2021-07-01 でも、私、「ツンデレ」では「愛」は伝わらないと思うんですよね。 [長年日記]

昨日、私の国際学会のカンファレンスペーパーの採択決定について、EE Times Japan(EETJ)編集担当のMさんとメールをしていました。

Yesterday, I was emailing with Ms.M, the editor of EE Times Japan (EETJ), about the decision to accept my international conference paper.


"My paper I wrote in the same spirit as my column in EETJ has been accepted by the conference office"

"This is a victory for the engineer who have not been loved by English"


I received the following response to above my email.

―― 本当は江端さんは、英語に愛されているのではないでしょうか

"The truth is, you are loved by English, aren't you ?"

―― 英語側が「ツンデレ」といいますか、あまのじゃくな気がします

"I feel that English is "tsundere(running hot and cold)" or bland"


上手い! 座布団一枚!!

"That’s a good one!"


I thought that.


However, I don't think that "tsundere" can convey "love".

だから、やっぱり ―― 『英語が悪い。私は悪くない』

So, after all -- "English is bad. It's not my fault"

2021-07-02 「自分の公約の達成度を円グラフで記載していた」、39歳の理系出身者の方に投票しました。 [長年日記]

「世界を「数字」で回してみよう」の連載を開始してから、私は政府因り ―― 政府を擁護する ―― 考え方をするようになってきました。

Since starting the "Let's Run the World by the Numbers" series, I have come to think something from government policy.


After all, when I read all kinds of data, do all kinds of calculations, and keep thinking about it in order to "see the whole of Japan in numbers," I will find myself getting closer to the government's plan.


Of course, there are many things that the government should be criticized for, but within the framework of the current administrative system, I often think, 'It would be impossible to deal with this any further'.

例えば ――

For example,


The best solution for scheduling the vaccination of 126 million people cannot be found by gathering all the supercomputers in the world.


Incidentally, I hope AI believers will be embarrassed to the hilt when they shout, "Why don't you use AI in our vaccination programs?


That aside.



It is the lawmakers, or "politicians," who should be blamed, rather than the administrative agencies.


It is the job of politicians to beat the government's ass in the area between illegal and legal.


There are many voters in the world who want politicians to be "righteous," "clean," and "pleasant".

しかし、私としては、「上手くやってくれる人なら、誰でもいい」( + 浮気やら、不倫やら、汚職やらをやらないか、やるなら、マスコミにバレない程度の工作ができる知性がある) です。

However, for me, it's "anyone who can get it right" (+ either they don't cheat, have an affair, or do corruption, or if they do, they have the intelligence to do so without the media finding out).



As for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, I went to vote the other day.


I voted for the 39-year-old science graduate who "used pie charts to describe the degree to which he had achieved his commitments.


I was a little excited at the prospect of finally having a politician who could speak in numbers.

2021-07-03 さて、これから「マスクをしない方は、入店を御遠慮下さい」が、「ワクチン接種を終えていない方は、入店を御遠慮下さい」に変化していくに際して、『これは、"差別"なのか?』という純粋な疑問です。 [長年日記]


An administrative will provide proof of vaccination for those who have received the corona vaccine.


This means that from now on, not only at concerts, plays, and sports games, but also at stores, people without vaccination certificates will be denied entry.


Now, this "refusal to enter" is always mentioned in the history of the world in combination with the issue of discrimination.

超有名なのは、もちろん、『アフリカ系アメリカ人公民権運動』から今も続く、いわゆる黒人差別問題ですが、日本でも、差別問題は、もう挙げるのがうんざりするほどあります ――

The most famous is, of course, the so-called discrimination against blacks, which has been going on since the African-American Civil Rights Movement, but even in Japan, there are so many discrimination issues that I am sick of mentioning them.


So, I won't talk about it this time.



Now, as "Please refrain from entering the store if you are not wearing a mask" changes to "Please refrain from entering the store if you have not been vaccinated", the question is purely "Is this discrimination?"


I did some research and found out that, in principle, it does not fall under the category of "discrimination".


The article on which this is based is Article 521, "Freedom of Contract," of the Civil Code.

1. 何人も、法令に特別の定めがある場合を除き、契約をするかどうかを自由に決定することができる。

1. any person is free to decide whether or not to make a contract, except as otherwise provided by law.

2. 契約の当事者は、法令の制限内において、契約の内容を自由に決定することができる。

2. The parties to a contract are free to determine the content of the contract within the limitations of the law.


For those who still try to enter the store, it is possible to report them to the police for trespassing and failure to leave as stipulated in Article 130 of the Penal Code.


However, the reasons must be logical, objective, and above all, legal.


You cannot refuse to enter a store because you have a disability or because you are of a different nationality, and if you do, you will be penalized by another law to the contrary.



At present, there is no case in Japan where a dispute over "If you do not wear a mask, please refrain from entering the store" has been brought to court, so naturally there is no precedent yet.


In our country, the trend seems to be that such refusal of entry is acceptable under the current circumstances and socially accepted norms.


If you think this is discrimination, you can "try it out and fight it in court.




"It is socially acceptable to deny entry to a person who refuses to take precautions (wearing a mask) against the spread of a legally contagious disease that can lead to death"


With the content of this ruling, I feel that the case will be concluded.


(To be continued)

2021-07-04 ―― それでは、「ワクチン接種を終えていない方は、入店を御遠慮下さい」はどうかな? [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

―― それでは、「ワクチン接種を終えていない方は、入店を御遠慮下さい」はどうかな?

"How about "Please do not enter the store if you have not been vaccinated"?"


I thought about this, and I expect that this, as well as the mask, will be allowed to refuse entry.


At present, 11% of people in Japan do not want to be vaccinated (NHK survey).

のこりの89%の人は、リスクを覚悟した上でワクチン接種に踏み切った/踏み切る予定の人達で ―― そして、ここが重要ですが ―― 「ワクチン接種をした/する人が多数派」になるという事実です。

The remaining 89% are those who have taken or will take the risk of getting vaccinated. And here's the important point is that the fact that the majority of people who have been vaccinated or will be vaccinated.


And the court's use of "in the current situation and socially accepted wisdom" is based on the majority opinion of the people.


Let us think,



(1) The large number of people who were vaccinated knowing the risks,


(2) having to get the risk from the small number of people who do not get vaccinated for fear of the risk,


Do you think that the large number of people will "laugh and forgive" the small number of people?



They can't do that.


They will say "that's too selfish!" And I will agree with them.


Even I had some painful adverse reactions after the vaccination (though I only had arm pain on the day of and the next day).



It is 100% up to the individual to choose not to vaccinate.

ただ、それによる不利益 ―― おそらく差別的とも思える取扱いをされること ―― は、諦めて頂くしかないと思います。

However, I think you have to give up the disadvantage of being treated in a discriminatory manner.

2021-07-05 「音声だけで映像コンテンツを楽しめる人間」というのは、どれくらいあるのかな、と考えています。 [長年日記]


This is the first time I've purchased wireless earphones. I've been using them for a while now.


It's called a bone conduction type, and it doesn't block your ears.


The sound quality is not that great, but I often walk in town while reading books or tablets, so being able to hear is a big advantage.


My tablet has had a cheap SIM (500 yen/month).

