2015-04-01 「良い」ものは「良い」 [長年日記]


It is April fool today, so I want to give you the following.



It was me that the animation whose title is "Your lie in April" was checked and started recording.


After that, my family seemed to enjoy watching the animation.


But, for me, when the animation started, I went to my room soon, and stopped watching it before long.



This animation had beautiful pictures and gave us wonderful piano and violin performances.


But I could not continue watching it, when the scene appeared "A boy who could not play the piano, even he had a tremendous talent. after his mother's death, and a girl who tried to make him return to the stage of piano recital"




In my memories, there were


A boss who enforced incredible mount of works on me, with saying "you can do it!"


A teacher who enforced impossible preferred school on me, with saying "you can aim high!"


Even if I remember it now, I feel anger as my body shakes.


For me, I could not possible put up with this heroin's attitude, because she looked like a education-minded mother who forced her expectation on her son.



Well, anyway, I regretted intensely including all such measures.


It was the beautiful splendid work that all these foreshadowing were collected by the final episode.


(I had to start all reviewing from the final to the first, Like a Steins;Gate)



I can complain and praise this animation with several words. But after all,


"The good thing is good"




This animation is good absolutely.

2015-04-02 コンセプトは『納豆ガール』だ [長年日記]


The other day, I introduced the Web site of "Natto-restaurant" to my senior daughter, and I continued asking her to take her to the restaurant.

江端:「納豆だけの為に、飯田橋まで行けるか! 一人で行け」

Ebata:"Why should I take you to Iidabashi for Natto-restaurant? Go alone!"


Daughter: "Eating lunch alone" is not fun.


Ebata:"Try to invite your friends."


Daughter:"Generally speaking, we don't use the phrase of "Let's go to eat Natto""



When I heard her serif, I had a flag set.


Ebata:"That's it. You might have a chance to make new trend with "Natto".



江端:「コンセプトは『納豆ガール』だ。『納豆 ―― ヘルシー、デリシャス、ダイエット』『肉食女子』でも『草食女子』でもない、フツーで身近なのに、鬱陶しくないくらいの粘り強さを秘めた女子」

Ebata:"The concept is "Natto-girl". "Natto -- it is healthy, delicious and good for diet." "She is neither meat-eating girl nor plant-eating girl, and common, familiar but tenacious without annoying."




Ebata:"Yes. To begin with, you have to make a foundation prospectus.O.K. Don't say it anymore. Count on me."


(To be continued)

2015-04-03 なお、本「納豆」は学園祭等で、本学園の校章を付した販売を行い、本校のブランド価値向上に貢献する予定である [長年日記]

Continuation from Yesterday.


Ebata:"First of all, the name is important."Natto club" and "Natto lovers" are common. "Research laboratory of fermentation" feels hard. Contrary, it might be better that "Circle of delicious Natto". it feel old and retro."









Ebata:"The content of letter of interest is that

(1)Natto has been the most famous traditional food since ancient time of Japan,

(2)Natto is also one of the healthy and low-Carolyn foods, as counter measures for adult diseases,

(3)Natto is the typical and famous low-cost food to help budget and decrease Engel's coefficient.

In the above reason, the purpose of this club is to study Natto.

Um mm, it is perfect!"




The activities of this club are three. Each activity is in the different Working Group(WG).


Firstly, the first WG works for tastes and production method of Natto around the Japan.


The second WG works for the origin and the development process of Natto from the viewpoint of Japanese history.


The third GW tries to produce Natto by oneself in order to understand the food from the viewpoint of science.




Ebata:"In addition, these Natto are going to be sold at the school festival by the package putting emblem of our school. This will contribute our school branding.



江端:「うん!うん!うん!! あとは、マスコミへの売り込みだな。パパの持っているコネは技術関係しかないからなぁ・・・、いや待て、逆に技術系だからこそ・・・」

Ebata:"Yes! Yes! Yes!! A remaining issue is to advertise the activities. But I have just a connection of mass communications media of technical field. Wait, wait. It would be preferable."


Daughter:"Well, Pop. I go to bed now"


Ebata:"Wait a minutes. I don't finish explaining the club's rules and organization..."

2015-04-04 彼は実践的なウォーキングリーダーでした。 [長年日記]


In Japan, "Ninomiya Kinzirou" is a very famous historical person, you know. but most people don't know what he was rewarded with good results.

