2020-11-01 ―― 有無を言わせないほどの圧倒的多数で、勝敗が決して欲しい [長年日記]

"Silent Artificial Intelligence - Why was not AI used to predict US presidential election ?"


I'm rereading it.

"It's been four years since then"


I am impressed by the speed of time, "fast".



By the way, I don't think anyone has pointed this out yet. However, I'm worried about

―― アメリカ合衆国の内戦

"Civil War in the United States"




Here's an example of a scenario.

(Step 1) 直接投票ではトランプ候補が勝利するものの、その後の郵便投票の結果でバイデン候補が逆転する。

(Step 1) Candidate Trump wins the direct ballot, but the results of the subsequent mail-in ballot upset candidate Biden.

(Step 2) トランプ候補が、大統領令で郵便投票の無効を宣言し、一方的に勝利宣言を発表。

(Step 2) Candidate Trump declares the mail-in ballot invalid by presidential decree and unilaterally issues a victory declaration.

(Step 3)最初にカリフォルニア州(民主党勢力)が独立を宣言、それを受けてテキサス州(共和党勢力)も独立を宣言。

(Step 3) California (the Democratic state) is the first to declare its independence, and Texas (the Republican state) follows suit.

(Step 4)各州が、州兵を州境に配置。各州知事が、カリフォルニア国、テキサス国への参入を表明

(Step 4) Each state places the National Guard on the border. Each state governor announces entry into the State of California or the State of Texas.

(Step 5)トランプ候補が合衆国内で国内で限定核(威力を限定的(?)にした核兵器)の使用を言及し、最悪、使用してしまう

(Step 5) Candidate Trump mentions the use of limited nuclear weapons (nuclear weapons with limited power (?)) in the United States, and in the worst case, he uses it.


So, if China and Russia back up the above two major states, it will absolutely be the last world war for humankind.



Four years ago, I couldn't even think like this.



My wish now is that I don't care who wins the presidential election, however,

―― 有無を言わせないほどの圧倒的多数で、勝敗が決して欲しい

"I'd like to see an overwhelming majority to win or lose."


That's just it.

2020-11-02 江端:「ふむ、抱負か・・・『自分が自分の意識と体をコントロールできる時間内での、苦痛ゼロの死』―― この一択だな」 [長年日記]


This is a conversation I had with my senior daughter on my birthday.


"Daddy. Happy birthday. Now, on the occasion of your birthday, what are your future aspirations?"

江端:「ふむ、抱負か・・・『自分が自分の意識と体をコントロールできる時間内での、苦痛ゼロの死』―― この一択だな」

"Hmm, an aspiration... 'Death with zero pain, in a time when I can control my own consciousness and body' - Just this one option"



My wife also says the same thing.

Well, you all will understand when you eventually get on the care front.

ええ、介護者になろうが、被介護者になろうが ―― 全員、例外なく。

Yes, whether you become a caregivera or a care recipient, without exception.

2020-11-03 『ジジイ化を自分に許してしまったエンジニア』は、そこで『試合終了』となります。 [長年日記]

In this column, I wrote that I "failed" to use the VPS on my website when creating a home watching system.

でもって、ラズパイを使った自宅サーバの方に、開発方向をシフトさせるに至りました ―― まあ、そのおかげで、この連載の記事が執筆できたのですが。

Therefore, we have shifted the development direction to the home server that uses Raspberry Pi. Well, thanks to that, I was able to write an article in this series.

ここ一年の間、Amazon Web Service(AWS)の、Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)とLBS(ロードバランサ)を使ったシステムを使って、色々やってきたのですが、先日、1年間の無料使用期間が終了して、有料モードに突入してしまいました。

For the past year, I've been using Amazon Web Services (AWS), a system that uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and LBS (load balancer). The other day, the one-year free usage period has expired and I have entered the billing phase.


Actually, I didn't notice it and learned that I was charged 5,000 yen / month for about 3-4 months, so I hurriedly deleted my account the other day.


Though I only used it for practice, it was a considerable loss.



In the first place, I'm not good at "AWS".

"AWS"というのは、「ビルデイングブロック」で作るサーバです ―― イメージ的に言えば、「電子ブロック」のような感じです。

"AWS" is a server created by "building blocks". In other words, it feels like an "electronic block".


An "electronic block" is a metaphor that is often (conveniently) used, but when it comes to operation in the real world, it becomes a nightmare.

―― ブロックがたった一つでも動かないと、サーバシステム全体が動かない

"The entire server system will not work unless even one block works"


I've often talked about how scared I was of "non-working servers" with "TLS authentication", "road bangsar", and "domain registration".


『てやんでい! サーバ構築なんてもんはなぁ、コンソールのシェルが2つ、3つ立ち上がっていればいいんでい!』

"Shut up! I only need two or three console shells up to build a server"


In this way, for the elderly who survived only with the command interface type UNIX server construction technique of the 1980s, the methods like "AWS" are really "hard".

まあ、とは言え、こういうセリフを語り出した時から、人間はジジイ化する訳で ――

However, if I start talking about these lines, I become "old farts"


"the engineer who allowed himself to become old farts" is going 'game over'.


If I don't like the 'game over', then engineers have to keep fighting, even when it's a weekend, a major holiday, or late at night after work.


(To be continued)

2020-11-04 ―― とは言え、AWSの自習の為に、月数千円を持っていかれるのは、なんとも悔しいな [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

―― とは言え、AWSの自習の為に、月数千円を持っていかれるのは、なんとも悔しいな

"However, it is regrettable to bring thousands of yen a month for AWS self-study."

と思っていたところ、見つけたのが、Amazon Lightsailです。

When I was thinking, I found Amazon Lightsail.


It is a server of 3.5 dollars (500 yen) / month, which is a range that can withstand even if I run out of my own stomach.


Yeah, this is good.


In the first place, I have no intention of protecting the server from external cyber attacks.


Even if the system is broken, I can't enter any information that would be a problem from the beginning, and the source code is published on github.


One core (equivalent to EC2) of the virtual server is enough, and the DB can be built in the core.


Above all, I don't want to configure the load balancer used as a firewall or Route53.


という訳で、この11月始めの連休は、Amazon Lightsail上に、試作したサーバを搭載して、数千のオブジェクトのデータで攻撃し続けるという、「えげつない」テストを繰り返していました。

So, this weekend in early November, I was repeating a "bad" test of installing a prototype server on Amazon Lightsail and continuing to attack with data of thousands of objects.