Amazon Primeで映画を見るには、通信容量が貧弱ですが、音声だけなら十分です。

The communication capacity is poor for watching movies on Amazon Prime, but it is sufficient for audio only.


Also, I have no problem using the tablet as a car navigation system, which is why I use it when I drive around my parents' house.


Aside from that.


Amazon Primeのメニューに「美少年探偵団」というアニメがありましたが、タイトルを見ただけでした。

There was an anime called "Bishonen Tanteidan(Beautiful Boy Detective Agency)" in the Amazon Prime menu, but I only saw the title.

ところが、西尾維新先生の著作であることを知るや否や、私はいきなり方針転換して、Amazon Primeで"一気見" ―― ならぬ、"一気聞き"をしてしまいました。

However, as soon as I found out that it was written by Ishin Nishio, I suddenly changed my mind and watched it in one sitting - or rather, listened to it in one sitting - on Amazon Prime.

いわゆる、西尾作品は、 ―― もちろん映像とともに見るのが一番良いのですが ―― ストリーそのものが十分に面白いので、音声だけでも十分に楽しめます。

The so-called Nishio's works are best viewed together with the images, of course, but the audio alone is enjoyable enough.


Walking with my tablet in audio mode thrown in my backpack and listening to the audio through my bone conduction earphones is safe, stress-free, and helps me get my exercise.



I wonder how many people can enjoy video content with only audio.


I sincerely hope that NHK will consider offering the NHK Special as a "free audio-only" service.

2021-07-06 それも、私がSNSをやっていない理由の一つです ―― ぶっちゃけ「気持ち悪い」です。 [長年日記]


In a certain anime, there is a famous line,


Well, first of all, could you please define "friend" to range from where to where?



And, well, so far, I think it's in the category of normal teenager's "philosophy".

―― というか、これくらいのことを考えないティーンがいたら、『そいつは人間じゃないだろう』とすら思います。

I mean, if there is a teen who doesn't think about this much, I even think, 'She/He's probably not human being.



What surprised me was when I knew that there was a system to define and register "friends".


For example,

―― Facebookの「友達申請」

"Friend request" on Facebook


I remember the shivers that went down my spine when I heard those words.


I was stunned to find out that, unbeknownst to me, the "friend" system had become a "contract" system consisting of requests and approvals.



To think about marriage, it is also a contractual system, consisting of mutual application between two parties and approval by the state.


With that in mind, I thought that the "friend request" form of social networking sites would be a good idea.


Then I thought that if it is a "best friend", which is a rank above "friend", it could be approved by the state or even do blockchain authentication by a private service company.


それも、私がSNSをやっていない理由の一つです ―― ぶっちゃけ「気持ち悪い」です。

That's also one of the reasons I don't do social networking -- it's "weird" to be honest.


The words "friend request" is bad.

せめて「ピア(×ペア)申請」とか、「エントリー」とか、「名前登録」とか ―― その程度なら、私は「気持ち悪い」とは思わなかったと思います。

If it had been at least something like "peer (x pair) application", "entry", "name registration" -- I don't think I would have felt "weird" about it.

2021-07-07 『無観客開催のスポーツ競技には、まだ私達が知らない"美"がある』と思っています。 [長年日記]


I think it's probably true for many players that "having an audience improves their motivation.


However, I don't really understand this "fact" as I have been athletically illiterate all my life, thoroughly avoided team play, and only played individual sports such as tennis and skiing.


For example, during a tennis match, when I'm thinking about how to hit a service shot, if people are cheering loudly for me, I comt to think that

―― うるさい! 集中できないから、静かにしていろ!!

"Shut up! I can't concentrate, so keep it down!"



When I saw a TV broadcast of a sumo tournament without an audience, I was so impressed by the tranquility of the battle that I thought, "Sumo is such a beautiful sport.

相手の投手のヤジる野球の試合と、選手をヤジろうものなら大問題となる剣道の試合 ―― 同じスポーツなのに、これを「文化の違い」の一言で纏めていいのだろうか、と思っています。

A baseball game where they yell at the opposing pitcher, and a Kendo game where they can get in big trouble if they try to yell at a player -- Can we just call these "cultural difference" ?


Of course, I hate any sport where it is "normal" to have players (not spectators) yelling at opposing players during a game.


Furthermore, the words "away" and "home" are already not "beautiful" in sports competitions.



Therefore, I would like to affirm "no audience" not reluctantly, but logically and positively.


I believe that there is a beauty in sports events that are held without spectators that we do not yet know.


まあ、私の見解に、賛同者が"少ない"、というか、"いない"のは ―― よく分かっています。

Well, I am well aware that there are "few" or even "no" people who agree with my opinion.

2021-07-08 ―― 新型コロナワクチン接種をしていない者の、江端家家屋への立ち入りは、これを拒否する [長年日記]


I think we should call it a "grassroots 'discrimination' movement".


I believe that the "freedom not to be vaccinated" is a right that should be absolutely protected.


However, I believe that we are within our "discretion" when it comes to how we, as individuals, respond to those who do not vaccinate.


As the patriarch of the Ebata family, I will exercise my right of "freedom of contract (Civil Code Article 531)" against the "freedom not to be vaccinated.

―― 新型コロナワクチン接種をしていない者の、江端家家屋への立ち入りは、これを拒否する

"Persons who refuse to receive the new corona vaccine shall be denied access to the Ebata family home"


This, I declare.


However, if I exercise this "now", my daughters will not be able to come home, so I will start applying it a little later.



My wife and I have a second date set for the week after next (if the Pfizer vaccine is delivered on time).


My second daughter will have her first vaccination (Moderna) tomorrow at the university.


Currently, the vaccination of my senior daughter has been delayed.


It can't be helped that both the vaccination at work and the vaccination at city hall are no longer being accepted.



Vaccinations need to be given in large doses at once, within the shortest possible time frame.


The fewer the number of carriers of the virus, the lower the risk of infection and, of course, the lower the incidence of mutations.


The incidence of mutant strains is accurately reflected in the number of carriers.


世界最凶最悪の変異株が『日本株』という名前で呼ばれる日 ―― なんてのは、シャレになりません。

The day when the world's worst coronavirus variant is called "Japanese variant". Nobody will expect the day.


"Atomic bomb" and "nuclear power plant (accident)" are enough for us.

2021-07-09 ―― お前なら、じゃじゃ降りの雨を見ながら、午後からの試合の実施を決断できるか? [長年日記]


A few years after I joined the company, I was the head of the company's tennis club.


On the day of the in-house tennis tournament, it had been heavy raining since the morning, so I sent an email to the participants instructing them to cancel the tournament.


In the afternoon, however, the weather changed and it became sunny.


Some of the participants complained, "The weather forecast said it would be sunny in the afternoon...."


However, I wanted to ask them

―― お前なら、じゃじゃ降りの雨を見ながら、午後からの試合の実施を決断できるか?

"Would you be able to make the decision to hold the game in the afternoon while watching the heavy rain pour down?"



Even if the weather cleared in the afternoon, the event would only be postponed.


It should be much better than forcing the game to be played in the rain.


Thus, "cancel" or "postpone" is the optimal strategy to 'postpone the problem'.



However, it is also true that "cancel" or "postpone" is a card that cannot be played again and again.