二宮尊徳 ―― 彼は、農政施策コーディネータです。

His formal name is "Ninomiya Sontoku". He was a agricultural administration measure coordinator.


He displayed his talents for revival of the flood damage, advice to the local government (Odawara feudal clan) for the issue of famine, and finance reform.


But he is not a historical person for both my second daughter and me. He is a mental prop itself.



He was a radical walking reader.


He practiced "walking reading", and made some good fruits. He is one of the obvious example.


For us at "Walking reader" school, his life style is a golden rule in our life, and a typical antithesis against the critics who blame for "walking reading".


Recently, the imitators who are called "Walking Smart phone" are annoying us "Walking reader" school.


I cannot put up with such unripe people, who has no ideal of "Ninomiya Sontoku" and no technique of walking reading.


(To be continued)

2015-04-05 それぞれの季節の風景や気候、そして、―― これが一番大きいのですが ―― 空気の香りが、とても楽しいのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It might be true that Ninomiya Sontoku was both reading and studying to save time, but it was not a main reason.


I think he knew the following very well.


(1)Being able to concentrate reading


During walking, I cannot access another information except for reading.


I can attain a state of perfect self-effacement walking at a uniform pace.


(2)Efficient performance

言うまでもなく、(a)本を読むこと、(b)荷物を運搬すること、(c)身体を鍛え健康を維持すること という、3つの事項を同時に実施しうることになり、限られた人生をより豊かにしてくれます。

Needless to say, he could do three things at the same time, (a)reading books, (b)carrying firewoods, (c)building a strong body, keep his good health. These activities might have given him his rich life within limited life time.



それぞれの季節の風景や気候、そして、―― これが一番大きいのですが ―― 空気の香りが、とても楽しいのです。

I can enjoy seasonable view and climate, and "smell of the air " gives me joy, in particular.


Not only plum and cheery cherry, but tender green, snow, sunshine in hot day, frigid climate in cold might. Everyday, every time, when I stop walking to notice changes of the smells, I feel happy very much.


(So, I am pretty spoiled at the day when a smoker walks ahead of me less than 500 meters.)


(To be continued)

2015-04-06 今は「座っている二宮金次郎の像」があるそうです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I watched a TV talk-show, and I know that stone figures of "Ninomiya-Kinzirou" become to be dismissed from the junior school recently.


I suspected that foolish communists or fundamentalists who cannot understand the difference between heathenism and historical culture assets, are destroying the stone figures, without reason.

But this has been requested from the work front, like the followings.

―― 努力を尊ぶ姿勢は受け継ぎたいが、子どもが働く姿を勧めることはできない

"It is hopeful to take over the stance to show children his effort, but working child is not suitable for the present education policy.

―― 歩いて本を読むのは危険

"It is danger to read books with walking"


Now we can find stone figure of "sitting Nimomiya Kinzirou"

―― 教育に無理解な保護者による、子どもへの虐待の象徴

A symbol of physical abuse of children by the guardians who cannot understand compulsory education.




Contrary to your expectation, I can agree to the the above opinions.


In addition, it is too hard for children to model after him, like


having a deep spirit of inquiry for studying,


struggling against his guardian who could not understand the significance of that studying.





But the story ig going to "what we can learn from a great person".


I think that "a great person" is a great person who has neither the relationship(bond) nor the relationship (connection) with me, and we don't have to copy the great person at all.

―― が、この話はいずれどこかで。

But I will talk this story in the future.



Well, the mind of the walking leader of Ninomiya Sontoku should be in my heart, and I don't need to share it with many people.

2015-04-07 つまり、品質の悪い素材に、どんな調味料を試してみたところで、劇的な改善はない、ということです。 [長年日記]

自宅で、Windowsのファイル共有を使ったNAS(Network Access Server)を運用しているのですが、ファイル転送時間が遅すぎて、イライラしていました。

I operate NAS based on Windows shared file system in my home network, but I have been irritated at the low file transmitting speed.

そこで、先週末、3時間ほど使って、Puppy Linuxという軽量Linuxを使ってNASを構築してみました。

So, last weekend, I spent three hours and make a new NAS system using light Linux OS whose name is "Puppy Linux".


I was very moved that a desktop of the low spec. PC whose memory size is only 512M worked crisply.


Thus, I was excited that the throughput os NAS became to be improved dramatically.



I have just finished the experiment of the throughput.


