2017-10-01 「日本人って、みんな、あんな感じ(テロリスト)なのか?」 [長年日記]


Today, in the world terrorism by "Crazy Muslim fundamentalists" (Neither Islamic fundamentalists nor Muslims) is making noise around the world,

かつて、それに匹敵するような ―― 場合によっては、それすらも超えるような

Once that was equal to them, In some cases, it seems to exceed


The international terrorist organizations of Japan (Japan) have been feared by people all over the world.


It was a terrorist group "Japan Red Army".


- Dubai Nikko Machine Hijacking case


- Singapore case


- Embassy occupied case in Kuwait in Japan


- Hague case


- Kuala Lumpur case


- Jakarta case


-Mitsui & Co. Manila Branch Chief Kidnapping case


They had been raising cases involving indiscriminate murders in rapid succession all over the world.


Well, if it was just one or two times, as long as they were carrying out terrorism all the year round,


From the people of the world, it could not be helped that


"Are Japanese people like that terrorists?"


It was inevitable.


In this way, there was a time when Japanese people were regarded as subjects of terror from the world (true).


(To be continued)

2017-10-02 私、この週末に、「超法的措置」の法的根拠を、かなり真剣に探しました [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Among them, especially what I was shocked is


- Tel Aviv Airport Shooting case


In 1972, three Japanese terrorists shot automatic rifles at the terminal at Tel Aviv 's Lot Airport in Israel.


they killed 24 civilians who were at the terminal, give injuries to over 100 people.


- Dhaka JAL Hijack case


A hijack case that the criminal requested the release of nine terrorists who were serving and detained in Japan and 1.6 billion yen.


The Government of Japan issued "super legal measures" and responded to the release of terrorists.



I do not know what kinds of brain circuit can create a foolish idea of "killing irrelevant civilians and fulfilling the revolution", and there is no plan to make an effort to understand in the future.


私、この週末に、「超法的措置」の法的根拠を、かなり真剣に探しました ―― 当然、そんなものはないのですが(あったら、法治主義国家の自己否定になる)、

I searched quite seriously the legal basis of "super legal measures" this weekend, of course, there is not such a thing (if it is, it becomes self-denial of a legalist state),

「行政の権利の濫用」を根拠として、誰かが訴えを行って(テロの被害者の遺族なら、訴権はあるでしょう)、最高裁が「違憲ではない」という判断をしている―― とかいうような、判決文を探していましたが、残念ながら、見つけられていません。

Based on the "abuse of administrative rights", if someone gets a lawsuit (if they were bereaved of the victims of terrorism, there would have a right of it), the Supreme Court is making a judgment that it is not "unconstitutional". I was looking for a sentence like that, but unfortunately I have not found it.


(If you know, please let me know)


(To be continued)

2017-10-03 憎むべきは、そして、報復すべき対象は、テロリストです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Again, I can not understand the thought of terrorists and I do not intend to understand from now on.


However, I think there is something to learn from these things.


(Part 1)


There are terrorists and heads of state who take thoughts and actions unknown to their translation. Attempts to understand such ideas and behaviors are largely in vain.


(Part 2)


There was a period when all the Japanese citizens had been seen as terrorists from all over the world by the Japanese terrorists less than 10 people.




The object to be hatred, retaliated is a terrorist.

罪を憎んで人を憎まず ―― などという諺(ことわざ)は、私には分かりません。

"hate the sin, but don't hate the person" .... I do not know the proverb.

「人」を憎んで「人」を憎み倒す ―― これが私の基本ポリシーです。

I hate 'people' and hate and hate 'people' - this is my basic policy.



Expanding the object of hatred and retaliation to organizations, ethnic groups, religion and thought,

弱くて、勉強不足で、きちんと調べる手間暇すらも行わない怠け者で、卑怯者であるとすら ―― 私には思えます。

I think that such a person is weak, lazy, lack of study, and coward.


The most hateful thing is the "person" "person" and "person", and, we should fulfill retaliation exactly for that "person" by spending your own life.


ちなみに、私闘は、法律違反(明治22年制定 (決闘罪ニ関スル件))です。

By the way, private fight is against the law (established Meiji 22 (battle crimes)).

2017-10-04 昔の「アイドルとファン」からなるSoSシステムは、厳密にそのシステム運用を続けていたのです。 [長年日記]


"A guy will beat a idol, because of grudging against what he was blocked by Twitter from the idol (singer)"


Everyone can criticize such "stupid guy".


However, from the viewpoint of information engineering, especially "cooperative distributed system". I think that it can not be said that "There is no problem at all" in the form of the current idle business.



For example, the Internet is also the seamless world's largest information network, and at the same time, it can be said that it is the world's largest information system that includes multiple systems.

このようなシステムの集合体のことを、System of Systems (SoS)と言います。

Such an aggregation of systems is called System of Systems (SoS).


From the viewpoint of SoS management entity, Maier et al.[1] proposed that an SoS can be described as one of four types of (A)Directed, (B)Acknowledged, (C)Collaborative, (D)Virtual.