In the above example, for the next tournament, we will be forced to make a decision between 'playing in a downpour' or 'cancelling this year's in-house tournament'.


If you are in charge of implementation, it is only natural that you would be more likely to choose to hold the game in a downpour.


...No, no, it's just a memory.


Oh, by the way, it seems that yesterday, the fourth state of emergency was declared + the decision was made to hold the Tokyo Olympics in one or three prefectures "without spectators".

2021-07-10 ―― 営業時間外酒類提供をしている店舗の密告制度の導入 [長年日記]


The fourth state of emergency has been declared by the Corona disaster in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and restaurants are being asked to close and stop serving alcoholic beverages.


And the minister in charge of economic revitalization caused a stir when he said that financial institutions will be asked to work with restaurants that refuse to stop serving alcoholic beverages or do not respond to requests to close.


As soon as I heard this, I knew in my gut that this would be impossible.


I thought it was too much to ask, not only legally, but also as a request from the government (public office).



As an image,


"Old men on the board of the neighborhood association pressuring local stores to donate money for the summer festival"




"A group of old ladies who want to dance on the podium at Bon Odori without asking and set up the schedule without permission."


It's a way of extending that kind of behavior, I thought.


しかし、この発想 ―― 嫌いじゃない。

But this idea -- I don't hate it.


If I were him, I'd plan something even more outrageous.

―― 営業時間外酒類提供をしている店舗の密告制度の導入

"Introduce a tip-off system for stores that serve alcohol after hours"


People who find such stores and report them will receive a few hundred yen in electronic money (bitcoin, etc.).


As for the informant's personal information, for example, if it is just a bitcoin ID number, it is impossible to trace it back to the informant (which is why bitcoin is a good method for money laundering).



How about the introduction of such a system similar to the "Tonari Gumi(mutual-aid system)" system during the Pacific War?

The song "Tonari Gumi" contains the lyrics "help you, help me", but in reality, it also had the function of making residents monitor each other (jump to Youtube).


People who would speak out about Japan's defeat in the war were tipped off and taken to the police.


This kind of snitching was called 'stabbing'.


This kind of behavior is a common phenomenon in national emergencies, both in ancient and modern times.


In other words, "the people limit their own private rights, and in the end, they tighten their own necks.



The ongoing "desperate" tag-team match between the government and us in the corona disaster might be going,


in the future,


"People at that time were all fools who used infectious diseases as an excuse to be manipulated by the government (state power)"

と軽蔑される可能性は ―― 残念ですけど ―― かなり高いです。

The possibility of us being disrespected like this are -- I'm sorry to say -- quite high.

2021-07-11 だが、それでも、私たちは、自分の命と、他人の命の為に、決断しなければならない ―― 今は、そういう時なのです。 [長年日記]


My junior daughter called me from downstairs, so I poked my head out of my room to see what she was going on.


"Right now, your temperature is 37.6 degrees"


"Oh, that has come. Is there anything else?"


"No, it's just that when I thought it was hot today, it was my body that was heated"


"Turn on the air conditioner and go back to sleep"


The day before yesterday, she had a vaccination at the university, and she seems to have had an adverse reaction within the expected range.


For my wife and I, it was just a matter of 'aching arms', but my teenage daughter seems to have been experiencing the phenomenon of 'fever' since the first session, as I had obtained beforehand.


This information was basically the same as what was announced in advance on NHK news, etc., so I didn't panic.



However, this issue panicked me.


My mother, who is in a nursing home, was hospitalized in an emergency immediately after the first round of vaccinations.


This is a bit complicated (and probably useful information), so I'll talk more about it later, but in conclusion


(1) The hospital's diagnosis that adverse reactions such as "anaphylaxis" were not the cause, and the doctor's opinion of "No one can deny that vaccination may have been a trigger"

(2) 母の退院後の、医師、施設の担当者、ケアマネージャーのそれぞれへの、私(江端)によるインタビュー

(2) Interviews by me (Ebata) with doctors, facility staff, and care managers after my mother was discharged from the hospital.

(3) メリット、デメリットの全てを書き出したレポート(メモ)を使った姉との協議

(3) Discussion with my sister using the report (memo) that I wrote down all the advantages and disadvantages.


Based on the above, I made a last-minute decision and gave the "go" for my mother's second vaccination.

Of course, my decision may end up killing my mother as well as my father.


I will ask my mother to give up the 'bad luck of having such a son.



I believe that many people are confused about the new Corona vaccination.

I am proud to say that I did the best research and study I could (from the information Dr. Shibata gave me), but still--


At least, I know that the fear of giving someone's life (parents, etc.) except just for my life, is a terrible thing.

だが、それでも、私たちは、自分の命と、他人の命の為に、決断しなければならない ―― 今は、そういう時なのです。

But still, we have to make decisions for our own lives and the lives of others. Now is the time.

2021-07-12 『英語に愛されないエンジニアの、国際学会プレゼンテーションのリアル』 [長年日記]

本日、Zoom Webinerを使った学会発表を終えてきました。

Today, I finished my conference presentation using Zoom Webiner.

―― 心底、疲れた

"I'm really, really tired"


I made 44 presentation materials, 3 video clips with English titles.


In addition, how many people I've involved and how much time I've wasted, to approve a demo system for an external presentation and to get it through the firewall.


I spent GW writing a lot of English, and I spent the last two weekends practicing my presentation.



And today, I have been speaking bullshit English for 25 minutes straight.


During the question and answer session, I answered loudly and confidently with answers that, in hindsight, were way off the mark.

(Well, this is what the IETF taught me)


でね、プレゼンテーション画面に、翻訳エンジンの画面を表示してしまって ―― 聴講者に『ズルしていること』が、全部バレました。

So, I displayed the translation engine screen on the presentation screen, and The audience found out that I was cheating.


All of my presentations are being recorded and will be shown in video clips throughout the conference period.



Well, but this is good.


"The Reality of International Conference Presentations for Engineers Who Don't Love English"


It should be that, I think.

2021-07-13 「勉強しているのに頭が悪い人」 ―― という記事の題目を見ただけで、ムカついています。 [長年日記]

「勉強しているのに頭が悪い人」 ―― という記事の題目を見ただけで、ムカついています。

Just looking at the title of the article -- "People who study hard but are dumb" -- makes me angry.


そもそも「頭が悪い」って、どういうことだろう ―― と自分の日記を見直してみると、私も、山のように「頭が悪い」という言葉を使っていました。

I wondered what it meant to be "dumb" in the first place -- and reviewed my diary. I also had used the word "dumb" many times.


In my case, I seem to be uniformly calling people 'dumb', who 'believe that anti-social activities with thinking as cool', 'repeat idealistic and irrational claims', or 'force patriotism on others'


My use of "dumb" seems to be explained in a manner of speaking as "a person who is unable to communicate properly," irrespective of whether or not they have studied.


比して、「勉強しているのに頭が悪い人」 というフレーズで使われている「頭が悪い」は、「成果が出せない」と言う意味で使われているようです。

In contrast, "dumb" in the phrase "people who study hard but are dumb" seems to be used to mean "unable to produce results.


If that's what they mean, then "people who study hard but are dumb" is exactly what I am.