Of course, a communication failure occurred (caused), but the server did not go down. To be honest, I'm impressed with how amazing it is.



So, let's get back to the beginning.


"Shifting the development direction to the home server using Raspberry Pi" is coming into scope of "using the cloud".


For 500 yen / month, I can play on a private internet server ... If I can operate it, it's enough for me.

2020-11-05 『気持悪い』アメリカ合衆国大統領選挙の仕組み [長年日記]

The "wish" I mentioned the other day is apparently not going to come true.

「私の最悪の予想」の何パーセントくらいのとろで留まるか ―― ということになりそうです。

My interest is going to "What percentage of "my worst expectation" will stay?"



This is the presentation file I used when I was asked to give a lecture by an organization.

"Unpleasant" United States presidential election mechanism


If you are interested, please read it.



Ebata: "Why is this US presidential election on November 3rd?"


Daughter: "Hmm, maybe it's Japan's "Culture Day""


Ebata: "Once upon a time, I've heard that quite a few Americans answered, 'The capital of Japan is Beijing'"



江端:「今も、米国民の日本に対する興味って、その程度だと思う ―― ましてや、日本の祝日を知っているネイティブは、絶無だと思う」

Ebata: "I think that Americans are still interested in Japan at most-even more, and I also think that there are no natives who know Japanese holidays."

2020-11-06 それなら、私が、独自で、トイレで観察し続けるしかないかないかなぁ。 [長年日記]


Anytime I see a male urinal installed in a train station, I run a simulation in my head.


Women may not know this, but there are usually three male urinals installed in stations.


And every time I look at these three urinals, I think.



- Which urinal is the best strategy to use when all three of these are available?


- Which urinal is the best strategy to use, left or right, when the middle is in use?


- Should you avoid urinals while the water is flowing?


Then, taking into account the average time of use of urinals, the dispersion of urinals by age, and the congestion rate at the time of use


Which of these is the best reasoning engine to build into these, urinal-using male agent programs ?


- Rule-based reasoning to describe behavior verbally


- Alternatively, reinforcement learning to derive behavior from observations


- Or, virtual agents to model behavioral economics

とか、考えるのは ―― 楽しい。

It is fun for me to think about those things.



As you can imagine, we are not allowed to set up a camera in the toilet. However, if we had data on the time of the human sensors installed at the urinal, I think I could hypothesize and test it there.


So here's a request to all toilet bowl manufacturers.


Would you mind releasing that time-series human sensor response time data to me?

え? そんなデータ、計測していない?

Huh? You're not measuring that kind of data?


No, no, I'm sure you are measuring it.


The use rates of male urinals are important data for your company.


This is because you need to apply queuing theory to calculate the urinals needed at each station.


"There's no reason to disclose it to Ebata because it's important data"


Oh, that's certainly reasonable.



Then I guess I'll just have to keep observing, independently, in the restroom.


But for sure, I'm sure they'll call the police.


Even I think, "If I find a suspicious person like that, I'm definitely going to call the police".

2020-11-07 ―― 我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマであるはずの日本国政府が、Amazonに負けている [長年日記]

最近、巷(ちまた) ―― というか、特に米国と欧州でで、GAFA(ガーファ)による市場独占の問題が大きく取り上げられています。

Recently, the issue of market monopoly by GAFA has been widely discussed on the street -- especially, in the US and Europe in particular.

GAFAとは、Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon の4つのプラットフォーマのことです。

GAFA refers to the four platformers of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.


Well, I think it's true that GAFA actually dominates the market and uses the privileged position of platformer to act as an advantage over retail stores.


Ironically, it was "R", not GAFA, that I learned of the specific example of the "privileged status of platforer".


In January of this year, the retailer's union protested that it would be an 'abuse of a superior position', in response to Rakuten's policy of "free shipping on purchases over a certain amount,


In response to this, the Fair Trade Commission filed a "Petition for Emergency Stay Order against Rakuten" with the Tokyo District Court.


既視感があります ―― 私には、1995年の、Windows95発売時の騒乱が、思い浮んできます。

I have a sense of deja vu -- I think of the mayhem of 1995, when Windows 95 was released.

その後、マイクロソフト社は、「Windows OSの特権的地位による独占」を理由に、米国や欧州で訴訟されまくっていました。

Subsequently, Microsoft was being sued all over the U.S. and Europe for "monopoly due to the privileged status of the Windows OS".

「ブラウザ(Internet Explore)の同梱問題」が大きかったです。

The "browser (Internet Explorer) bundling problem" was a big one.


In fact, browsers are the tool that rules the world.

多分、多くの人が気がついていないかもしれませんが、今や、ブラウザは、「デジタル社会」 ―― というよりも、「デジタル技術」を先導しています。

Perhaps many people don't realize it, but browsers are now leading the way in "digital technology" rather than the "digital society".


It's "the foundation of scalable real-time digital services" that allow, for example, to display a million objects on a map simultaneously, as well as real-time games.

I'll never forget the impact I had when I tried to program in WASM (Web Assembler) on Mr. S's recommendation.

ちなみに、このプログラム、皮肉なことに、Internet Explore"だけ"動きません。

By the way, this program doesn't work, ironically, only on "Internet Explore".

それ以外のほとんどのブラウザ(Chromo, Firefox、Edge、Safariその他)では表示されます。

Most other browsers (Chromo, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) will show it.

しかし、多くの企業が、業務系の基本ブラウザとして、Internet Exploreが採用しているため、今更、これを変更することができません。

However, many companies have adopted Internet Explorer as the basic browser for their business systems, so it is not possible to change this now.


This is a form of so-called "monopoly by OS" (a success story?) .


Aside from that.



By all accounts, it should be clear that GAFA has a monopoly on the market.


In addition,

―― 我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマであるはずの日本国政府が、Amazonに負けている

"The Government of Japan, which should be Japan's largest service platformer, is losing to Amazon"


It is true.


Of course, even if I know that "such a comparison is unreasonable".


(To be continued)

2020-11-08 なぜなら、我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマ日本国政府(*) ―― 名付けて"Japazon(ジャパゾン)" (江端命名) ―― とのサービスメニューは、膨大だからです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Honestly, we are one of those households that strongly supports Amazon's monopoly.