[1]Mark W. Maier, "Architecting principles for systems-of-systems", In INCOSE 1996 6th An-nual International



Now, according to the definition of the four aspects of this SoS, the relationship between the idle and the fan,


- Subordinate systems (fans) are exploited high-value and exchangeable goods (money) from the host system (idle)


- The host system (idle) pushes low-value and unexchangeable illusion (entertainment) to the subordinate system (fan)


This is an economically symbiotic SoS in which the host system continues to dominate the subordinate system, based on information asymmetric relationship.


I think that not only when we were young, but also when young people are now understand this "information asymmetry".


However, the SoS system consisting of the old "idols and fans" strictly continued its system operation.


(To be continued)

2017-10-05 アイドルとファンが等価である ―― という幻想を抱かせる、情報非対称SoSは、自己矛盾を発生させてしまうのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, recently, this SoS has strange system events, for example, "handshake party", "voting" "election", and the SoS destroies information asymmetric protocol.


However, even if such an event is generated, the form of information asymmetric SoS will not change.


The upper system (idol) does not have equivalent information with the lower system (fan).


In the first place, the number of lower systems is too many, and as mentioned above, the lower level system is merely "targeted for exploitation".



In the SoS that generates such a system event, a low spec (low information literacy) low-level systems, of course, is going to inevitable collapse the SoS.

アイドルとファンが等価である ―― という幻想を抱かせる、情報非対称SoSは、自己矛盾を発生させてしまうのです。

The information asymmetric SoS, that gives a illusion of "Idols and fans are equivalent" to a fun, has a self contradiction in itself.


A"stupid guy" for example, "who will beat a idol, because of grudging against what he was blocked by Twitter from the idol (singer)" is just a system failure.



You might think that Ebata is strange, and he has talked about such a complicated SoS system to explain such a easy story.

実は、先日、私の執筆したSoSの論文の英文チェックが戻ってきたのですが、"poor(5段階評価の2くらい)"が付けられて戻ってきまして ――

To tell you the truth, the other day, I got the invoice of English checking of my paper from a outsourcing company, which included the quality of my paper. It was "poor"(the second from the bottom).

まあ、その事実自体は受け入れ可能なのですが ―― 非常に不愉快な気分になりました。

I could accept the fact, however I could not delete an uncomfortable feelings.

―― というか、

I mean,


I wondered why this oursourcing company came to find faults.... evaluate in 5 grades about my paper in the invoice.



Now I am thinking deeply, and lead to a hypothesis

―― 仮に、お前の論文が、ジャーナルに採択されなくても、

"Even if your paper will not be accepted by a journal"

―― それは、お前の論文の内容が貧弱であるか、

"It might be for your paper's bad quality, or "

―― あるいは、お前の論文の英文が酷すぎるからであって、

"your English literacy might be terrible"

―― 私の英文チェックの品質が悪いからじゃないんだからね

"Anyway the result will not be our English checker's faults"


As a above, they might want to include "excuse" in advance in this invoice, I think.



Even if it is true, I cannot erase my unpleasant feeling in my mind.


So, I was looking forward to taking it out on something.

2017-10-06 ―― スキーに行けない冬が来る [長年日記]


I like "winter" in the season, but this is just a comparative problem. I am not good at "hot".


I have already talked about it again and again. I have a insomnia whose type is early morning awakening.

この症状ば、概ね花粉症から始まり、梅雨の時期に体調は最悪、夏の酷暑で不眠、クーラをつければ、体がダルくて動かなくなる ――

This symptom begins with hay fever. my physical condition becomes the worst in the rainy season, the insomnia is going to be terrible with summer heat. If I switch a air conditioner, my body will be dull and cannot move.


Ah. writing the above, I was gradually getting angry.



Needless to say, "summer" is the wrost season, and "spring" is also an unpleasant season for me.


On lunch break, looking at freshpeople walking together, I'm about to say "Have a lunch alone!" (Of course, it is none of my business),


When insects start to activate under the ground, and weeds begin to grow arbitrarily, I'm about to shout at the ground, "Why don't you keep silent ?"


I also dislike that not only young people, but also middle agers at their age, have no principles and try to switch to primary color clothes,


私は、隣国(大国)の革命家にして国家元首 ―― 晩年に、無知な若者を先導し、とち狂った老害の革命家 ―― を、『外国の要人との外交の場面であっても、人民服の着衣を命じた』という、その一点のみ尊敬しています。

I respect one person with just one point. Even he was a crazy old-fashioned revolutionaries in the later years and let the ignorant youth to "Cultural Revolution". However, he ordered to wear people's clothes even in the scene of diplomacy with foreign VIPs.

我が国も、国民共通の制服を制定しても良い、とさえ思っています ―― 思想(ファシズム等)とかと、無関係でさえあれば(そんなこと無理かな)。

I also think that the government might establish common uniforms of the citizens - even though it is irrelevant (thoughtless) with ideologies (for example, fascism etc.).