だから、私は、ムカついている ―― ようです。

So I guess that the phrase has made me angry.



I'm really, really, really one of "people who study hard but are dumb".


Especially in English, law, and work, I've probably been studying for an astonishing amount of time, but I haven't really seen any "results" (grades, money, status).


After a long period of time, I finally admitted (or gave up) that I was dumb even though I was studying hard.


In other words, I gave up "studying as a means to an end".


じゃあ、どうしたか、というと ―― 格好つけて言うのであれば、

So, if you're asking me what I did... -- If I may be so bold as to say, I changed my policy of


"Enjoy the study itself"



To put it simply, it's a switch to studying without the concept of "results".


Unlike examinations or qualifications, it is a study where the direction (bias) of the study and the time spent on the study are determined solely by my "discretion".


In the same way that "those who are not loved by English will never be loved no matter what they do.


If you're not smart enough to study, you're not going to be smart enough until you die.

無駄な努力は止めませんか? ―― 私は、止めましたよ。

Why don't you stop wasting your efforts? -- I have stopped it.



I'm sure that those who study hard and are smart can see a wonderful world that I cannot.


In comparison, "I, who study hard but am dumb," cannot see things from a bird's eye view, and hence I keep writing columns where I keep running into problems in society and keep complaining about them.


Or, on the weekend, I painstakingly put a crappy IT system on a $5,000 on-board computer, or on a $500/month cloud server, and I can feel happy with that little piece of success.

こんな、「勉強しているのに頭が悪い私」の見苦しい日々は、私の死ぬその日まで続くでしょうが ――

Though these not-so-beautiful days of "I study hard but I'm dumb" will continue until the day I die,


I'm fine with that.

2021-07-14 「他人にもできるはずだ」と決めつけて、他人に押しつけるようになる [長年日記]


So far, I have been saying that "programming is not difficult. At least it's easier than English".


Until now, my wife has been saying that "English is not easy, but at least it is better than programming".



My senior daughter recently had to volunteer to do some web design, and has come to say,


"I don't know anything about programming, but web design is easy."




In a similar story, a president of a company who'd never touched a computer before, reluctantly started using a remote conferencing system. He/She has come to say,


"Remote work is easy"

と言い始めているそうです ―― 図々しくも。






(1) One day, people will suddenly say that what they can do is easy, and


(2) Assume that "others should be able to do it too" and start forcing others to do it.

2021-07-15 さらに、私は、ここに『さらに純度の高い悪意』を投入して発明を完成させます。 [長年日記]


I had a meeting (remote conference) with the patent office(not the JPO).


Opening his mouth,


"Mr. Ebata, you has written quite a few patent specifications. It's been almost the final version, as it is."


I felt "good", after being flattered

うん、もっと、世界は私を褒めていいです ―― 「低コスト(ゼロコスト)、ハイリターン」なのですから。

Yes, the world can praise me more -- it's "low cost (zero cost), high return.


Aside from that.



(If you do a little research, you'll see what I mean.) Many of my inventions are "egregious" in nature.


- Scheduling using human frustration


- Methods to change behavior by increasing the comparison of superiority and inferiority with others.


- Algorithm to automatically extract preferences that cannot be told to others (e.g., "I love cabaret")


These are the bases, but this alone is hardly enough for a patentable invention (Article 29, Paragraph 2 of the Patent Law).


Furthermore, I will put 'even pure malice' into this to complete the invention.


特許事務所の方も、「御社の研究員の方の発明は、『お行儀がいい発明』が多いですが・・・」とおっしゃっていましたが ――

The person of the patent office also said, "Many of your researchers' inventions are 'well-behaved inventions'..."


I thought that he was wondering "How can you (Ebata) write such a specification for your invention? "

―― なぜか?

The reason is ....


I think it was because people in the company were "tired" of stopping Ebata.

2021-07-16 江端:「煙草を燻らせながら、ロックのバーボンを煽って、一人本を読む ―― それ以上の、一体何を望む? どこがダメだというだ? 」 [長年日記]


I started smoking when I was twenty and quitted after seven months.


I was no longer a heavy smoker, but I remember that for about a month after I quitted, I was in a lot of pain.

And it's been three years since I stopped drinking.


Finally, recently, I no longer feel 'pain' when I pass by the liquor shelves at the convenience store.



And yet, even now,

学生寮の自室で、煙草を燻らせながら、ロックのバーボンを煽っていた ――

"In my room in the dormitory, I was smoking a cigarette and stoking a bourbon on the rocks"


I'll never forget that mellow time.


I know that both cigarettes and alcohol are worth enough to make many people say to me, 'You're missing out on half of your life.


So, I have never denied smoking and drinking, both of which give me a mellow moment in my life.



So, I'm really sorry to be so persistent, but I'll say it again.

―― 喫煙も飲酒も思う存分楽しめ、『ひとりで』

"Enjoy smoking and drinking to your heart's content. Alone."

路上でペニスを振る舞わしながら小便を撒き散らす様な『歩き煙草』をするな! 小便と同じように、200~300メートル離れても、煙草の煙の匂いはクセーんだよ!!

Don't 'walk around smoking' like you're spraying piss all over the street while waving your penis around! The smell of cigarette smoke is just as bad as piss, even from 200 to 300 meters away!

ウイルスが仕込まれた唾を吐き散らすような『大声飲酒』をするな! アルコールや食事を口に含みながらしゃべるな! 動物以下か、テメーらは!!

Don't engage in 'loud drinking' that spits virus-infected spit! Don't talk while holding alcohol or food in your mouth! You're no better than animals, you know that?


That's what I would like to say.



"Cigarettes" and "alcohol" are enough to make your life enjoyable.

今だけは、そこに「人間」を加えるのを自粛しろ、と、言っているのです ―― というか、別にいいじゃないですか? 仮に一生「自粛」であったとしても。何か困る?

I'm telling you to refrain from adding "human" to it, just for now. I mean, it doesn't matter, does it? Even if it's "self-restraint" for the rest of your life. What's the problem?


As a person who has already lost half of my life, I would like to say that just being able to enjoy cigarettes and alcohol is enough to make you happy.


江端:「煙草を燻らせながら、ロックのバーボンを煽って、一人本を読む ―― それ以上の、一体何を望む? どこがダメだというだ? 」

Ebata: "What more do you need than to smoke a cigarette, drink a bourbon on the rocks, and read a book by yourself? What's wrong with that?"


Wife: "Well.... I think the worst part is when you unilaterally impose your own definition of happiness on others like that"

2021-07-17 アンソニー・ホプキンスさん ―― 凄い [長年日記]


It's been a while since I've seen a "great" movie.


In a movie with only six characters,

アンソニー・ホプキンスさん ―― 凄い

Mr. Anthony Hopkins -- awesome.


You won't be able to help but shudder at his last line.


I tried my best, too, but...


Needless to say, it is not even close to the foot of this movie.



My heart breaks when I think of my father, who is now deceased, and how scared he must have been.


And I am astonished to know that I am destined to live in this fear.

2021-07-18 ―― この東京五輪のイベントに関して『だけ』は、予測が外れる [長年日記]


The following is a phrase that appears in the novel "The Sinking of Japan".