The result is bad, except for my expectation.


To tell you the truth, no matter how we try a new seasoning for the low quality material, we cannot find a dramatically improvement.


The above is true.


No matter how an engineer who is not loved by English try to study English hard...(Omitted)

2015-04-08 その時点で、9割書いた原稿を、ドブに捨てることになる ―― そういう目も当てられない悲劇を、私は覚えているだけで2回やっています。 [長年日記]


I have a work of a serialization about understanding current issues using numbers.


On the other hand, the politicians and bureaucrats always try to use numbers to explain about their own issues.

つまり ―― 計算しない(できない)民衆を、煙に巻く ―― という手段で使われた、と。

In short, numbers are used to befog ordinal people who don't (can't) have habits of calculations.


So I am afraid that many people who read my columns think that Ebata controls numbers in order to justify his opinions.

―― 本当に、そういう話ならラクで良いのですけどねぇ

"If it is true, I can always enjoy my column every time."


It is opposite, to tell you the truth.


When I almost finish writing my column based on my hypothesis, the numbers destroy the hypothesis in just about no time.

その時点で、9割書いた原稿を、ドブに捨てることになる ―― そういう目も当てられない悲劇を、私は覚えているだけで2回やっています。

The 90% of the draft at that time, is going to be disposed. I have done the accidents twice to the best of my remembrance.


Population prediction and remaining resource problem.


It become a tragedy, even if I misunderstand just one character.


For example, I calculated the deadline of oil-depletion is 2500 years, at first.


Based on this result, I wrote a column that says "You don't have to worry about oil-depletion for a certain time"


And after that, I re-calculated that, I knew the correct answer was 250 years.


Of course, I had to write "You should worry about it as soon as possible" and throw out the draft version.



On my white board in my room, some enormous numbers (like 10 raised to the power of 23) are always written off.


The numbers are too big, so I cannot calculate by even Excel and electronic calculator.


Before controlling the numbers, it is me to be made a fool of by the numbers.

2015-04-09 「人の話は聞きたくないが、人には自分の話を聞かせたい」 [長年日記]


For a long time, I have thought that why people aim to success.


There are several types of success in the world.


In many cases, the successes are appeared as a comparable key index, for example, career, money and lover of heterosexual and homogeneous.


But I cannot think that many people who aim to success, make their efforts for these key index only.



Yesterday, I came to me in a flash that


"they don't want to hear another talk, but they want to make another hear their talk."


I thought that they have a desire including the contradiction.



In fact, it is very hard for me to have a lecture from another.


Because I don't hope that.

そんな時、その苦痛に耐える為の手段として、その人が自分にない知見を持っていて、それを自分のものにできるかもしれない ―― と、自分に言い聞かせる場合があります。

At the time, I make me accept that the person may have something that I don't know, and, that might be useful for me.


For example, the person might have something meaningful, my boss, world-wide researcher, or famous writer.


I believe the possibility "I might get something from this person" and put up with the lecture.



(To be continued)

2015-04-10 『私の心に言葉を届けたいなら、私を屈服させるだけの実績を持ってきやがれ』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Thus, I think that a success is an understandable key value index, as a qualification of the lecture.



When a person I am not interested in at all, tries to make me hear his/her lecture, I am afraid that it is just


"wasting time "


and he/she is a


"burglar", who deprives my precious time.



So I think that I have no reason to hear his/her lecture seriously.


In my case, I always say in my mind that


"If you want to get your message across me, show me your fruits I call forth admiration"


and have another idea of my writing in mind with serious face.



On the other hand, giving my lecture to others is very amazing for me.


I don't want to tell it. Please read the reference.


(To be continued)

2015-04-11 「江端さんこそが、私が唯一、敬愛する人物です」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I have a confirmation about this my hypothesis to some extent.


Because I know the fact which gives proof of this hypothesis partly.



"Whatever Ebata-san is saying is always a good lesson for me."


"Ebata-san, you are only my revered teacher in my life"


Though my junior colleagues says to me about the above courtly serif, they have never paid attention to what I says since now.



"If you want to get your message across me, show me your fruits I call forth admiration"


Both they who do the above directly, and


I, who don't have any fruit at all certainly,


make a complementary relationship each other.


This fact comes to establish a part of my hypothesis, strongly and ironically.