- Most of our purchases, except for groceries, are made on Amazon

■配送費無料となるAmazon Primeサービスの濫用(最近は過剰包装も改善されつつある)

- Frequent use of the Amazon Prime service, which offers free shipping (excess packaging is improving these days)


- Most of the items I order can be returned (albeit formally, however, in principle) for any reason. Amazon owns the cost of returning the item.)


- When it comes to book purchases, I'm almost 100% dependent on Amazon. They are outpacing the e-book (Kindle version) by more than the paper book.

■Amazon Prime会員の無料サービス、Amazon Prime Videoのメニューが抱負。話題の映画も無料で公開されることが多く、地上波と同時にアップされているコンテンツも多い(最近はテレビではなくPCで見ることが多い)

The Amazon Prime Video menu, a free service for Amazon Prime members, embraces. Many of the hottest movies are released for free, and much of the content is up at the same time as terrestrial content (these days, I tend to watch them on my PC rather than my TV).

■会社の仕事での、Amazon Web Service(AWS)の利用は、避けて通れなくなっている

- The use of Amazon Web Service (AWS) at work has become unavoidable.

■最近はAmazon Lightsaiなどのように、500円/月で、個人運用のインターネットサービスがある。ビジネスで使うに足る十分な性能と機能を持っている。

These days, there are internet services like Amazon Lightsail and others that allow you to operate your personal Internet service for $500/month. They have enough performance and features to be used for business.


Conclusion: Without Amazon's services, the Ebata family's services (but only logistics, education, entertainment, and work) would not be possible.




By the way, it's unfair to say that the Japanese government, which is supposed to be our country's largest service platformer, is losing ground to Amazon, which I mentioned yesterday.

なぜなら、我が国最大のサービスプラットフォーマ日本国政府(*) ―― 名付けて"Japazon(ジャパゾン)" (江端命名) ―― とのサービスメニューは、膨大だからです。

Because the menu of services with our country's largest service platform, the Japanese government (*) -- named "Japazon" (named by Ebata) -- is enormous.


(*) In this context, it also includes local government services


Broadcasting, education, electricity, environmental protection, firefighting, city gas, health care (publicly funded health care, national health insurance, etc.), military, police, courts, libraries, transportation, housing, telecommunications, water... Anyway, It doesn't compare to Amazon.

もっともAmazon Prime(4900円/年)と違って、"Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービス利用料金は、もの凄く高いです。

However, unlike Amazon Prime (4,900 yen/year), Japazon's service fee is very high.

先日試算してみたら、江端家の収入の1/3以上が、Japazonへの"課金" ―― "課税"とも言いますが ―― に持っていかれています。

I calculated the other day that more than 1/3 of the Ebata family's income goes to "charges" -- also called "taxes" -- on Japazon.


In Japan, the people in charge of operating Japazon are elected by the users of the Japazon service (the people).


The policy development and monitoring of the operation of the Japazon service, as well as the cost of operating the service, is checked by an "auditing body" called the Parliament.


And this "elections" and "monitoring" cost an enormous amount of money, which is included in the bills (taxes).



In other countries, the operation of the service is "entrusted to a specific person or entity to operate the service for an indefinite period of time" (usually without user consent).


Such a form of service operation is called "dictatorship".

例えば、「日本の北に位置する半島のさらに北半分の国」 ―― ええい、面倒だな。

For example, "a country in the northern half of the peninsula located in the north of Japan"... it's a hassle.


Directly stated. North Korea and China.


For both countries, "dictatorship" is not a bad word.


After all, both countries have an official "dictatorship" in their constitutions and other documents.



What I'm trying to say is,

―― "Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービスが、ユーザメリット(正確には"江端家"のメリット)を最大にするのであれば、サービスプロバイダが誰であっても構わん

"As long as the "Japazon" service maximizes the user benefits (more precisely, the "Ebata family's" benefits), I don't care who the service provider is"



So, while I know that the Japazon service is very difficult to operate, I can't help but think the following.

―― "Japazon(ジャパゾン)"のサービスって、もっとAmazonレベルの満足度に近づけられないのか?

"Can't the "Japazon" service get any closer to Amazon level of satisfaction?"



(To be continued)

2020-11-09 逆に、コミックなどが、"BOOK OFF"と同程度の古本価格で入手できないのが、なんとも残念です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, in order to realize "Japazon" (Japanese government) services at the level of Amazon, the users (Japanese citizens) need to have a certain level of literacy.


Amazon is maintaining its services by eliminating front-of-house operations altogether.


In order for Japazon to provide the same level of service as Amazon, all Japanese citizens should be able to use IT devices (PCs and smartphones) as normal.

加えて、Japazonも、現状の人間が行っている窓口業務と同程度のインターフェースが必要ですが ―― いつになったら、"AI"なるものによる窓口業務が開始されるのでしょうか?

In addition, Japazon needs to have the same level of interface as the current human counter service, however, I want to know when the "AI" front service starts?


Aside from that.



I'm getting used to ebooks. It's convenient.


In my case, I have a Kindle on my phone or tablet, and the fact that I don't have to "carry around a book" is a huge advantage.


Some books are available for free (books on Dazai, Ogai, Soseki, etc.).


I read about a page or two a day while waiting at the train station, etc., so I might be able to read through it at least once before I die (and I already know the story).

逆に、コミックなどが、"BOOK OFF"と同程度の古本価格で入手できないのが、なんとも残念です。

On the other hand, it's a shame that I can't get comics like used book prices of "Book-Off".



I don't buy a lot of ebook comics, but I still buy some of them.


Today, I'm going to recommend

"An old man becomes a junior school girl".



(To be continued)

2020-11-10 『体罰は教師の愛だ』などと言いだすような子どもとして完成してしまう世界 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I feel like that's a title that might get you in trouble with the ordinance. As a Stein's Gate geek, I'm proud to recommend this time travel comic to you.

Unlike "multi-world interpretation theory" such as "another world story", this is a story that goes back in time on the same time axis.


It's a classic theme of "looks like a kid, however, the brain like an adult", but it's a simple, exhilarating book to read (two books total).


I'm also curious as to why the author uses "Minkowski space" for this theoretical interpretation of time retrogression.


I am reading and studying it with the following book.

Minkowski Geometry-Kaijo Junior and Senior High School





"Events in the spatial domain beyond the speed of light, occur at the same time, or even before, by moving to a coordinate system that moves at an appropriate speed"

の、「光速を超えた空間的領域」の部分を、「魂の混線」という現象で説明しているのかなぁ? とか、楽しく考えています。

I wonder if the "spatial realm beyond the speed of light" part is explained by the phenomenon of "soul mixing". Anyway, I am enjoying it.