"Most of the members of the committee only wanted to know the conclusions and were almost bothered to listen to the process of the phenomenon, and were not interested in understanding it. It's a habit of politicians to want to divide things into right and left, black and white"


"Some of the committee members are academics"


"Scholars who are very good at making 'political decisions'"

「君は……」委員の顔がこわばり、額に青筋があらわれてぴくぴく動いた。「君はなんだ? いったい……」

"You are ......." The Commissioner's face scrunched up, and a blue streak appeared on his forehead, twitching. "What are you ?"



I, for a long time, thought that this is what academics standing next to politicians look like.

最近の例では、あの状況下で『メルトダウン』の一言が言えなかった学者たち ―― です。

A recent example is the academics who could not say the word "meltdown" under the circumstances.


(In fact, the government (the Prime Minister and the Chief Cabinet Secretary at the time) removed the official who mentioned the possibility of a "meltdown.)





When I saw the chairman of the government's subcommittee on countermeasures against the new coronavirus (hereinafter referred to as the chairman) directly criticizing the government and the IOC for holding the Tokyo Olympics as a spectator event, I sincerely thought that he was amazing.

会長の判断が正しいか、政府の判断が正しいかは、東京五輪の後でないと判断できませんが ―― 少なくとも、これまで4回(5回?)の感染拡大の予想を、全部当ててきた ―― と私は思っています。

Whether the Chairman's decision is correct or not, or whether the government's decision is correct or not, will not be known until after the Tokyo Olympics, but I believe that at least four (or five?) of the predictions of the spread of the disease have been correct perfectly by the government's subcommittee.


I happened to watch the recording of NHK's special on the prediction of the number of coronary infections two weeks later, and I was not only impressed but also horrified by the high accuracy of the simulation prediction.


In any case, the experts' simulations are supposed to be done by adding various situations (vaccination status, etc.).

―― この東京五輪のイベントに関して『だけ』は、予測が外れる

"Only when it comes to this Tokyo Olympics event, their predictions will be wrong"


I find it very difficult to imagine such a thing.


(To be continued)

2021-07-19 ―― 『安全・安心な五輪』とは、『何人までなら殺してもいいか』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


On the other hand, I believe that the role of politicians and government officials is like the following,



"The bureaucratic mindset is always to avoid adventure in choice, to balance choice, and to develop while keeping the current balance sheet at zero. They are, in other words, the most adaptable race in the organization"


"I know that much......." Dr. Tadokoro nodded, surprisingly easily. "I know that some aspects of this world, where conflicts of interest are so fiercely intertwined, would be a mess if all government officials were to exercise their creativity"



I also know that it is the one described here.


To put it bluntly, it is also the job of politicians to assume the expected number of deaths and still make a decision on 'how many deaths can be tolerated' by forcing the Tokyo Olympics to go ahead'.


In other words,

―― 『安全・安心な五輪』とは、『何人までなら殺してもいいか』

"Safe and Secure Olympics" means "How many deaths will we tolerate?"



I do not support the decisions of the government or the administration.


I know well that" "Safety and Security" is "Safety based on killing people"

I've written about it here, so if you are interested, please read it.

2021-07-20 『(ワクチン接種を完了した)高齢者が、(接種をしていない)グッタリしている若者を抱えて、病院を奔走する』 [長年日記]


Yesterday, I took a break from work and vaccinated against the new coronavirus (second time).


I heard that the vaccine will not be effective for a long time (2 weeks?). In addition, although the vaccination reduces the probability of illness and seriousness, it is not perfect.

なにより ―― 私が、ウイルスの運び屋(キャリア)にならないという保証はありません。

Above all -- there is no guarantee that I will not become a carrier of the virus.


One research report even states that 'carriers of the mutant strain (delta strain) are completers of the vaccination'.



Of course, everyone has the right to refuse vaccination.


In fact, "side effects" do occur after vaccination.

私も、紹介されていた副反応(の中でも、もっとも軽いもの)が発現しています ―― が、まあ、そりゃそうだろうな、と思っています。

I'm also experiencing the mildest of the side effects that were mentioned -- but I guess that's to be expected.


I think it's a bit too much to ask for 'no damage, just do something' when the body is in the process of producing antibodies to fight the worst virus in human history.



I believe that this virus will continue to mutate to "attack unvaccinated humans directly" in the future.


Any virus is struggling to survive.


Therefore, it is natural for them to target the generation of people who do not have antibodies to the virus.


For example, if the vaccination rate for teens and 20-somethings is low, it should mutate to make teens and 20-somethings more susceptible to infection.


In addition, the higher the vaccination rate in the country, the more poisonous (highly infectious and deadly) it will become in order to overcome the difficulties.


例えば ――

For example --


The Spanish flu killed the most people in the healthy young age group of 15-35 years old, while most of the elderly over 65 years old survive.


Also, in the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, the incidence rate was highest among 20-29 year olds.


Thus, the "virus that is sure to kill the younger generation" has definitely existed in the past.



It is the new coronavirus of "today" that "infects young people but does not cause serious illness or death."


As for the new coronavirus of "tomorrow", no one knows.

もし、新型コロナウイルスが、スペイン風邪や、SARSのように変異したら ――

If the new coronavirus mutates into something like the Spanish flu or SARS,


"Elderly people (who have completed vaccination) rush to the hospital with young people (not vaccinated) who are sick."


The spectacle like a tale may appear.

2021-07-21 『うっせいわ!それならそれで結構だ! 嗤って"Reject"しやがれ!!』って叫んでいました。 [長年日記]


The second conference paper of the year, which I wrote while holed up at home during the Golden Week vacations, and posted after GW


The other day, I was informed by the secretariat of the society that it had been adopted.

しかし、査読者の評価に『英文が拙い』との記載を見つけた瞬間 ―― 私はキレました。

However, the moment I found "poor English" in the reviewer's evaluation -- I lost my temper.

『うっせいわ!それならそれで結構だ! 嗤って"Reject"しやがれ!!』って叫んでいました。

"Shut up! That's fine. Reject my paper with scornful laugh" I shouted.



And now, I've made up this parody.



Huh? Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!


I'm more "corporate animal" than you expect.


You can not understand it, if you are just a simple mediocre "native"


Ah, it suits you well


That unremarkable "academism"


Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!


"Posting" is just a "work", so there's no problem.



And then the holidays begin again, which will be spent revising papers (and writing columns).

2021-07-22 上記のニュースを見ていて、『いずれ私も加害者として批判されて、何から引きづり降ろされる日がくるんだろうなー』とボンヤリと考えていました。 [長年日記]


In the past few days, I have been dismissed from the Tokyo Olympics project just a few days before the event, citing past perpetrators of bullying and gaffes.


By the way, I don't want to defend the "perpetrators" in the slightest, but I do feel that this is a terrible inconvenience for the project team and for the Japanese nation.


I once wrote about how almost 100% of perpetrators are completely unaware that they are perpetrators.

I also wrote that the easiest way to avoid becoming a perpetrator of power harassment is to avoid being in a position of power.

これは、悪意の有無に係わらず、普通に生きて行動していること自体が、加害者としての行動になってしまう、ということです ―― 問題の深刻さの度合もありますが

This means that living and acting normally, with or without malice, might be itself a perpetrator's behavior -- depending, of course, on the severity of the problem.