It is a matter of anything, whenever I read a biography of "Choi Guevara" or some revolutionaries, I come to think "revolutionaries are better to be murdered whey they are young"


Let me return to our subject.



However, such a nightmare has left.


From now on, hopeful season will come.


I will finish today's diary with citing a famous animation scene.

―― もうすぐ、冬が来る

―― スキーと出会った冬が来る

―― スキーに行けない冬が来る

"Winter will come soon"

"Winter I met with skiing, will come"

"Winter I will not go skiing, will come"



In the second half (especially from February to March), it overlaps with the delivery date, it is the busiest time of the year.

2017-10-07 「革命家の血統」 [長年日記]

Yesterday, I wrote a phrase,

私は、隣国(大国)の革命家にして国家元首 ―― 晩年に、無知な若者を先導し、とち狂った老害の革命家 ―― を、『外国の要人との外交の場面であっても、人民服の着衣を命じた』という、その一点のみで尊敬しています。

I respect one person with just one point. Even he was a crazy old-fashioned revolutionaries in the later years and let the ignorant youth to "Cultural Revolution". However, he ordered to wear people's clothes even in the scene of diplomacy with foreign VIPs.


私は、テロ事件とか、虐殺事件、とか、そういうモノに対して興味があり ―― 表層的で単一的な知識に過ぎないという自覚はありますが、それでも ―― 知識量としては、平均的な日本人の知識量を凌駕しているという自信はあります。

I am interested in such things as terrorist attacks, massacre cases, etc. I still have consciousness that they are only superficial and simple knowledge, however, I am confident that the volume of the knowledgesis overwhelming that of average Japanese people.

The reason is described here.


You know, my coworker said to me that

―― 江端さんって、ナチズムの信奉者なのですか?

"Ebata-san. Are you a believer of Nazism?"




Aside from that, yesterday when I searched for "revolutionaries" on my site, I found interesting past stories. I re-stuffed the look better. Please read it when you have time.

"Highblooded Revolutionary"

2017-10-08 ―― 君のいない春が来る [長年日記]

My second daughter said to me that "I didn't understand it", and I was shocked terribly.


―― もうすぐ、冬が来る

―― スキーと出会った冬が来る

―― スキーに行けない冬が来る

"Winter will come soon"

"Winter I met with skiing, will come"

"Winter I will not go skiing, will come"





According to the above phrase, it might be painful for me to be said by other people that "I do not know the meaning", I dare to write senseless things as follows.


―― もうすぐ、春が来る

―― 君と出会った春が来る

―― 君のいない春が来る

"Spring will come soon"

"Spring I met with you, will come"

"Spring without you, will come"

(出典:アニメ「四月は君の嘘」第22話 主人公の最後のセリフ)

(Source: Animation "Your Lie in April" Episode 22, the hero's last lines)



―― と、次女に説明したところ

When I explained the background to her, she got mad with me, saying,


"Who can notice that!"


2017-10-09 『江端がコラムの図で使っているフォント(ポップ体)は、良くない』 [長年日記]


Recently, in the comments of readers of my column, I sometimes read


"The font (pop-type) that Ebata uses in the figure of the column, is not good"



I understand that they are kind to me.


Perhaps I guess that they are belonging to academism.


For example, if I use pop-type for academic papers, my paper will not be rejected before peer review.


When I was a college student, I was the manager of the self-governing dormitory for short time extremely.


At that time, the student movement had already ended, however,

Still, from time to time, I could see such a signboard.



Sometimes, I think the following.

―― もし、学生運動の立て看板の文字に、

"If the letter of the signboard of the student movement"

―― ポップ体や、メイリオを使ってたら、

"use pop or Meiryo type",

―― 学生運動は、もっと延命できていたのではないかと

"the student movement may have been able to be extended"


ないかな ―― ないな。

No way? No way.

2017-10-10 『こちとら、ネットワークの研究員だ。今度電話してきやがったら、逆探して、テメーの身元をネットに晒すぞ』 [長年日記]


I use a cellphone. provided by my company, and I sometimes take a phone call from an unknown company.


Even when I read the number, I could not specify a person or a company. So I have to take it by the company cellphone.


From now on, I have introduced several methods to you to counter attacks against these accidents. However, recently I come to bother to do them, so I just do the following action.

(Step.1) 電話が鳴ってきたら、自分の名前などは一切名乗らず「はい」とだけ言う。

(Step.1) When my phone rings, I just say "Yes" and don't say nothing anymore.

(Step.2) 相手の声が、非常に愛想のよい「こんにちはーー!」という言葉で始めたら、何もしゃべらず、ひたすら沈黙し続ける。

If the person say "hello!" friendly, I keep my lips and don't respond.


In many case, the person hung up with saying "I am sorry".



I can hung up even when a person is talking. However my coworkers look friendly for even a person at the end of line from a suspicious company.

I am moved that

―― やっぱり育ちがいいんだなぁ

"they are good manner"



In my case. I can say the following line of


"I am a network specialist. If you call me again, I will track your call, and disclose your private information on the Internet."