2015-04-12 私の今のテーゼは、「営利法人が、営利以外の理由で、戦略的に合併や併合をする」という事例があるだろうか、ということなのです。 [長年日記]


There are some motivations whenever people make a move. We could agree that there are some reasons except for money.

では、法律によって法的な権利と義務を有する法人 ―― その中でも、特に利益を追求することを目的とした、営利法人にとっては、「金銭的な利益」以外のものがあるだろうか ―― ということを、4月に入ってからずっと考え続けています。

I have been thinking since the beginning of this April, that whether there are some reasons except for money about a corporation as a artificial person, cooperation for profit in particular.


I know well that I was criticized with saying "It is amateurish and hackneyed argument", "It had been resolved before long time".


But my present theme is whether there is a case of strategic merge and takeover with the exception of the profit.


For example, people sometimes does merge and takeover(love affair and marriage) for the purpose of in-corporeality "love".


(To be continued)

2015-04-13 ―― 極めて真剣に検討しています。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Even if "love" is an illogical action for human life, I don't think that we have to argue this issue. Because "love" has already existed before ancient age.


"Could more than two cooperations have some motivations to do merge and takeover with the reason of "love" or others like "love" ?"

―― 極めて真剣に検討しています。

I am thinking the above with incredibly seriousness.



Why is Ebata trying this problem? To tell you the truth, it is for my work.


If I were to complete this work, the stock price of my company would soar dynamically with chucking off the Nikkei Stock Average.


I hope that you hurry up to get my company's stock.



Well, for me?


No.No. I cannot do it not to prevent irregularities such as insider trading, and other reasons I have ...

2015-04-14 「千石撫子 無罪論」を主張する私に対して、次女と長女が「千石撫子 有罪論」の立場から反駁してきます。 [長年日記]


Now we, the Ebatas, are talking about "Otori-Monogatari" written by Nishio-Ishin sensei, frequently.


I give the topic to them, and both the second and first daughter try to join the debate, and exchange their opinions soundly.

「千石撫子 無罪論」を主張する私に対して、次女と長女が「千石撫子 有罪論」の立場から反駁してきます。

Though I claims "Sengoku-Nadeko is not guilty", they insist on claiming "Sengoku-Nadeko is guilty".


(Of course, this topic is not about legal action, but moral issue.)


江端:「千石撫子が、『可愛い』という資質 ―― というか才能を持って生れてきたことは、千石撫子の責任ではなかろう? 外観は、本人の意志とは関係なく付与されてきてしまうものなのだから」

Ebata:"Doesn't she have a responsibility for her birth with "pretty" as one attribute of her ? Any appearance should not be blamed by anyone. Because nobody can control its appearance.


The 2nd Daughter: "Sengoku-Nadeko is wiliness. She can get a lot of merits by not her efforts but her appearance. Any girls cannot tolerate her."


Ebata:"Wait a minutes. It doesn't matter how Sengoku-Nadeko should be valued at this time. The problem is whether Sengoku-Nadeko should be blamed by her "pretty" appearance."


2nd:"Sengoku Nadeko, who is "pretty", is going to have Araragi's heart without any efforts. We can say that she is guilty."


Ebata:"O.K. I am going to show you a counter example. There are some persons who can use English well without especial efforts. They study English less than 1/100 of me. and they can speak English fluently and are given a promotion, earn a lot of money and can get hard-to-find enjoyable and creative works. I envy them and feel jealous."




Ebata: It's not that they are guilty because they are loved by English by their potential.


(To be continued)

2015-04-15 「でも『愛』だけは、そうであってはならないんだよ」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


2nd:"I think that you are on a different level."

江端:「パパにも解けないような算数の問題を、スラスラと解くことができるという才能を持っているだろう? これは、どんなに努力をしても、算数の点数が伸びない人から見れば、『殺してやりたい』ほどの憎悪の対象だぞ。しかし、だからと言って、お前の算数の問題が解けることに、罪があるか?」

Ebata:"You can resolve a very difficult mathematics problem that even I cannot do it. From the viewpoint of a person who eager to become good at math, you arouse a feeling of dreadfully hostility of them. I want to ask you whether you do something bad."




Ebata:"I am not loved by English at all though, I think that I am loved by writing. Writing is fun for me and I am very glad that I have had chances to take the opportunity to launch my writing. But if someone tell me that I am cowardice, I will get mad with him/her."



The first daughter joined the war at this time.