For me, I'd like to read a comic that takes the story a step further, even more so.


Even a child who "looks like a kid, however, the brain like an adult", the fact of the horrendous children's bullying will make her/him feel nervous.




The new normal that the world has acquired (absolute denial of violence, para-harassment, penalization of sexual harassment, understanding of same-sex marriage, etc.)


will be overturned by the common sense of the past world, and


the child will be re-created to say "Corporal punishment is a teacher's love"



NOT "a guy from the future judging the past from a superior perspective"


BUT "the guy from the future, "brainwashed" with the wisdom of the past"


I would also like to read such a reactionary (x progressive), ironic, unpleasant, time travel story.



I think there is a certain demand group.


- A politician who can't write a single logical column, but just has a loud voice


- Parents and teachers who profess that "corporal punishment is a necessary evil"


- A person who insists on patriotism education, such as saying "love" the "service provider" whose name is "Japan"


I'm sure they will like it.

2020-11-11 『たった一日でわかる「"たった1日でわかる本"のウソ」』 [長年日記]


I was in a big bookstore the other day, gathering information.


As usual, many of the books are called "XXX in Just a Day.


I think many people buy this kind of book.


If I were, I would written a book whose title is


"The Book of Lies in a Day In just one day."



This is a parody of the story that led to the failure of the "Hilbert Program" plan -- I think, maybe.

The source is this book.

2020-11-12 ―― 弱気な人間は、自分の主張を立証するに為に証拠集めやロジックを組みたてるようなことはしない/できない [長年日記]


The other day, I told my family, with complaining


"I wish I could have lived bullishly"


my family said to me,


"Few people live as bullish as you."



I remembered that I had talked about this before.


Well, even I have the common sense to say, "I am what others define me to be".

And in order for me to establish that "I am a feeble-minded person, the onus is on the party that benefits from that proof. I mean, "it is me"



When I look at the world (including Japan) after the U.S. presidential election, I feel relieved that there are so many people in the world who do not know the principle of the burden of proof. At the same time, it feels bleak.


The burden of proof doesn't have to be complete facts, but it can be derived from various types of reasoning based on data (numbers) that you have a handle on.


It's enough to have supporting numbers, evidence and logic to persuade many people of that reasoning.


It's not that the burden of proof is "on the media" to prove anything.



But it's easy and effortless to "criticize the media". It's overwhelming.


You don't have to do any calculations on your own calculator or computer, and you don't have to do any literature research in the first place. You can just write a phrase in a few seconds.

How many times have I thought, that I wanted to stop writing this columns and walk away looking good, without sweating, and just writing a critical comment for a few seconds.



I have the confidence to look for evidence and construct logic to establish that I am a feeble-minded person.


However, when it comes to "how many people will accept the results of that proof", it's a whole different story.


The biggest problem is,

―― 弱気な人間は、自分の主張を立証するに為に証拠集めやロジックを組みたてるようなことはしない/できない

"Feeble-minded persons don't/can't do anything to gather evidence or construct logic to prove their claims"


Maybe I can't stand up to this claim.

2020-11-13 死に気になれば、なんでもできる ―― [長年日記]

死に気になれば、なんでもできる ――

"You can do anything if you want to die"


I'm dumbfounded that there are still people out there claiming such nonsense.


Many people who want to attempt suicide are basically in a state of "not wanting/ability to do anything" (many of which are caused by mental illness).


In the "I don't want to do anything" category, there's also "preparing for suicide.


A person in such a state can "do anything"?


Don't be silly.


Really, I can assume that any idiot making the above ridiculous claims is now an "uncorrectable idiot".



Diving into suicide is the least expensive form of "suicide preparation".


It has a high success rate and does not require any equipment to prepare. Moreover, it can be performed anywhere in Japan.

アクションは「レールに倒れ込んでいくだけ」 ―― そして、それが妨害される可能性は絶無です。

The action is "just falling into the rail" -- and there is no chance of it being interfered with.



Of course, the damage to third parties is enormous.


It continues to cause tremendous inconvenience to tens of thousands of people.


But there is no logic to counter 'I don't care what happens after I'm dead'.

That's why only 'pain' is the last trump card against 'jumping into suicide'. -- I decided that.



That's why I keep thinking about 'a social system that uses "avoidance" from pain, anxiety and fear as its engine'.


This is not a concept or a call to action that can be described only with words and pictures in Powerpoint, but a concrete logic (algorithm) for a social control system.

上記の内容の研究、ここ数年、ずっと提案し続けているんですけど ―― ウケが悪いです。

I've been proposing the above research for the last few years -- but it's not popular.


This research topic is not easy to get adopted.


I know it's a "bad use of words, however, I am also well aware of that, if I obscure the words in this area, I will only get boring research results.


Well, I've resigned myself to the fact that for the time being (or until I die), I'll just have to do "my weekend research" as I've always done.

2020-11-14 私の好きなコンテンツが家族と被る ―― これは、結構、幸せなことだなぁ、と実感しています。 [長年日記]


I was asked to fill out a survey once to see what books I would like Ebata to read (even if I was forced to).


I'm digesting the lists now, at a fairly nonchalant pace.


Some books I liked and some I didn't (obviously).



One of the books recommended by several people was called "Slaughterhouse Organ".


However, this one doesn't seem to be to my liking and I haven't been able to finish it.


However, I also think it must be interesting, as more than one person has recommended it.


So, after confirming that the "Slaughterhouse Organ" movie was on Netflix (Netflix) titles, I subscribed it.


I didn't know that "titles can be removed after a certain period of time.


I ran out of things to watch, so I showed "Violet Evergarden" to my family -- they were easily hooked.


We haven't finished watching all the episodes yet, but I think we've already confirmed to go to see the movie that's playing now.



My wife used to watch "Blades of Demons", which has even become a social phenomenon, however she seems to stop watching it. She couldn't get too enthusiastic about it.

Meanwhile, my wife has completed the first three seasons of PSYCHO-PASS Psychopath in "two days".


My senior daughter has decided to buy the DVD of "Scent of Woman".


Ebata: "You can watch that movie on NetFlix now.


Daughter: "I will buy it for a missionary for my friends.