The reason I can do it, is that I had some experience in living theater.


Anyway, the person on the end of line, might be surprised at my phrase.


They cannot expect such a rude man in my company.



The other day, I said,


"If you know my name in your list, find my name by the search engine and ,recall me"


In many case, my phone doesn't come to ring,

2017-10-11 チームワークの価値は、「チームワークそのもの」にある訳でありません。 [長年日記]


I heard "Dam construction site tour tour" and "outline drainage tube tour in capital area " of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


and 'Dam flood water tour' in a regional municipal


seems to have succeeded in attracting quite a few guests.


My wife told me that "they don't attracts me at all", however I want to join these tours even I am absent from work.

そもそも、私は、道路工事から、住宅の基礎工事、マンションやビルの骨組組立のプロセスなど、―― 可能であれば、ビニールシートと弁当とビールを持参して ―― 一日中でも眺め続けることができる、という自信があります。

First of all, I am confident in myself that I can keep watching from road construction, foundation works of houses to process of assembling frameworks of condominiums and buildings with a vinyl mat and a lunch box.



On the other hand, I dislike having my work seen by someone.


When I go back to my country house and cook and repair something in the house, my father often watches me. Then, I am going to drive away my father.


If there is a thing I can do by myself, I want to do it alone.


For example, I also want to do it by myself when setting up a tent for my wife's flea market.


Someone may offer help in setting up, but I'm refusing with saying "No, thank you".



A values of "team work" is not "team work" itself.


A purpose of "team work" is just productivity,


Neither "conformity" nor "bond"


However, a team that are trying to reach high productivity, has a "beautility".


That continues to attract engineers like me.

2017-10-12 逆に「東京」に来ない方が良いと思ったりするんですよ ―― 本当に。 [長年日記]


I have been in the metropolis for a long time, however I don't have a passion for this area.


Without Southern All Stars, "Enoshima" would not have become so famous this much.


At least that coast is neither beautiful nor characterized by comparison with many coasts in Japan.


I think that "Tokyo freeway" that appears in Yumin's lyrics probably refers to the capital highway or the highway around it that leads to the Tokyo area.


Anyway, The night view seen from the load is not beautiful, romantic, and comfortable.


If "Tokyo freeway" means "free road", you can see just "traffic lights" that stops the car every three minutes.

そもそも、高速道路の運転中に、―― 彼女でも彼氏でも構いませんが ―― 「しなだれかかって」きたら、運転に集中できなくて、危くてしょうがありません。

First of all, while driving a highway, if your lover I don't know at all, is falling down on you, you can not concentrate on driving, and it is really dangerous.



Well, youth who is longing for "Tokyo" (not only youth)

逆に「東京」に来ない方が良いと思ったりするんですよ ―― 本当に。

is better not to come to "Tokyo", on the contrary, I think.

2017-10-13 最近は、『この調子では、難しいかもしれないなぁ』と思っています。 [長年日記]

米国の歴代大統領で、これほど組織運営が上手くない ―― まあ、そういう人はたくさんいたでしょうが ―― 上手くないことを露呈している大統領もいないだろうなー、と思っています。

I have never seen the U.S. President in-service, who is not good at organizational operation.Of course, I think some previous the U.S President was also good at it, but he is disclosing troubles almost everyday.


However, these disclosing troubles teach a lot to me.


(1)Reality of citizens of the U.S.


I think that there are some kind of "realities".


There are a lot of "indescribable realities" from the aspects of organization management, moral or societically, however The current president will disclose any kind of reality easily.


At this time of day, I think that I am lucky to hear the real intention of that country,(I do not know whether the opinions is for minority or majority)


However, I should not forget that increasing international risk beyond that "good luck"


(2) The structure of the government of the United States


Due to the president's measures and verbal abuses, various people dismiss or resign everyday.


Thanks to that, I can see the mechanism of government of that country that I have not known until now.


(3) Strength of US President's power


If Japanese Prime Minister, using Twitter, make even one abuse, the cabinet is going to resign (and the dissolution of the National Assembly occurs) as soon as possible.

居酒屋で、酔っ払った親父の、低能発言を繰り返しても、大統領の地位が脅かれないというのは ―― 大統領の権力が強力である(か、または、その発言が民意を反映している)ということを示しています。

If he repeat low-ranking remarks like a drunk father in a pub, the president's position can not be threatened. This means the President's power is stronger than we expect


私、ニクソン大統領に次ぐ、第二のウォーターゲート事件もどきによって、「在任中の大統領の辞任」という歴史的イベントを見られるものと、本気でワクワクしてたのですが ――

To tell you the truth, I have expected to see historical events of "Resignation of the president during his tenure" like the Nixon's second Watergate incident.


However, "I am afraid that it may be difficult under the condition." recently,

2017-10-14 ―― という、私の願いを叶えてくれそうな政党がありませんねえ。 [長年日記]


Election ... It is election.


I feel blue.


It was easy when I was young.