As I watched the above news, I wondered idly, 'There will come a day when I will be criticized as a perpetrator and dragged down from whatever I am.


Whenever I write a column or other piece, I try to be very careful, but I'm sure I'm not perfect.


Above all, we cannot compete with the "attack from the future, when values will change.


In such a case, I would "apologize" and "step down" at the level of lightning speed after being convinced.


However, I also believe that I will never make a fake apology or retire just to escape the flames.

2021-07-23 やられたら、やりかえす ―― これは、人として当然の権利であり、やったら、やりかえされる ―― これは、人としての当然の義務です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

私、『昔、俺はワルかったんだ』と言うことを飲み会で公言する低能 ―― を、絶対に許さないことにしています。

I will never forgive a low-brain who says "I used to be a badass" at a drinking party.


I'm thinking, "Why do they want to pretend it didn't happen"


Do they think there is a statute of limitations?


As I have said in the past, "If you are being bullied and are going through a difficult time, be sure to keep detailed records (date, time, content).


I understand that you are having a hard time even keeping records like that, but please keep records with all your strength.

支離滅裂で、めちゃちゃで、読みとるのも困難な内容でいいのです ―― むしろ「そっちのほうが良い」まであります。

It's okay if the content is incoherent, messy, and difficult to read -- in fact, it's even "better.



Why does the low-brain who says "I used to be a badass", allow to live a normal life ? We must not tolerate such unreasonableness.


We will destroy their completed peaceful life with our own hands.


We should also be aware that we are also perpetrators (whether consciously or unconsciously), and be prepared to be "retaliated against" by someone someday.


やられたら、やりかえす ―― これは、人として当然の権利であり、

If someone does something to you, you have the right to do something back.

やったら、やりかえされる ―― これは、人としての当然の義務です。

If you do something, it will be done back to you -- this is your natural duty as a human being.

2021-07-24 「5年以内に死ぬ」でも「不妊になる」でも、なんでもいいので、私を納得させるに足るネタをつけて、メールにてご連絡頂ければ幸いです。 [長年日記]


I don't know if it's true or not, but there are people who say things like, "If you get vaccinated against the new coronavirus, you will die within five years.


There may be medical information and statistical data to support this idea.


With the utmost courtesy, I will humbly ask you to teach me, so can someone please tell me why?

きちんと理由が知りたいのです ―― 私、エンジニアですから。

I want to know exactly the reason -- because I'm an engineer.

Incidentally, I've been studying this level of content on my own, with the help of doctors in the field, so...


If you can give me the reason, I would appreciate it if you could provide the reason that is on the same level as mine.



By the way, I also make my living from data analysis, so if you can provide me with proper data, I can do the calculations for you.


"I would appreciate it if you could send me an email with a story to convince me that I will be dead in five years, or infertile, or whatever.


Upon request, I will disclose the full text on my website.


I've written more than 100 pages of columns on vaccines.

―― ワクチンは危険である

"The vaccines are dangerous"


If I change my opinions, it will have an impact within a certain people.


I have already told you that my mother, who is currently in a nursing home, was hospitalized in an emergency the day after her first vaccination.


After the first hospitalization, my mother had to go to the emergency room again.


Well, looking at all these issues, I think many people will assume that it is an adverse reaction caused by the vaccination.


However, in order to write this column, I have been reading a lot about anaphylaxis from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


At least, I came to think that "it's not a symptom of anaphylaxis," with talking at least two doctors and one head nurse.


(To be continued)

2021-07-25 江端:「うん、それは無理だ。そんな文章を書いたら衝動的に自殺してしまうと思う ―― 少なくとも、この人生で達成可能とは思えない」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, there seems to have been a problem with the way I did my research.


I have asked the nursing home various questions via e-mail and other means in the process leading up to this hospitalization.


The approach to the question was what we call the "engineering approach".


We asked questions in the form of (1) background, (2) purpose, (3) summary of questions, and (4) details of questions, but apparently this form of questioning "frightened" the people in the field.


My sister told me that it was like an internal search for the culprit: "Who made me (Ebata) write this kind of questionnaire report?" It seemed to be like an internal search for the culprit.


When my sister heard about the situation...


"My brother is a strange one"


She had a hard time reassuring the people in the field by saying so.

「あいつは、コラムニストで、研究員で ―― 自分の親(の介護とか死とか)を題材として連載をしている、そういうヤツなんです」

"He's a columnist, a researcher, and he's writing a series of articles about care and death of our parents.


She had a lot of work to do to put out the fire.



Ebata: "I was simply stating the questions I wanted to ask, without emotion, objectively, and as clearly as possible..."


Daughter: "Your report is 'scary' enough on its own for the average person."


Ebata: "Then I guess that I should be illogical, come up with whatever I can think of, and deliberately I make it hard to read."


Wife: "Well, try adding a 'heart mark' or a 'character' to the report, that might soften the impression.

江端:「うん、それは無理だ。そんな文章を書いたら衝動的に自殺してしまうと思う ―― 少なくとも、この人生で達成可能とは思えない」

Ebata: "Yeah, I can't do that. I think I'd kill myself on impulse if I wrote that sentence -- at least, I don't think it's achievable in this life."

2021-07-26 イメージ的には「人混みの中での、ディズニーランドのパレードを見るような気持ち」でした。 [長年日記]


I was woken up by a phone call this morning.


It was a call from a contractor of high-pressure cleaning of drainpipes, asking if he could visit us in an hour.



A few weeks ago, the drainage in the upstairs hand-washing area was clogged with a strange smell.

私、配管を解体して詰っているものを除去する程度のことは、DIYでやってしまいます ―― 実際に、これまで、全部、私が直してきました。

I'm a DIYer when it comes to dismantling plumbing and removing clogs -- in fact, I've done it all before.


However, this time, even after removing all the debris from the pipes, the water did not continue to flow.

つまり、外部に露出している配管ではなくて、家の中の排水管が詰っているということで ―― こうなると、もう私には手が出せません。

In other words, the drainage pipes inside the house are clogged, not the exposed pipes outside -- this is something I can't do anything about.



Again I was trying to deal with this myself by purchasing such a device.


However, I, at my parents' house, once messed with a drain pipe and made things worse as a result.


And then, "thanks to all the things I've done," the toilet at my parents' house became unusable.


At that time, I had a drainage company come and remove some of the roots in the pipe.

And later, I cut down with a chainsaw the pine tree that my father had cherished before he died.


Well, let's not get into that.


Once I had a contractor come and try to solve the problem with the above mentioned equipment, but it still didn't work, so we had to do high pressure washing.


Under my wife's general policy, "If we're going to do this, we should clean everything in the house," the first simultaneous plumbing cleaning was held after the construction of the Ebata house.

二人の作業員方の作業を見せて頂いたのですが ―― もう「楽しく」て

I enjoyed watching the operation of the two workers.


I watched the operation, stretching and leaning back so as not to disturb the workers.


In my image, it was "like watching a parade at Disneyland in a crowded place.


And for the first time, I found out that the (unnoticed) halls installed in the entrance, garden and parking lot were the pathways for sewage (there were about 10 of them).


The workers operated as "easy for me to watch the work".


After the work was done, I asked a lot of questions.