My daughter also get too enthusiastic about it.


私の好きなコンテンツが家族と被る ―― これは、結構、幸せなことだなぁ、と実感しています。

"My family loves my favorite contents". I realize that this is a pretty happy thing.

2020-11-15 ―― これを見て、「何が面白いのか分からないような男」は、正直嫌だな [長年日記]

I just happened to find it while watching Youtube.


I laughed at the mess.


I'm already on my third viewing.



Now, I think my daughter is going to bring a man home.


I'd like to show this to him then and watch how he react to it.

―― これを見て、「何が面白いのか分からないような男」は、正直嫌だな

"I honestly don't want to be a "guy who doesn't know what's funny"

2020-11-16 ―― 誰が好き好んで、自分のパーソナリティを世間に晒すものか [長年日記]


One of the topics of this presidential election,


"Just by analyzing the 'GOOD' button on a social network, you can learn about a person's personality."


You can read explanatory those articles in various places.

In my case, by analyzing all of the Twitter timelines of people who have disrespected my column, I would judge the person as follows,


"She/He counts for nothing"


and, I could find relief.


This is a pretty good way to do it, and I recommend it to you.

私のコラムをディスってきた人間の多くは、見事なくらい「執筆者の論調に簡単に乗せられる軽薄」か「物事をロジックで説明できない低能」でしたが ――

Many of the people who have disrespected my column have been, brilliantly, 'a frivolity that can easily be put into the tone of the author's argument' or "Incompetence that cannot explain things with logic".


However, on the other hand, although it is a rare case, she/he was also an "observer who grasps the event based on his own policy" with intelligences based on their self-assertions".


I can "lower the tame" in both opposite directions.



This is the same as analyzing the "GOOD" button on a social network.


And it's one of the reasons I've decided not to use all social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

―― 誰が好き好んで、自分のパーソナリティを世間に晒すものか

"Who likes to expose their personalities to the world?"


I think that.



I realized the following when I was in the middle of writing this diary.

―― 毎日日記を公開し、毎月コラムをリリースしている私くらい、自分のパーソナリティを世間に晒している人間もいないだろうな

"I am the one who publishes a daily diary and releases a monthly column, and I am the one who is exposing my personality to the world"



I've come to the obvious fact that if I don't want my personality to be known, I should shut down my diary and column first.

2020-11-17 ―― 本にアンダーラインを山ほど引き、私以外の人間には解読できない文字を書き込み、本を風呂の中に水没させるため [長年日記]


Although I buy more and more e-books these days, we still buy paper books as well.


Even if I can read the same book in the library, I may also buy a paper book.




The reason is simple.

―― 本にアンダーラインを山ほど引き、私以外の人間には解読できない文字を書き込み、本を風呂の中に水没させるため

"To draw a pile of underlines in the book, to write characters that cannot be deciphered by anyone other than me, and to submerge the book in the bath"



I recognize that the right to the full extent of abuse for this book, "if it's a 3,000-yen book, I buy it for 3,000-yen".


I think one of the features of the book is "sharing," but I don't care about that.


My respect for the book is not for tangible objects, but only for the knowledge contained in that book.


In particular, in my case, "understanding" is not enough, but the task of "understanding and then telling others in your own words" is needed. Hence, normal book reading is not enough for me at all.

「本の中から沸き上がってくる、新しいコンセプト」―― これを獲得する為には、通常の本の取り扱いでは全然足りないのです。

To get "a new concept coming out of the book", in order to get this, it is not enough to handle a normal book.


Of course, I do not mean to impose on you, how to handle this book.


In fact, I even think it's better to stop handling such books.


Aside from that.


Recently, I also purchased a book stand to facilitate reading in the bath.


In the bath, while drinking non-alcoholic beer and eating kimchi, I am reading a book on this bookstand.

「プチ極楽」といったとこです ―― 安い極楽ですが。

It's like "petit paradise" -- a cheap paradise.


However, I am required to take a bath last in the family (my senior daughter complained about the smell of kimchi filling the bath).

2020-11-18 面接では、「言葉に詰って沈黙を3秒作ったら負けだ」、と思っています。 [長年日記]


Last month, I was busy practicing a presentation and question and answer session in preparation for my junior daughter's interview.


In my opinion, when it comes to presentation, I think


"Even if your brain is straight, you can hit the lines into your body until your mouth is talking."



The presentation time remained unknown, so I had her give her 1-minute, 2-minute, and 3-minute presentations 10 to 20 times each, and repeated them thoroughly for the last two days, about three hours.


As for the question and answer session, I asked as many times as I could think of "malicious," "difficult to answer," or "cannot answer."


At the interview, I think, "If you get stuck in words and make silence for 3 seconds, you lose."


However, I don't think it is desirable to simply say "I don't understand."



For answers to questions,


"I can't answer at this point, but I think I can clarify it by studying the field of XXXX in the future."


"For the current question, for example, if I could add the condition XXXX, I think we can use the existing method called XXXX."


In this way, you don't say "I don't know" but you can change the phrase in a positive direction or with a certain hypothesis



In two days, I thoroughly taught these "adult" skills to my junior daughter.

これは、他の受験者等と比較して、チートではないかとも思うのですが ――

I think this is unfair compared to other examinees.


It is the privilege of the protected person (child) to utilize the skills of the guardian (father).

2020-11-19 でも、これが、明日、動かすと、全く動かなかったりするんだよなぁ。 [長年日記]


All functions of https are working!!


I rewrote docker-compose.yml,


I added a description to nignx.conf,


I modified packed JavaScript by sight,

それでも動かなくて、悩みまくった主原因が「ブラウザに残っていたキャシュ」だったという、情けないオチであったとしても ―― とにかく

It had not worked, and finally I noticed that the main cause of the trouble was the "cache left in the browser". To tell you the truth, it was shameful. However anyway


It is working now!


うん、docker-compose buildからDB構築までの一連の処理を、100回は繰り返したと思うぞ。

Yeah, I think I've gone through the whole process from docker-compose build to DB build at least 100 times.


I understand the difference between Linux and Windows 10 docker command description, from the bottom of my heart.



However, I also know that it will not work tomorrow.


Software hurt the developer/moddererator's heart in the way.

だから、今は ―― 50%くらいのテンションで抑えておこう

So, for now -- let's keep it at about 50 percent intensity.