政治権力は、常に固定的であって、それ故に、私は「反権力」であれば、誰に投票して良い、という ―― もの凄くアバウトで、非ロジカルなポリシーだけで、私は、投票所の行けば良かったからです。

At the period, political power was always fixed, therefore, if I made me an "anti-authority", who can vote for anyone. With extremely lazy, non-logical policies alone, I could go at the polling place.


However, in order to judge politics with such a simple way of thinking, I have survived a stupid world alive.


理念や理想より、まず「金」 ―― もう少しオブラートすれば「景気」です。

First of all, "money", in other word "economic growth".


"Wages and employment in front of me are the first"


"Change in administrative services is minimal if possible,"


"Ignoring the lateral right of a few powerful people"


"Please keep the present diplomatic relationship"


"I wish the Japanese Constitution is like 'our Disneyland"


"The word" for the sake of our country "will never appear again, and I always want to use "my life is mine, are you complaining?" at the end of my life.

―― という、私の願いを叶えてくれそうな政党がありませんねえ。

There are no political parties that will make my wish come true.


まあ、私の想いをドンピシャで公約としてくれる政党が存在する訳はないのですが ――

Well, I know well that there is no political parties conveniently like the above.


Then, I will have to do it myself.

Well, I am setting up a new party.

2017-10-15 ―― リーダーって、教育できるものかなぁ [長年日記]


A school that fosters leaders can be seen on television,

―― リーダーって、教育できるものかなぁ

"How to make readers in the educational process"


I think.


There is something called a position in a company, not to make such a leader unnecessary.


The fact that a leader and a position are coexisting does not deny the existence of "leader".


It is different isn't it?


If it is "education to raise the position", it is not contradictory.


But then, the nomine "leader education" is strange.



For me, I cannot understand "leader", however,


There was no one, I think, "I will follow this person", in my life.


I will listen to instructions of those who can judge me to be profitable,


I will pretend to hear the instructions of those who judged me to be disadvantageous.



However, it is easy to be noticed soon from anyone.


It is quite difficult for humans to keep deceiving humans.

だから、チームメンバが「聞いたフリ」をしているのを、チームリーダーは「分かったフリ」をして ――

A team members is doing "pretending to hear" and a team leaders "pretending to understand",


After all, I think that the team will work in that way, and


it does not seem like there is another problem.



For that reason, I want to experience, even just one time is enough fro me,


"Deeply impressed with a person's character, I will follow him/her"


2017-10-16 ―― 深夜の夜道で、落語を聞いて大爆笑しているサラリーマン [長年日記]


The other day, I left my earphone, so I tried walking while listening to Youtube on a smartphone without a earphone.

深夜の自宅までの道程を、スマホのスピーカーを最大音量にしながら、 柳家喬太郎師匠の落語を聞いていました。

On the way to my home at midnight, I was walking while listening to the Rakugo of Mr. Yanagiya Kyotaro, with setting the volume to the maximum.



Trying it out again, "without earphone" is a pretty good thing.


First, it is not troublesome


Wearing something on your ear is pretty annoying.


It is safe.


It is safe and secure I can hear the sound of coming a car.


And it is secure.

―― 深夜の夜道で、落語を聞いて大爆笑しているサラリーマン

"A business worker bursting laugh at rakugo in a late night road"


Who want to approach me?


Well, though, I cannot think where a curious person is, who tries to attack a middle-aged man in the late night.



However, I think that this is quite effective for security reasons.


On the late afternoon home, I recommend my daughters to take this way.


I think "Rakugo" is also good, and "English news" is also good.


"Heart Sutra", "heavy metal", "nursery song". Surprisingly I think that 'Enka' is also good.


I think that "idol songs" and "animation songs" are not very effective, so I will tell them to stop them.

2017-10-17 ――「技術と技術者に対するナメた態度」が垣間見られるような気がして、 [長年日記]


I heard the story for the question of

―― 東大寺を建立したのは誰でしょう?

"Who set up Toudaizi-temple ?"


there was the teacher who gave the answer.


Unconsciously I believed that the person was a converted ex-leftist activist (just prejudice) or intercollegiate loser ex-rightist (terrible prejudice).


Above and beyond this.



I don't think that this answer could be wrong, however, in general "history" means "history" of "policymakers" and "wars". So this answer is not proper.


Above all, if the person wanted to derive this answer, he/she should give their student


"What kinds of technical problem were in building technology"


"What kinds of novel and invective invention were generated"


"What kinds of affect were given in in building technology history"




In this case, the answer of "carpenters" means,

―― 為政者が命じさえすれば、どんな建造物でも建立可能という、

"Any building structure could be set up, if a power orders it"


"A naughty attitude towards technology and engineers could be observed"


I feel unpleasant.

2017-10-18 『最高裁判所の判決文は、テクニカルライティングのサンプルの宝庫である』 [長年日記]


In advance of the lower house election next week, I am doing a preliminary survey of

―― 最高裁判所裁判官国民審査

"People's Examination of the Supreme Court Judges"


not Lower House election candidates


So far, I've explicitly disbelieved ("x") everyone, because I protested the "institution" of this election (It will be confident unless stated).