1st:"It is a different object.


Ebata:"What do you mean ?"


1st:"They have different degrees of ability in any field, like English, math, and writing, you said. I know well that the equality is not guaranteed in the world. In fact I have experimented it for a long time."


Ebata:"Yes. And ?"


1st: "But only "love" should not be just the object"




1st: "I can accept your opinion that "English", "math" and "writing" are kinds of measure of their own capability. But they cannot complete "love" on their own.


Ebata:"you want to say, "Interactive" ?"


1st:"I don't know that, but that's it."




(To be continued)

2015-04-16 「相手の存在や、その心や想いと対峙することなく、愛を実現しようとすることは、その人に対する不誠実の現れでしょう? 」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

長女:「『愛』を得たいと思う人が、自分から具体的なアプローチをすることなく、自分の持っている資質 ―― 可愛い ―― だけで、『愛』を得ようとすることは、そこに「相手」が存在するという一点において『有罪』なんだよ」

1st:"Trying to have someone's heart, using their attribute like "pretty" without specified concrete approach must be guilty, because there is at least one person except for themselves.


Ebata:"You mean that we should not have someone's love with only "pretty"."


1st:"Sengoku Nadeko is trying to have Araragi's hearts without clarifying her intention and paying much cost tactfully."


Ebata:"That's true. But a hurt-less love strategy, making someone confess their love, is homeliness."


1st:"Even if it is true, we can observe their effort or cost to "make someone confess their love" can't we?"



長女:「相手の存在や、その心や想いと対峙することなく、愛を実現しようとすることは、その人に対する不誠実の現れでしょう? 」

1st:"Trying to have someone's heart, ignoring his/her existence, heart and feeling, is a faithless realization against all human being."




1st:"Sengoku Nadeko, is just pretty, but she tries to have Araragi's heart without any effort and pain. So we can condemn her guilty because of her bad faith.


And the first daughter reasserted,

長女:「阿良々木月火や忍野忍が、ちゃんとその伏線を貼っていたよね? 『よかったの、たまたま可愛くて』って」

1st:"Araraki Tsukihi and Oshino Shinobu have already dropped an advance hint, with saying "You are lucky, because you are pretty as it happens.""


Ebata:"....I got it."



The conclusion.

「「可愛い」は才能の一態様に過ぎず、持って生まれた才能で非難されるのは不合理である」、という「千石撫子 無罪論」を展開してきた私でしたが、

I argue that Sengoku Nadeko is not guilty, because her "pretty" is just one of her attribute of a talent, so it is illogic to blame her for the reason of her "pretty".

長女は、「「可愛い」自体には罪はないことは認めるにしても、愛は双方向性が故に、「可愛い」だけで、自助努力を伴わない愛の取得は、不実であり、有罪である」という、「千石撫子 有罪論」を展開し、

In opposition to my argument, the first daughter claims that Sengoku Nadeko is guilty, because she doesn't consider nature of love at all. Love is a kind of collaborative activity. Any trying to have someone's heart without any effort is faithless. Therefore, Sengoku Nadeko should be blamed for her bad faith.


It followed that the first daughter argued me down excellently.

2015-04-17 金なし、暇なし、コネなし、テクニカルライターの、ざっくり数字推定方法 [長年日記]


Today, I uploaded a content, so I took a day off.

BAYONET special seminar: No money, no time and no connection -- a technical writer's approximate calculation method


Please see the followings.

I will give a lecture this time with these contents (It's a panty, indeed).

"Well, please input the value 0.05 in the "Is Panty" column.

2015-04-18 「自分の家族にも分かるように、簡易に説明しろ」 [長年日記]

以前、私は 「プレゼンテーションはラブレターである」 であるというコラムを寄稿したことがあります。

I used to contribute the column whose title is "Presentation is love-letter".


I think that any presentation is a method to deliver a intention to others, so I made the above title.


But we have to make someone understand contents of the presentation before that.


However, it is very difficult for anyone.



I am in charge of the head office of a project, and I sometimes have chances to watch some presentations of each working group.


Those presentations are usually checked strictly by the executive officers again and again before the key stage.


One of the typical advice from the executive officers, is


"Try to present it easier as if you were in front of your family"



I think that this is a very convictive advice.


In fact, after finishing writing my column, I have always asked the second daughter to check the draft.(To tell you the truth, she can find my error in calculation easier than me.)