2020-11-20 なぜ、その「好き」と「楽しい」に論理付けして、一般化までして、他人に「簡単」を押しつけてくるのか? [長年日記]


People who like math are good at math, and


People who likes English, is good at English, and


People who like history, are good at history, and


People who like computers are good at computers.


Yeah, it was good, I think.


I can say "Congratulations" from the bottom of my heart.


だが ――



People who likes math, says that math is just a trick, and


People who like English say that it's enough to remember only 81 sentences in English, and


People who like history say that history is just a matter of figuring out the flow, and


People who like computers say that anyone can handle computers.


I will not tolerate these people.


Whoever is lucky enough to like something, extends their good fortune to others, and say


"It's easy."


I'm not going to tolerate the arrogance of anyone who says these things.


『彼らを・・・責めているんじゃない・・・ むしろお祝いを言うよ』(*)

"I don't blame them... but I congratulate them."(*)

(*)はみだしっ子5 奴等が消えた夜 P.155

(*)Hamidashikko 5 The Night they Disappeared p.155


Why can't they stop at "I like it" or "I'm fun"?


Why are they going to force others to be "easy" by attaching logic to that "like" and "fun" and even generalizing it?

いい加減、ほっといてくれ ――

"Come on, just leave me alone... "


The shameful thing is that I have only recently realized this.


"Writing a patent specification is easy once you get the hang of it."

と言い放っていた頃の私を許せない人は ―― 私を"刺し"に来てもいいです。

Anyone who can't forgive me for saying that -- can come and "stab" me to death.


I'm aware that 'I have done nothing but get stabbed to death'.


I'm not going to file a civil lawsuit (although you can't escape from criminal case).


However, the only reason is the "patent specification".


I will go into "Retaliation Mode" as usual, expect of them.

2020-11-21 ―― 自殺という方法で「逃げていいんだよ」 [長年日記]


On August 31, the day before September 1, adult with a generous heart, send out a message to children who "can't decide whether to kill themselves".

―― 逃げていいんだよ

"You can run away."



The message of "you can run awasy" is also often used for working people who have been pushed to the edge at work and have become depressed. This is an irresponsible and vicious message.


If you are allowed to "run away", then you are first obligated to explain the specific "how to escape" in detail.


・・・ では以下に、逃げ方の実施例を記載する。

Now let me explain an example of how to escape below.


(1) Prerequisites


The case that you have your own room (if you don't, skip to Chapter 2)


(2) Items to be implemented by August 31

(a) Install your own key in your room. A "stirrup" will suffice and can be obtained at a tool store for about 300 yen.


(b) Keep a week's worth of food and water in your room. Keep at least 20 liters of water in your room.


(3) Items to be implemented from September 1


(a) Start "shut-in". As a rule, never leave the room and never talk to the family.


(b) Do not enter into discussions easily. Do not negotiate with anyone for at least three days.


(c) If there is no movement by the parent or teacher after 7 days, declare "suicide" via email, line, etc.


(d) If the above does not change the situation, you may still commit suicide.


(4) Anticipated parent or teacher response


(a) At the very least, if "shut-in" continues for three days, parents and teachers may start to move.


(b) Disclose to the parent or teacher the reason for not attending school (the fact of the bullying and the name of the person who has been bullying you), with the door closed.


(c) The teacher should suggest that you come to school anyway, but you should not respond to him/her easily.


(d) If you agree to attend school, declare that you will resume your truancy at any time on terms that suit you.


(5) The above reasons


(a) The purpose of this example is to magnify the problem, extend blame to parents and teachers, expose the bullying party to the entire school, and hopefully force him or her to change schools.


(b) Only one thing to do is "shut-in". After that, the other world will move, and you can ride it.




(a) If the situation still does not improve after doing the "shut-in" above, then

―― 自殺という方法で「逃げていいんだよ」

"You can run away" by way of suicide.



You should be well described, up to this point.



All child suicides are "murders due to adult omission."


Adults who just say "you can run away" and leave are the worst "inaction" practitioners.

2020-11-22 そもそも、ゲーマーって、何歳になってもゲームから引退しませんよね。 [長年日記]


There used to be the idea of the "30-year old programmer retirement" theory.


This is because the working environment for programmers was poor (long hours of overtime and working on holidays was the default).


In addition, programming technology is advancing rapidly and technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, and new programming languages are popping up one after another, forcing them to keep learning new technologies.


I think "always learning" is the same in other industries, but in the world of programmers, I think the trend is more pronounced.



According to the "programmer at 30" theory, I should have retired as a programmer a long time ago, but the reason I continue to do so is

―― プログラムがイメージ通りに動いた時の快感

"The feeling of pleasure when the program works as I expect"


I believe that.

私の知る限り、30歳以下のプログラマーを知りません ―― まあ、私の人脈は、針の穴よりも小さいので、あまり当てにはなりませんが。

As far as I know, I don't know a programmer under 30 years old -- well, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so my opinion is not so reliable, though.



I think the reason why the "30-year old programmer retirement age" theory was disqualified, is the same reason why the "30-year old gamer retirement age" theory does not work.

ゲームこそ、技術は進歩が激しく、腐化も著しく、新しいゲームが次から次と現われ、常に新しいゲームのルールを勉強しなければなりませんが ――

Game is that technology is advancing rapidly, obsolescence is significant. and new games are coming one after another, they must constantly learn the rules of the new games.


To begin with, gamers don't retire from gaming at any age, do they?

私の知る限り、ゲームを止めて、俳句や、習字や、カラオケに乗り換えたと言う人を、私は知りません ―― まあ、私の人脈は、針の穴よりも小さいので、あまり当てにはなりませんが。

As far as I know, I don't know of anyone who has stopped playing games and switched to haiku, calligraphy, or karaoke! -- well, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so my opinion is not so reliable, though.



After all, "It is important to listen to the theory that is whispered in half"

2020-11-23 『電話会議システムのセッテイングを完了した時、その確認作業に付き合って貰える「相手」がいるか否か』 [長年日記]

「友だち」とは何か ―― ということに、モンモンと悩み続けるティーンエイジャの主人公が登場するコンテンツ(小説、アニメ)が沢山あります。

What is a "friend"? There is a lot of content (novels, animations) featuring a teenage protagonist who continues to worry about it.


I don't know about teenagers, but I found a definition of "friend" that can be easily discerned as an adult.


"Whether or not you have a "partner" to go along with the confirmation process, when you complete the setting of the conference call system"




I have just completed setting up the conference call system.


