」という事実と、「"犬肉食"を法律で規定すること」は、問題は別である ―― と言い切れるほどの程度の分別はあります。


In the neighboring country, Korea, there is a culture called "dog-eating".


I heard that the controversy has been rekindled by the South Korean president's order to consider banning this "dog-eating" practice.

I remembered that my mentor once sent me this e-mail.



I, as a rule, have no comment on this issue.


However, I definitely do not agree with the logic that says, "Whales and dolphins are cute, so we shouldn't eat them".


It is a fact that human beings sacrifice other lives in order to survive. And this is something that cannot be helped.


I don't agree that "which lives are allowed and which are not" should be judged on the basis of "cute" or "not cute."


Well, if you go back about 2000 years in the world, cannibalism was a normal thing (even now, it seems that calibarism still exists).


It's extreme, but after my death, there are times when I wish someone would eat the rest of the meat that I used for the body donation and ask me what I thought of it -- even it is impossible in two ways.


Because "I'll be charged with destruction of a corpse, etc." and because "I'm dead and can't ask for feedback.



I love both cats and dogs.


My family had both when I was a child.


When my dog died, my father said, "I'm sadder than when my own parents died.


I remember crying so hard at that time that I thought I had shed a lifetime's worth of tears.

ですが、私が「愛猫家であり、愛犬家である」という事実と、「"犬肉食"を法律で規定すること」は、問題は別である ―― と言い切れるほどの程度の分別はあります。

However, the fact that I am a cat lover and a dog lover is not the same as the fact that I am a dog eater. I have the good sense to say as much.

2022-11-08 ―― 研究者の居所って、"こう"じゃない


I continue to the yesterday's diary of

I watched the NHK documentary "Error: The Law of Failure - Man-made Disaster Hurricane Katrina".



What I found interesting about this program was the room of the five talk guests who participated remotely.

# ちなみに、『リモート参加されている方がパソコンに向かっている映像が映し出されている』ということは、

# Incidentally, I was thinking that the fact that "the images of the remote participants are being projected on a computer" means that

# その5人の方の部屋のそれぞれに、『最低1人、カメラを携えた番組スタッフが、録画の為にオフィスや研究室や御自宅に訪問している』ということだよなぁ、

# "at least one staff member with a camera is visiting the office, laboratory, or home of each of the five participants to record the program"

# てなことを考えていたのですが ―― まあ、それはさておき。

# -- well, let's leave that aside.



In the room for those five guest talkers,


(1) Surrounded by beautiful and stylish interior design.


(2) Only one laptop computer is being used.


(3) A large number of books are neatly categorized and displayed on the shelves.


I thought that "the above (1), (2), and (3) are, impossible and extraordinary".

―― 研究者の居所って、"こう"じゃない

These are not the researchers' places of residence.




For example, in my room,


(A) the bed couch is leaning against a bookcase,


(B) On the couch, a pile of nightgowns curled up like cow dung,


(c) Various documents are piled up in a mess on the desk.


(D) USB cables are coming out of the electrical outlets in a mess, and there are five or six devices or tablets connected to the end of the cables.


(e) Numerous notes are pasted on the wall in a messy manner.



This is the truth of the researcher's place and I am proud to be one of them.



But if I invite the film crew into my room now, I also think


"My enraged wife could kill me"