However, this time, for me, it is temporarily rising a trust in the Supreme Court judge by "illegal final judgment of GPS investigation".


If it keeps going like this, I'm afraid I may trust all of them.


In conclusion, I am easy.

今回、新顔の党とのすったもんだの挙句 ―― 「憲法改正反対」「安保法制撤廃」を掲げて、公示直前に立ち上げた新党に、好意を寄せ始めていらっしゃる方々と、同様に。

Just like people who started to favor the New Party who stood up just before the public notice, with "Standing against constitutional amendment" and "withdrawing security legal system", after embarrassing appearance of the new opposition party.


However, I feel that it is close to "lonely height hero" or "judge patronage".


Apart from that.


I come to read the Supreme Court decision sentence recently, when I was investigating "300 day problem" and "national election constraint correction problem" etc,


And this sentence is quite easy to read.


They have put together the issues of conflict and concluded that the ruling and the reasons leading up to that decision have been developed logically.


I do think,


"The sentence of the Supreme Court is a treasure trove of samples of technical writing"



At the same time, I come to see "which point did they get away from?"


It is probably because they can not manage society well if we do thoroughgoing theory. Of course it will also be for self-protection.


When I was attending law school seminar (private school), and hear the story of


"The aim of the trial is not the realization of justice, but the search for a trade-off of real compromises"


I felt like scales fell from the eyes.



In conclusion,


"If I frequently read the judgment sentence of the Supreme Court, somehow, I will want to trust them."


the above law seems to be made at least in my mind.

2017-10-19 「あきらめなければ試合終了できませんよ」 [長年日記]


"If you give up, the game is over"


I heard that there is a comic book that includes the above phrase by a teacher(I am sorry. I don't know well)


For me, I want to be a teacher who can say


"If you don't give up, the game continues forever"




I am confident in

reading "white paper of suicide measures" issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, deeply in Japan.



I really think that whenever I read the data that many people who can not give up, are easy to commit suicide.

2017-10-20 「自分は内気で、言いたいことがなかなか言えない」 [長年日記]


I heard that I often talk about what I want to say using rough expression, directly.


The reason why I wrote "I heard" is that "I can not recognize myself properly by myself".


To begin with, the "rough expression" has already been set as a default in my mind.



An "evaluation" means basically, "evaluation from others".


When evaluating myself by myself, there is a way of saying "self-evaluation".

ですので、「評価」と言われたら、『他人の意見 > 自分の認識』と考えるのが正しいと思います。

So, I think that "evaluation" is equal to "evaluation from others".



On a daily basis, a person who makes people uncomfortable or violent,


"I am shy, I can not say what I want to say".

てなことを言っているのを聞くことがあります ―― 結構な頻度で。

I often hear the above story.


Whenever I hear the phrase, the fact "I can not recognize myself properly by myself" is not only "truth", "theorem" but also "law of nature".

もう一つ加えるのであれば、「自分に対して、評価を言ってくれる他人がいない」ことを告白しているようなものですが ―― まあ、気がついていないかもしれません。

In addition, the phrase might be a kind of confession of "I have no people who tells me the evaluation for myself". Well, they may not have noticed it.


(To be continued)

2017-10-21 "他人の意見 - 自分の認識 = (自分の)不愉快" [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However, even if I am asked whether it is unfortunate that "no other who tells the evaluation about myself". I don't think it is always bad.


Because, in most case, the following equation is established

"他人の意見 - 自分の認識 = (自分の)不愉快"

"Evaluation of others" - "Self-recognition" = "Unpleasant of myself"



So, I will not go asking others of "opinions about myself".


They do make me unpleasant absolutely.


Only when it is "really absolutely necessary", I am going to ask for "opinion from others". However, it is a really rare case.


"Gratefully I can accept criticisms against me"


I am afraid that such a people is suffering from heart, or just crazy.


Well, I have known well that my behaviors like the above are causes of "rough expression".



Whenever I decided "this person gives me disadvantage", I will state the evaluation of them,


In a world unrelated to me, what they think and how they act, whether they likes me or dislikes me,

―― 全く、本気で、これっぽちも、欠片も、興味がありません。

Indeed, I'm not interested in them seriously at all.


I mean, I can not really understand why they are interested in other so much.


(To be continued)

2017-10-22 『今の私のままで、なんとかやっています』 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

他人の恋愛対象を聞き出したり、仲の悪い人の名前を聞き出そうとしたり、芸能人や政治家の浮気とか不倫とか ―― 自分の人生に1mmも影響を与えない、他人に関わる事項なんぞ ――

Listening to others' romantic targets, listening to the names of bad people, cheating or adultery for entertainers and politicians, --- matters of others that doesn't affect your life at all ---


I do not really know what is interesting.


I'm doing my best with myself.

I am wondering


"Where does that energy to pry for others come from? "



Well, I have known well that my behaviors like the above are causes of "rough expression".