To be honest, I was surprised to see a compressor (like this one) installed in the minivan, but it wasn't powered by our house, nor was it drawing water from our water supply.



I asked a lot of questions and found out the following.

(1)洗浄に使った水 : ミニバンの中にタンクで持参 200リットル程度

(1) Water used for cleaning: About 200 liters brought in a tank in the minivan.


(2) Power source for compressors for high-pressure cleaning: Gasoline

(3)高圧コンプレッサーの水圧:150kgf/cm^2 (1平方メートルの板の上に、自動車1500台が乗るくらいの圧力)

(3) Water pressure of high-pressure compressor: 150 kgf/cm^2 (pressure equivalent to 1,500 automobiles riding on a 1 square meter board)


(4) The water pressure nozzle, which performs the backward injection, automatically moves forward in the pipe and easily climbs from the first floor to the second floor (running up to the 10th floor of an apartment building, for example).



I can only speak for myself , however, "the blood of a downtown factory owner's son" rushed to my mind.

2021-07-27 『何をグズグズしているのだ。早く江端を抱き込め』―― と。 [長年日記]


In some countries outside Japan, people who do not have a certificate of vaccination against the new coronas are restricted from entering stores and gyms, and are not allowed to work.


In principle, I agree with this direction.


From the perspective of dire malice, I'd like to see the dark side of the operation: purging those who don't/can't get vaccinated.


However, if implemented, this will undoubtedly cause insidious social division.



―― 社会的に公認されたイジメ

"Socially sanctioned bullying."


Something like that will occur.


The current trend in our country is to 'persecute minorities who don't get vaccinated' because those who do get vaccinated are the majority.

Our country's national policy is to crush the outstanding individual.


I am also "aware" that I am standing on the side of the "crushers".


By the way, it is not "awareness" but "fact" that I am "standing on the side of the beaten down".


Anyway, I think it is a reasonable decision that the government is limiting the issuance of vaccine passports (new corona vaccination certificates) only to travelers.



So, I just had an idea,


How about putting the title "vaccinated against new coronas" on your business card?


Of course, those who do not want to include such information do not have to, and those who have not been vaccinated can fraudulently claim to have been vaccinated.


All you have to do is show this business card to the owner of an izakaya and say that you can eat and drink at the restaurant.


そんなことして効果があるのか? と思われるかもしれません。

You may be wondering, "How can that be effective?"

多分、効果はあると思うんですよ ―― 『もの凄く、酒がまずくなる』という効果が。

I think it probably has an effect -- the effect of "making the drink taste really bad".


(1) If a cluster occurs, you'll get a follow-up investigation.


(2) If they do a follow-up survey, they'll find that they talk about business cards.


(3) Then you'll be asked if you've been vaccinated, right?


(4) Then, they ask you to submit a document that you've been vaccinated (you can get this after two vaccinations).


(5) If you can't submit it, the "awkwardness" among coworkers, friends, loves, will be unbearable.


Just by thinking about all this, a normal person would not be able to drink 'good sake'.


This is

―― 社会的に"非"公認されたイジメ

"Unsocially sanctioned bullying"


However, I think it is still better as long as it is not legislated or institutionalized.



Well, this is a necessary condition for "the vaccinated to become the majority".


Those who refuse to be vaccinated need to increase their ranks ASAP.


That's why I've said it again and again.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get Ebata"

2021-07-28 今回の東京オリンピックの開会式の中では、私は「動くピクトグラムのパフォーマンス」を大絶賛しています。 [長年日記]


In the opening ceremony of this year's Tokyo Olympics, I am a great admirer of the "moving pictogram performance".


I usually use free pictograms in my columns, presentation materials, and papers.


I even think that pictograms are a "universal language that does not require learning".


The "moving pictogram" introduced at this opening ceremony is an upgrade from "universal language that can be understood" to "universal language that speaks to us".


As a young man who used to be a theatrical performer (albeit for a short period of time), I honestly felt that the conception, realization method, order, and time allocation of the "moving pictogram performance" was "amazing.


And I want to give unreserved praise to the performers, who have probably spent an enormous amount of time practicing.



However, in our house, that performance is not popular.


They said, "It's not a good performance for the opening ceremony of the Olympics.



I've always felt that the opening ceremonies of the Olympics since around 2000 have been overly flamboyant, exaggerated, and full of unexpected performances, like

―― どっかの半島の北側の国が売りものにしているマスゲームのような

"a mass game that some country north of the peninsula is using as a tourism resource"


I have always felt "vaguely uncomfortable" with what has become a pompous, nationalistic ceremony.


- A flesh-and-blood human flying with a jet device attached to his back.


- The queen's helicopter dive.


- Fireworks display around the stadium.


Frankly, I've been fed up with them.



Well, I suppose there was the constraint that it was the Olympics in the midst of the Corona disaster, but for me


I thought that it was a relatively calm opening ceremony (performance) that didn't try to be overly popular.


そんな中にあって、IOC会長の「話」は、最低にして最悪でした ―― というか、真剣に"心配"になりました。

In the midst of all this, the IOC President's "talk" was the worst of the worst -- or rather, it seriously "worried" me.


The way he talked about the same things over and over again reminded me of my father, who was in the early stages of cognitive impairment.

―― IOC会長自らが、開会式を台無しにしてしまう史上初のオリンピックになるのではないか

"Might it be the first Olympics in history where the IOC president himself would ruin the opening ceremony ?"



And the fact that there is no one in that hall who can stop the IOC president from talking is the same as the "universal old person problem" of "no one can stop the school principal from talking at all.


『他の人からレビュー貰うなりして、何度か練習してから本番に臨め、バカ』―― と、

"Get a review from someone else and practice a few times before you go on stage, you idiot," I said.


I believe I am qualified to say so, as I have always finished my presentations within the designated time, with practicing more than 10 times before going to them, even for a few conferences.

2021-07-29 なので、「ビットコインを法定通貨に採用した国(エルサドバドル)」って、何考えているんだ? と思っています。 [長年日記]


Recently, the Bitcoin rate seems to be fluctuating wildly again.


Every day, I would get a pop-up message on my phone.


Recently, the rate had been going down, but with the "Amazon's official adoption" story, it went up again and I just saw the news that "Amazon denies the report".


It would be fine if it were only a local currency, but Bitcoin is, after all, internationally circulated.


But as a rule, no one can govern bitcon (well, I recently learned the reality of a wildly popular "hard fork").


In fact, Bitcoin is useless as a payment currency (except for dark side operations).


There is a "history" of nations adjusting the amount of money in circulation, conducting necessary diplomacy, and even going to war if necessary, in order to protect the value of their currency.

なので、「ビットコインを法定通貨に採用した国(エルサドバドル)」って、何考えているんだ? と思っています。

So I am wondering that what the "country that adopted Bitcoin as legal tender (El Sadbadr)" is thinking"


They say it's for "remittance purposes for foreign migrants," but no matter how you look at it, I just don't see how the citizens of a country that doesn't have the power to have its own currency and uses the U.S. dollar as the de facto legal tender can be trusted with Bitcoin.

In the first place, a currency that fluctuates wildly depending on whether or not it is adopted by a single EC company based on a single comment by some CTO is difficult to use as a currency, and in fact, there are almost no places in Japan where it can be used.