But, it seems to be difficult to use the above phrase recently.



"Try to present it easier as if you were in front of your family."


"I am a single."


"In front of your lover"


"I am not in love."


"Your friend"


"No friend."


冗談ではなく ―― 今の世の中は、何を言っても、セクハラ、パワハラになりかねない時代のようです。

Joking aside, any comments might be a power and sexual harassments at the present day.

2015-04-19 ―― 誰に統治されようが、全く構わん [長年日記]


When we hear the words "territorial problem", we apt to think the problem only for our country and neighboring countries. But there seems to be a lot of territorial problem in the world.


The other day, I have checked this problem a little, and I know that about 100 problems which are authorized globally seems to be more than 100.


On the other hand, these "territorial problem" have increased in recent year (in the period of these past a little less than 200 years in particular).


The "territorial problem" has been generated from nationalisms, and the concept of nationalisms seem to be new relatively.


The nationalism is defined as "policies and activities that own race is a platform of politics, economy, culture, and is the supremacy the sense of values ".

And this "supremacy the sense of values" seems to be a important point.



In my case, If my human rights as the individual are protected, and constant public service is offered, and security and relief are secured,

―― 誰に統治されようが、全く構わん

"I don't care even if anyone governs me."


So it is difficult for me to understand the concept of "the nationalism".


Still I could understand it somehow, if the concept of "tiresome" is included in "nationalism".


(To be continued)

2015-04-20 「このコラムは、史上最悪ですね」 [長年日記]


Today, a new column is released, so I take a diary off.

"Let's turn the world by "Number" (14) Environmental problem: " The power consumption of Japan is equal to 10 yen coin? Try to calculate it from E=MC^2"


I hope you read the column, and give me some nice comments.



The junior fellow who appeared in this column and said the following


"Ebata-san. I have never read such a worst column of yours before"


―― 実在します。


2015-04-21 『お願いです! 記事を差し止めて下さい!!』 [長年日記]


Though I am writing my diary about "nationalism" now, I had a little (but very serious for me) mistake yesterday.


I think I have to leave this my mistake in my diary before I forget it.




Yesterday, I gave a message "your new columns has been released just now" from editor company.


Settling a matter of my work, I read the mail after three hours.


After I asked them to modify a part of the title, and I read the column again even I had already done more than 30 times.


When I checked the exponent numbers of a formula, I had doubts about the propriety of the formula.


And I noticed that the exponent numbers between the Japanese energy consumption and the atomic bomb energy were different, though I though it is same.

―― 2ケタも。

"Double digits"



I was be in white terror, clung my PC display, and started to check "Energy white paper of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" and Wikipedia


In a notebook at hand, I scribbled the numerical value and tried division again. Finally I concluded it.

―― 計算ミス、ついに、やっちまった ーーーー!

"I made a mistaken calculation at last !!"


I bet the wish that the person in charge didn't leave the office, and send my phone number by email, and I waited to pray for a callback.


As soon as I got the call, I expressed my intention immediately after greetings.

『お願いです! 記事を差し止めて下さい!!』

"Please stop showing my column immediately!"


(To be continued)

2015-04-22 なぜ、私は、計算ミスをしたか [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


After that, I had finished writing the modified draft, and sent it to the person in charge. But I feel very sorry now that I made her to do extra overwork.



"Why I made a mistaken calculation?"


After all, I embraced the illusion of the atomic bomb.


For Japanese, the atomic bomb is a absolute negative legacy. I think that other races can't understand our deep feeling of tragedy.


Every August, the special TV program of "the thread of atomic bomb" produced by NHK and other the broadcast companies, give us a basic fear of unclear.


And, the accident of atomic power plant in 2011 made me think about a kind of the revelation of God, which never make me forget the thread of unclear.


It was enough for me to dismay me that "the Japanese energy consumption a day is equal to the 6 times of power of Hiroshima-type atomic bomb.


You don't say,

―― 6倍どころか、600倍だった

It is the 600 times far from the 6 times.


How can I believe the calculation result?


The Hiroshima-type atomic bomb killed more than 200,000 persons, and the 600 times power of the bomb means that it could kill 12,000,000 persons simultaneously by simple arithmetic.