- Since I was a child, I could not do well with my classmates,


- In junior high school, the student general meeting proposed as student council president was crushed by adviser,


- In high school, I was marked by the student leadership division (not for behaviors but for thoughts)


- Even after entering college, I could not play smartly (especially with women)


- Even after entering the company, basically, I am not interested deeply in organization and human relations,


And it is now.





- I am deeply grateful to my wife who married me like me (my coworkers seem to respects my wife than me)


- I have also been given some column series, using this distorted thinking form of mine as a selling point


Well, for me,


"I am doing as long as I am now."


So, according to the evaluation against me, please feel free to say anything, but wherever I cannot see or hear, so as not to make me uncomfortable.

2017-10-23 ―― 寝て居る"娘"でも、叩き起こして、使い倒せ [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by Number(44) : Work style reform(3)

Nobody knows "productivity improvement" identity : the economy grows without human beings?



There is a proverb "Make use of anybody who is at hand"

In this column's point, a father, who

―― 寝て居る"娘"でも、叩き起こして、使い倒せ

"Make use of your daughter who is in bed"


has existed really.


2017-10-24 『本年度中に、あなたの体重(あるいはBMI)を、10%減少させます』 [長年日記]


The other day, I wrote that


Still, there is a candidate who shout about"things(like building a bridge or installing a new load)" as a commitment. However It has already been out-of-date.


Now we are just interested in just "services (like child and senior care and infrastructure maintenance)



In addition, I wrote that we prefer "a private issue" rather than "a public issue" in the commitment"



So, if there is a candidate or a party who can say


"I will realize that 10% weight loss of you by the end of this fiscal year"



I believe that the candidate or the party is going to be elected or become a government party.



The day of medical checkup of mine, is coming soon.

2017-10-25 "あるAI技術について語ること" [長年日記]


I define


"a person who knows the AI technology"




"a person who have tried to make program codes about the AI by themselves at least once"



Of course, this is just my private definition, so you don't have to accept it.


Even if this definition go unmentioned, all stories of AI will come to disappear in the world, and I will be also trouble in losing R&D budget about AI.


Above all, if this definition is accepted in the world, the terrible restriction of "the persons who don't make codes, they cannot talk AI technologies at all"



Recently, I am studying reinforcement learning and deep learning, as a weekend researcher.


Certainly, the ideas of these technologies are tremendous, and the technologies show us incredible effects, even if they are applicable for an application.


The "incredible" and "applicable" cases are introduced at the Web site or Youtube.


On the other hand, nobody knows that the face that a pile of "un-applicable" cases are left untouched anywhere.



"A person who have tried to make program codes about the AI by themselves at least once"


is a person who make mountains of corpses named "program" and sniff odor, but try to materialize one "AI technology". I don't care of failure or success of it.


I can admit that the person


"knows the AI technology"


with this fact only.



Repeatly, I want to say "this is a dangerous policy"


According to this policy,


"People who never experienced real battlefields where people continue to be killed, do not talk about war greatly"


such a "barbaric field regime" will become justice.


"An amateur who is not a politician should not speak about politics"


such a "denial of democracy" will be accepted.



However, for myself, I have a certain kind of belief about


"Talking about certain AI technologies"


I hope you will remember it.

―― お互い、無用なトラブルを避ける為にも。

"to avoid useless troubles each other."

2017-10-26 "分からないことは、分からないままで、いいじゃないか" [長年日記]


When my daughter explained "Gacha" to me,


When I explained "Twitter" to my wife,


When my wife explained "Youtube" to her aunt,


The above all worked hard.



In conclusion,

―― 自分でやってみないと、よく分からない

"try it, to wanna understand it"


is an universal fact.


That said, I am afraid that an entertainment of IT field is more extremely unclear than of other fields.


In short, now, "I cannot understand your story!" is not a common sense any longer.


"You are wrong to understand it without trying it" is justice.

だから ―― もう諦めましょう。

So, would you give up anything with me ?



"If you don't understand it, leave it at that"


"We are just humans"



2017-10-27 ―― この「一夜漬け」こそが、選挙制度改正(選挙権の年齢引下げ)の成果である [長年日記]


I think that I don't need commentators in not only "news programs" but also "comedy and talk show".

コメンテータは、若い世代からシニアに至るまで、主に芸能に関わる分野の人が揃えられているようですが、彼らの意見のほとんどは、私の心に「刺さらない」 ――

TV programs will prepare some commentators that ranges from youth generation to senior, however their opinion could never touch my heart.


To tell you the truth, their comments are likely to be predictable criticisms, or non-realistic countermeasures, within expectations.



Previously, my coworker's talk was a blast about "If Ebata becomes a commentator" (just kidding). However, Ebata is


not interested in "comments that is popular with various people", and


takes ""Real figures and actual data"


Ebata will do the above two actions that are absolutely taboos in the TV programs without hesitation, so Ebata is not suitable for the position.


However I sometimes see a commentator who says "Youth should have interests about politics regularly".


Whenever I hear tedious comments like this, I believe "I still can say something fun".