To begin with, one of the purposes of currency is "to be able to buy food today at the same price tomorrow.


I don't care if the bitcoin rate is 1 BTC = 100 yen, 1 million yen, or 10 million yen.


I just hope that soon the value of Bitcoin as a speculative currency will disappear and it can be used as a stable currency.


It would be great if Bitcoin could gain credibility and stabilize rates by being adopted by a huge platformer like Amazon.

しかし、そのニュースによって、法定通貨に対するレートが2倍になったり半分になったりするのを見ている限り ―― ぶっちゃけ『お話にならない』と思っています。

However, as long as I see the rate against legal tender doubling or halving depending on the news -- frankly, I think it's 'not worth talking about'.

2021-07-30 だからこそ、お祭り騒ぎの渦中であって、敢えて憎まれ役を買って『水をぶっかける人』が、私の考えていた「東京モデル」の中には入っていたのですが ―― [長年日記]

東京都の新型コロナの新規感染者数が3000人/日を突破していますが ―― もうすぐ慣れると思います。

The number of new cases of new coronas in Tokyo has surpassed 3,000 people/day -- I think we'll get used to it soon.

100人/日を越えた時も、500人/日を越えた時も、私は青冷めて、青冷めて、青冷めて ―― 今は、青冷めるのに疲れてしまいました。

When I crossed 100 people/day, or 500 people/day, I went blue cold, blue cold, blue cold -- now I'm tired of going blue cold.


In the news, doctors say, "Medical care is on the verge of collapse," but they do not say, "Medical care is collapsing.


However, if you don't tell us the specific image of medical collapse, we won't know.


It is not enough to say, "Look at the images from the U.S., India, and Indonesia and you will understand.


To be specific,


- What happens to patients who cannot be placed in the intensive care unit?


- How to prioritize the use of ECMO


- How do you decide to abandon a terminally ill patient (priority of life)?


- In Tokyo, which hospitals will be the first to suffer the collapse of medical care, and in what way?

くらいのことを発表しないと ―― 現在進行形のオリンピックフィーバーには『勝てない』

If they don't announce something like that -- we can't win against the ongoing Olympic fever.



To a group of athletes sharing their joy at winning a medal, nobody can say


"It will be 'dense', so please step away."



To the players hugging each other without masks, nobody can warn them,


"Keep a distance of at least two meters"



To begin with, they gave up "Awarding of medals" for avoid 'dense' didn't they?


Why doesn't the steering committee pay attention and the media stop reporting against "the medal winners solidifying and standing on the first place podium?"


I couldn't believe that it was "no audience". I wondered if it was the effect of the microphone adjustment that made me hear such loud cheering.


At least, I have never heard the announcement "Please refrain from cheering loudly" at the tournament site.



Without even thinking about it deeply, the reasons are simple.


- Medias without such scenes can't make ratings, and


- Any member of the Diet who points out such a thing is sure to be voted out of office in the next election.


- A government cabinet that points out such things will see its approval rating plummet.



In addition,


- When you tweet something like that, you get flamed.


- When you wrote blogs with such things, you will not be able to earn PV.


テレビのこちら側は「一人でテレビ鑑賞」で、テレビの向こう側は「お祭り騒ぎ」という構造 ―― そりゃ無理ってもんでしょう。

This side of the TV is "watching TV alone," while the other side is "celebrating" -- it's just not possible.

だからこそ、お祭り騒ぎの渦中であって、敢えて憎まれ役を買って『水をぶっかける人』が、私の考えていた「東京モデル」の中には入っていたのですが ――

In the midst of the festivities, he/she dared to play the role of a hater and "splash water on people" ―― Such people were part of the "Tokyo model" I had in mind.

The "Tokyo model" I had hoped for is becoming "something I don't expect" every day.

2021-07-31 アルコールの力がなければ、マネージメントもできず、自発的な組織連携もできない ―― [長年日記]

今の時期は、地上波もBSも「五輪競技」の番組ばかりです ―― まあ仕方ありません。

At this time of the year, both terrestrial and BS programs are all about the "Olympic Games" -- well, it can't be helped.


So I can't complain if I don't record NHK specials.


However, I can watch some good programs, documentaries on the construction of the Olympic facilities.

■東京リボーン (6)「国立競技場 試練のスタジアム」

Tokyo Reborn (6) "National Stadium: The Stadium of Trials"


Amazing! Japan's fundamental strength

(So how many times do I have to tell you that it's not "Nippon" that has the bottom line, but "craftsmen", "engineers" and "designers"...)



I was impressed by the greatness of the "craftsmen," "engineers," and "designers," but what also came up here was the story of


"The drinking party helped the workers on site to communicate with each other and met the deadline."


I am deeply distressed by the recent resurgence of bad habits such as "drinking and socializing" and "in-house athletic events," which I (my generation) had thoroughly discouraged.


As I have written in the above, I have a deep dislike for "work that requires the power of alcohol."




That's because it's "a lack of organizational governance that doesn't allow for shared awareness among personnel" and "a desperate lack of management skills among leaders."


And if I may add one more thing, it is the "vulgar cost-cutting strategy."

だって、「飲みニケーション」によって、納期を数ヶ月前倒しにできた ―― ということは、その飲み会にかかるコストと、納期のコストを勘案すれば、費用対効果は、殆ど『無限大』に近いと言えるくらいの凄い効果です。

"They were able to move up our delivery date by several months due to "drinking and communication". That means that taking into account the cost of drinking and the cost of delivery, the cost effectiveness is so great that it is almost infinite.

アルコールの力がなければ、マネージメントもできず、自発的な組織連携もできない ――

Without the power of alcohol, there is no management, no spontaneous organizational collaboration --


In my opinion, it is 'professionally embarrassing' for both managers and employees.



But, well, I don't know if it's because I can't do those things well, but I haven't been able to get ahead.


However, as a systems engineer, I have to admit the fact that "alcohol" has a 'practical effect' on the way we are working.

しかも、飲み会は「合法」です ―― 「ドラッグパーティ」をやっている訳ではありません。

Moreover, drinking parties are "legal" -- we're not having a "drug party".


Then what I will work on is the "optimal alcohol allocation planning problem in group work".


(1) The minimum amount of alcohol consumption and the content and combination of alcohol needed for the group to share the problem.


(2) A method for estimating the amount of alcohol consumed that takes into account individual differences (personal differences)


(3) The maximum amount of alcohol consumption that will not trigger sexual harassment or power harassment, and the selection of reserve groups that will trigger harassment and how to quickly and smoothly remove harassers from the event.


(4) Investigate ways to implement rational drinking sessions by introducing real-time live video and other means (broadcasting and recording).


This is the so-called "drinking-communication optimization problem".



As far as I know, I have never read such a book on "organizational management using alcoholic beverages."


If we have time to read Drucker or Adler, we will think about the above, make it into a manual, make it into a systematic strategy, and even set up a "alcoholic beverage research department" as a part of management science.


Why don't managers and business scholars write such books?


It's been proven to work so well, are they stupid?


I truly believe that.



Well, if I think about it, "restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages" are not only the sales by the restaurants, but also the platform for the management of organizations in Japan.

-- I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'm trying to find a reason to suppress my emotions.