我が国が、毎日、毎日、東京エリア1200万人を殺傷するだけのエネルギーを消費しているなどということは ―― 私の認識の限度を、はるかに超越するものだったのです。

It would be beyond the reach of my imagination, that we consume the energy which could kill all of the people in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


―― この「600倍」という、計算結果は本当に正しいのか。

"Is this "the 600 times" really right?"


I run about the INTERNET to seek the backdata as evidences. I was really fear of writing "the 600 times" in my column.


But it was true absolutely.


In fact, Japan has consumed the 600 times (1000 times, as a maximum estimation) of the Hiroshima-type atomic bomb everyday.



Everyday I ride on bus, train and elevator, escalator and work, use PC , watch TV,



I wonder if this our society that we need the 600 times energy of the Hiroshima-type atomic bomb, is really proper life.


I am now in a chaotic darkness of a grain of doubt about the authenticity.

2015-04-23 私、この「面倒くさい」という考え方が、結構気にいって、しばしば使います。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

I like this thought "tiresome" and "annoying", and sometimes use it.


When I explain things, it is easy to explain them very much.


In other words,


If I try to read the definition of nationalism, as "policies and activities that own race is a platform of politics, economy, culture, and is the supremacy the sense of values" with


a new definition like "to think annoying to study, understand, and accept the other's activities of politics, economy, culture"

―― なるほど、これなら理解できる

"I can understand it like thiw way the annoying".




"Annoying" is useful for explaining about the smaller organization than a nationalism.


About a company's "department" and "unit"


"policies and activities that own "department" and "unit" is a platform of politics, economy, culture, and is the supremacy the sense of values" であるし、


According to a "group" of the department and unit,


"policies and activities that own "group" is a platform of politics, economy, culture, and is the supremacy the sense of values"


And in case of a "class" in school


"policies and activities that own "class" is a platform of politics, economy, culture, and is the supremacy the sense of values"



Anyway, for each and every, it is easy to understand it from the viewpoint of that "understanding everything outside my society is annoying"


(To be continued)

2015-04-24 普遍性も客観性もなく、状況によってフラフラと立場を変える、この「一番大切なもの」という価値観は、どうにも、私には不安定すぎるのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)



he reason I cannot believe nationalism is that


If I


belong to a nation other than Japan, or


belong to a company other than the present company, or


belong to a department or unit other than the present department or unit, or


belong to a class other than the present class,


I think that I don't think my present nation, company and division is the most important things in my life.



That is the point.


I think that "the most important things" has no universality and objectivity, and changeable as the weather. So I am afraid that this sense of value is not incredible for me.


(To be continued)

2015-04-25 主義や信念もなく(あるいは「ある」くせに)、上からの命令が下れば粛々と実行するという、ダブルスタンダードを行使して、なんの痛みも感じない人間 [長年日記]

(Continuation from yesterday)



I am sorry for this big prelude.


For almost two months, I had been a leader of the moving project of the laboratory, and I had been in the battle front of "the territorial problem", of the departments and units.

自分の所属する職場の職場環境に不利益がないように、他の部の取り纏め者との間での、交渉 ―― 泣き落し、恫喝、懇願、腹芸、妥協 ―― などを繰り返して、自分の所属する組織のテリトリー(領土)の確保に奔走してきました。

To keep our workplace environment not to have any disadvantage, I was engaged earnestly among the leader of other department in order to maintain our section territory by negotiations, using sob story, graymail, entreaty, belly‐talk, and compromise again and again.


While making light of "the principle of territory", and making fun of "nationalism", what I did is not so much difference from a politician of the nationalism and an activist of the nationalism.



I think that I having been chosen as such a "moving leader person" because of my capability limitation. But positively thinking, it is also the reason "I am a right who is a detailer".

その「プロパーな人物」とは ――

The right person,


who don't never believe the target significance and purpose at all thought,


the moment when it is immobilized as "a mission"


is going to be able to concentrate all energy for the successful execution of the mission

―― という人物です。



He/She, without principles and faith (or with principles and faith), can carry it out solemnly when the order from the top falls. They can use the double standard, and feels no pain.


I am such worst guy.

2015-04-26 私は、大型連休というものが嫌いです。 [長年日記]


I don't like "long vacation" so called.


I always think that I am happier to increase ordinal national holiday to make the long vacation.


To begin with, the inefficient of the long vacation is outstanding.


Crowded at anywhere, price high for whatever, and having to do what I don't want to do.