My senior daughter who got a voting right in his teens, was cramming each political party overnight with a smartphone, at the day before the other House elections the other day.

―― この「一夜漬け」こそが、選挙制度改正(選挙権の年齢引下げ)の成果である

This "cramming overnight" is the result of the revision of the electoral system (age reduction of voting rights)


I felt very happy to see her.


However, after finishing the survey all the time, she was holding her head.


She said that "I do not know what to choose by what criteria"


I said to her,


"Defense, diplomacy, economy, childcare, nursing care, constitutional amendment, others, the issues are variously complicated but ..."


"In the end, you don't forcibly consider things you do not know, limit only to the current interest and concern now, ignore completely about others other than yourself, and choose it selfishly."



I also said to her, "I can pick up three characteristics of each political party in this election", however,


After all, she seemed to have finished the vote without relying on me.

2017-10-28 (1)酒屋の配送サービスは(確か「サブちゃん」という名前の若者)は、転職して、宅配はAmazonに替わっているのか? [長年日記]


I had stooped seeing "Sazae-san" for a long time(it may be over 20 years).


In fact, I do not even know whether this program is still ongoing (I will check it later).


In the world of "Sazae-san", although it can not be helped that time stops,


I don't think that the program the the kids cannot understand might keep showing.


So, now that I want to know,


(1) Does the liquor store's deliverer (young man who is certainly "sub-chan") changed jobs? Was delivery service replaced by Amazon?


(2)Have both Isono and fuguta family had already smart-phone?


(3) Does Fune read the cooking recipe using the tablet?


(4) Does Masuo sometimes work from home using a security PC?



(The time of world-line has stopped, so I do not think there are such scenes that Namihei and Fune are getting on a nursing care service, they are wandering around inside the hospital)



I think that it is better to position "Mr. Sazae" as "History Animation", is not it?


It seems that the person who believes (as it seems) to believe that "the appearance of the country" is the revival of that world view of "Mr. Sazae" is in the center of power. For example,

―― 我が国の行政庁の最高トップとか、政権党の党首とか

- The highest top of the administrative agency of our country, the party leader of the administration party


like the person.


(To be continued)

2017-10-29 ―― 最後には一人ぼっちで死んでいく [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I do not deny this way of thinking, however, I think that the world view of "Mr. Sazae" is already even an annoying sample.


Rather, the real world seems to be going against the world view of "Mr. Sazae".


I think that even the concept of "nuclear family" is gone, I think it has reached the level of "nuclear individual".



"Nuclear individual" means,

―― 一人ぼっちで、生まれてきて、

- We are born alone,

―― 人生の途中で、友人や、家族という名の、旅の仲間と連れ添うこともあり、それでも、

- in the middle of my life, sometimes I accompany my friends and family members, traveling companions, however,

―― 最後には一人ぼっちで死んでいく

- finally, we will die alone


It is a new world concept base on the above.


Separately, this is not a new thought either.


It already has been incorporated into religion (Buddhism etc).


ただ、ただ生まれて、ただ死んでいく ―― そういう人生に「腹を括る時代」に来ていると思うんですよ。

However, just being born, just dying --- I think that the time of "preparing ourselves for the worst" is coming.


Actually, that kind of world has started practically.

2017-10-30 私は、ポスト・シュタインズゲートの登場を心待ちにしているのです。 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Over the AI(11) ---- beyond a reach of our imagination of AI"

Artificial intelligence to be monominated ~ a key player in shadows to support automatic translation



Steins;Gate is still the best animation in my mind, however,


I am looking forward to "Post-Steins;Gate" coming too.

2017-10-31 電池が無くなるまでは、キチンと使って上げたいと思うのです。 [長年日記]


The attachment of my watch wristband is easy to be detached, I took it to a watch store in an appliance store.


The watch hole to attach to the wristband, was likely to be broken, I was recommanded to repair the watch by the mender.


However, the price of my LCD watch was just about 4000 yen.


The repair cost will be more expensive than the prime cost, so the mender at the shop adviced me to replace it.

―― という事が以前にもあって、私はすでに1回、買い替えています。

To tell you the truth, I have already replaced the same watch before.


なんか、ちゃんと生きている時計が、時刻を刻み続けているのに ――

Somehow, the old watch continues to show the correct time now,

しかも、電波時計なので、秒まで正確な時間を ――

becasue it is a radio wave watch,


I feel that it is agonizing to leave the watch in my room.


So I want to keep using until the battery is dead.


という訳で ――



Current, I use the watch fixed, pouring in Aron Alpha, the joint part, and the hole, and gluing the wristband to the watch body.


There is no problem even if the movability is lost at the joint.


After that, when the band was frayed, I pulled off the joint by force, and keep adhering and using the newly bought band.



How to say.. I think that it is common,


I feel that things repaired resourcefully by myself, are lovelier and feel more important than that purchased normally,

GDP(国内総生産)に貢献していない ―― そういう罪悪感(?)は、少しあります。

and I also feel guilt a little, that I don't contribute to GDP (Gross Domestic Product)