However, I am having trouble because I cannot do the system test.

2020-11-24 ―― もの凄く邪悪な笑顔しているねえ [長年日記]


I just finished a conference call and went down to the living room, and my wife, who was in the kitchen, told me.

―― もの凄く邪悪な笑顔しているねえ

"You've got a hell of a wicked smile on your face."




Well, a "meeting" is a kind of battle game.


It is a "bargaining game" with a good balance of my private opinion and public stance, mixed with laughter and jokes.


Naturally, psychological stress also occurs to a certain extent.


とは言え、会議が終った直後の、私の表情を観測できる人間は、たくさんいるでしょうが ――

However, there are a lot of people who can observe my expression right after the meeting was over --


"a hell of a wicked smile on your face"


The only person who can tell you this directly is my family.


I could say, that this is also "discovered" by working remotely.

2020-11-25 「うん、そうそう。思った、思った。うん、そういうもんだよね。そう、デートの後は」 [長年日記]

「デートが終った直後に、電話で話をしたくなるか」―― という問いに対して、正直に言うと

"Do you want to talk on the phone right after a date is over?" To this question, to be honest, I will say


"I never thought of that"


I don't like the world that is going to define me as such





そりゃ、私は、比較的、一人でいることを好む性格ですよ ―― それは認めます。

Relatively speaking, I prefer to be alone, -- I can admit it.


I like to have meals "alone", and "reading alone" is an important and precious time for me, even when I come to work or come home.


But that doesn't mean that I want to be lonely.


To begin with, such a person would never get married or have a family.



In short, it's a matter of degree.


I am only slightly stronger (0.6-0.7) in the "loneliness certification".


There should be no simple binarization of events and properties.


I wish the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology would introduce "fuzzy reasoning" into compulsory mathematics and adopt "quantum mechanics" into science.



The other day, I was watching a singing show on TV and I said


"Love songs say "I'm lonely" and "I wanna see you now". They're too exaggerated, right?"


However, my wife assured me


"Not so!"




"Didn't you want to call me right after the date was over to talk to me?"


When she said that, I didn't say honestly,


"I never thought about it. I was trying to figure out how to organize the data or how to modify the coding after I got back to the lab"


but say,


"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought, I thought. Yeah, that's how it goes, right? Yeah, after a date"


My wife looked at me with suspicion.


でも、繰り返しますが ―― これは、単に、『私の「一人属性」が、やや強い(0.6~0.7)だけ』なのです。

Again -- I am only slightly stronger (0.6-0.7) in the "loneliness certification".


It is not correct to call me "nobody".

2020-11-26 ―― 油断していると、簡単に「原理主義者」になってしまうぞ [長年日記]


I don't think I'm a fundamentalist, and I detest any fundamentalist.

なにより、自分が原理主義者に変貌しないように、意図的に自分を見張っている ―― つもりです。

Above all, I'm going to be deliberately watching myself to make sure I don't turn into a fundamentalist.


"Fundamentalism" is a form of thinking that thinks "nothing else is allowed to exist", which I think is synonymous with "intolerance".


Well, not only the "Islamic fundamentalists, but also "young people who are madly opposed to live-action anime" is also "fundamentalist" to me.



Today I read an article of

『「日本沈没」ドラマ化 小松左京さんの名作SF、「未来への希望」テーマに2023年の日本舞台』

"Dramatization of "Sinking of Japan, The masterpiece science fiction, by Sakyo Komatsu, On the theme of "Hope for the Future, Japan Stage in 2023 "


I thought, "Here they go again"


I'm having a hard time accepting "Sinking of Japan", except for the original and the first movie.


Last year's "anime version of the Sinking of Japan", I tried many times to approach, however, each time, I was so disgusted that I felt "vomit" (I know it sounds really awful to say this) and had to leave within minutes.


After all, I am also a "Japan Sinking" fundamentalist.



Even so, I kept saying to myself,


"All creations have value"


"This is just a matter of 'my sensitivity"


"I'm not the only one who can't stand on the side of blame for creator and his creations"



In addition, my daughter (my senior daughter) said, "It's a great piece of work," so I believe in my daughter's sensibilities, so I believe "it must have been a great piece of work".


In any case, I am also aware that my three major attributes are "narrow", "cowardly", and "shallow", and with these attributes, I can easily be associated with intolerance.


―― 油断していると、簡単に「原理主義者」になってしまうぞ

"It's easy to become a "fundamentalist" if I am not careful"


This is my admonition these days.

2020-11-27 ―― その時点の自分にできる『最大限の勉強(予習)』をしてくること [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Dancing Buzzword - Behind the Buzzword (8) Blockchain(2)

The Fate of Bitcoin: The extraordinary rise in value required by "half-life"


私の会社の研究部門は、かなり多くの研究員を抱えており、その一人一人がとても優秀です ―― というか、とても真面目です。

My company's research department has quite a few researchers, and each one of them is very good -- or rather, very serious.


It feels like if they are left alone, they will start studying, researching, calculating, and creating materials on their own.


Of course, I'm not saying it's "always a good thing".


This is because corporate research is a world where "the research will only make money".



However, when I come across something I don't understand in the writing of a column, I am usually very grateful to find a specialist in that field.


On the other hand, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so I don't get the full benefit of my company.


But the "rude junior" who appears at the end of my column finds the "specialist" from somewhere. It's a big help.


And the referred "specialists" are very helpful and willing to share their valuable time and compelling knowledge, based on years of their research.


Really, It feels like a


"jewel box of good intentions and knowledge".




However, it is also true that there is a certain "protocol" for opening this "jewelry box".


To have a sincere courtesy and humility as one who is taught and

―― その時点の自分にできる『最大限の勉強(予習)』をしてくること

"To study (prep) to the best of my ability at that time"


This is an absolute requirement.


Conversely, it can be said that by doing the "maximum amount of study (prep)", the "courtesy" and "humility" will appear in the nature.


Is it too abstract?

では具体的に ――

Now, let's get specific.


"Read at least two or three technical books in the field, to the extent that the books are full of red hot underlines. After that request a visit"



という訳で ―― 自分なりの勉強もせずに、ろくな挨拶の文面のメールも書けず、私の応答に対して返礼すらしてこない、マスコミ業界の(一部の)皆さんに、お報せしておきたいと思います。

I would like to inform (some) of you in the media industry, who don't study in your own way, couldn't even write a mail with common sense and, don't even respond to my mail.