もっとも、そのような連休があるからこそ、生産現場では一斉に人間も機械も休ませることができて、立場の弱い下請けも休みが取りやくくなる。観光なども利益が潤い、国民の休日だからこそ、家族が全員で過ごす時間も得られる ―― というメリットを無視することはできないでしょう。

Of course I know well, thanks to such long vacations, we can take days off with machines in production lines, child company which is difference in social standing, is easier to take the long vacations too. Tourism-based economy is established based on the vacations, and each family members can share the same period.

We don't ignore the significance of the long vacation.

「このような仕組みとしての外圧が存在しないと、遊ぶことができない」 ―― という国民性から見ても、良いことなのかもしれません。

Above all, from the view of our nationality, that we cannot consume our private time without pressure like this system, this long vacation system might be good for us.


But I have the blues.

GW始まる前から、GWが終って欲しいと願う ―― そういう人も、一定数はいると思うのですよ。

I think that there are some people in Japan, who hope to finish the vacation before the beginning day of the vacation.


(To be continued)

2015-04-27 私は、放っておいてさえ貰えれば、勝手に自分で何かやりだします。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


If you leave me alone, I am going to start anything what I want.


"An idle brain is the devil's shop"


I can predicate that this saying exists for me.


That aside,



I think that it is usual action that "if anyone have time, he/she begins something". But it seems not to be true indeed.


What is worse, there are some people who make someone think an enjoyable event and try to enjoy it easier.


I don't like them.


At least, if they try to appeal their intentions, like "I want something", I can accept them. But I hate the person who don't try even action.


"What do you eat?" "Any food is O.K."


"Where do you want to go" "Anywhere is O.K."


This answer makes me feel his/her arrogance like "Why don't you understand my intention, though you have seen my favorite and background for a long time?"



I know well that


it is not evil intention at all, and


it is also a kind of expressions of the good will, like "I don't object your propose and obey you perfectly"



However the attitude is extremely rudeness for me.


The figure, escaping from responsibility without performing a will, going to be in victims of the good will even if there is a trouble, seems to me only with the simple escape and laziness.


(To be continued)

2015-04-28 本当に、―― 大型連休なんか、死ねばいいのに。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I wanted to open the yesterday's diary continuance, but I have left the medium in a certain place literally.


The 90% of diary had completed including an English sentence, but it is hard to rewrite it once again. So please wait the last inning of the main volume until this long vacation.


In addition, let me think again, Judging from contents, I felt that someone said that "you gave up showing that last inning in this timing now".


Because I confirm that the contents let some readers displease.



By the way, this long vacation that makes me unhappy, begins from tomorrow.

本当に、―― 大型連休なんか、死ねばいいのに。

Really, long vacation must die.


(To be continued)

2015-04-29 今回も、渋滞には全く遭遇することなく、帰省を完了しました。 [長年日記]


These days, the word "big data" often enters the stage in the world of the IT.


However, before talking about "big data", I often realize that we do not use "data" itself.



By the way, first day of this long holidays, I came back to my country house by car unusually.


It is about 350km roughly from the home to the country house, the use of the expressway is as premise.


This time, I completed homecoming without traffic jam.


It is an easy story.


I can take off a place and the time when a traffic jam is generated.


Frankly speaking, I have just two policies "I start movement in the middle of the night" and "I sleep in parking area at the outbreak time of the traffic jam"


If an accident occurs, I do not go into the traffic jam and watch the program which I recorded with the notebook PC which I brought into the car in parking area. I can use time effectively in various meanings.



However, many people might say "the hours can not be arranged" "I understand it well".


(To be continued)

2015-04-30 「ビッグデータ」は、多分負ける。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Though we know unhappy of traffic jam well, many of us don't change the schedule of our activity.

それ以前に、大型連休→帰省 という「脊髄反射的な習慣」すら変えることができない。

Before it, we cannot change even "custom of spinal reflex " for example. long holiday → homecoming.


No,No, I do not criticize you.


I know that I am in "custom of spinal reflex" because I am homecoming now. So I also know well that the difficulty of being separated from "custom of spinal reflex".



If we can find 10 million related data were authorized by 100 million big data, and finally 1 million trends,

―― 果して、「ビッグデータ」は、私たちの「脊髄反射的な習慣」を壊せるだろうか?

"Can "the big data" destroy "custom of spinal reflex"?"


I think it is going to be in vain.


Probably "the big data" is going to lose.