- I don't know what the protocol is in your world


- I'm not interested in that and I don't want to know that.


- But if you want to listen to me, go ahead and contact me according to our "protocol".

―― とだけは、申し上げておきます。

I want to just say that, though.

2020-11-28 ・・・ おい政治家ども、お前ら、国民舐めとんのか? [長年日記]

Users of the "2 billion online political fund balance system" are 1%.

・・・ おい政治家ども、お前ら、国民舐めとんのか?

Hey, politicians, Are you messing with the people ?



IT dumb politicians, political party leaders and their secretaries. Listen to me.

一般の企業では、管理部門から押しつけられるシステム ――

In a typical company, the system imposed from the management department, that is


- really hard to use and forces the use that is against the user's sensibilities


- easily reverted by a minor typo, Forced to redo the flow of the approval process from the beginning


- make me sick to my stomach for the delays in handling the flow of supervisors and executives


- required complicated process , confused by "unfamiliar terms"


We have to continue to use every day that makes us want to cry.



You politicians are the leaders who are going to lead the push for digitalization.


What are you doing, even more so, in the midst of this corona disaster, going to the window and taking the lead in the production of "3 dense".


窓口への書類提出はラク ―― 私だって、そんなことは知っています。

Submitting paperwork to the counter is easy -- I know that, too.


It's enough to impose on the office staff to do the troublesome things and say, "Just make it work"


I know well that politicians can use easily ability to exercise such "analog pressure".

だからこそ ―― 政治家のあなたたちが、今の今、この気が狂いそうなほどの「デジタルの面倒くささ」に、立ち向かわんで、どーする。

So why not --- you politicians, right now -- you can't stand up to this crazy "digital hassle" right now.



Use first.


After using and complain it.


Complain and the IT system will be refurbished.


That's what IT systems.


Don't let a single systems engineer tell you these obvious things! these idiots!



"I didn't think about online submissions. I'm just doing it because I've been submitting on paper for some reason, it's just a matter of 'getting used to it,' so to speak."


"I didn't know that I could submit online"

―― なるほど、私に喧嘩を売っているんですね。ならば、高く買おうじゃないですか。

I see, you're trying to pick a fight. Then let's buy high.


The political group of Minister of Digital Reform Hirai, who is in charge of promoting digitalization, did not use it either," is just staggering and speechless.


以前、「桜井」という名前の政治家が、これほどのIT音痴を晒した時点で ―― 例えば、

When a politician by the name of "Sakurai" was previously exposed as being so IT illiterate -- for example

"The words 'competent' and 'hardworking' do not apply to a minister who can't handle PC."

"Our country doesn't need you "

_ その時に、入閣の候補になる人は、その対応をするチャンスはあったハズです。だから擁護する必要もないと思っています。

At that time, those who had the possibility of entering the cabinet had a chance to respond. So I don't think it's necessary to defend it.


Besides, this is as good as 'smashing the face of the incumbent prime minister who created the Digital Agency'.


Is it okay?


As a businessman, I can't, in a public capacity, smash the president's face in.


(To be continued)

2020-11-29 おそらく、IT音痴の政治団体の為の窓口業務コストを入れれば、実質の維持コストは、この数倍に跳ね上がるハズです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


2 billion to build the system and 60 million yen in annual maintenance costs.


If you put in the cost of contact work for an IT deaf political group, the real cost of maintenance would jump up to several times this.


Ladies and gentlemen. Don't forget.


This is all our blood money.


- Instead of trying to use the system, which was created with their blood money


- Corona disaster situation, imposing a "remote office" on the public only


- making The "3 Dense" in town hall.


By all accounts, they are "politicians" and "people in political organizations".



Therefore, I would like to make a suggestion to the operator of the online system of political finance reports.


"Publish on the Web the name of the organization and the name of the politician associated with the political group that submitted it in writing".


It would not be a disclosure under the Personal Information Protection Act (not subject to Article 2.1.1 and 2). In the first place, political organizations are not individuals (not subject to Section 8).


Therefore, cross organizations that have submitted online off the list and update the list daily.

私、会社で似たようなことをやってきましたが、このような「By nameで世間に晒す」というのが、一番効果があります。

I've done something similar in my company, and in my experience, "exposing the name to the world" works best.


(For example, I kept a list and daily exposure on my mailing list of names of people who didn't meet deadlines for submission of documents.)


I think politicians and political groups will never start using the system if we don't do this level of work.



Let me see....


Can "I" use the "information disclosure request system" to do this?


I should not just complain and rely on others all the time.


I have done the "information disclosure request system" before (*), so I will try the request procedure immediately.


(*) Number of fatalities and scale of accidents in the last 10 years


Yeah, that's a good idea.


You may try to sort by the reporting party.


In addition, I am also interested in how much government offices "give careful consideration" for politicians and political organizations.


As a citizen, let's "support the incumbent prime minister who created the Digital Agency with data".


Maybe I can write it as a "DX" story in the series "The World in Numbers".



I've been warned.

According to the criticism of "Dr. Shibata, as an cutter analyst",

―― やるといったら、やる人

"If Ebata thinks it, Ebata does it"

Whether it's true or false.

2020-11-30 比して、私の人生の幕引きは、「かなり見苦しいものになるだろうなぁ」と思うのですよ。 [長年日記]


I signed up for NetFlix again.


The account and password used to be the same as the previous one.


Immediately I cancelled it.


However, I can use it for one month.


That's why we have a NetFlix "rush" situation in our house.



Then, I completed a quick study program for "Violet Evergarden" on NetFlix (including the extra stories) with my wife, and

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the cinema to see "Violet Evergarden the Movie".


It was a wonderful piece of work that did not disappoint us.

To talk about its splendor over and over again is also disheartening.



However, it is a little sad to think that this is the conclusion of "Violet Evergarden".

―― もう少し引っ張ってくれても、よかったかなぁ

"It could have been extended a little longer, I guess"


I thought that.


However, I also think that a great piece of art deserves a "beautiful ending".



In comparison, I think the end of my life is going to be pretty unseemly.

まあ、私の人生のラストが「クール」というのは、世の中の全てに許して貰えないような気がするんです ―― 理由はよく分からないのですが。

Well, I don't think everything in the world can forgive me for being "cool" at the end of my life! -- I'm not sure why.