2017-08-01 ―― "弱いAI"だった「彼女」は、いずれ、"強いAI"の「嫁」になる [長年日記]

あの超有名アニメ「魔法少女まどか マギカ」では、一つのパラダイムが提示されていました。

The most famous animation "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" shows the one big paradigm.


Kyubei:"In this country, I hear that a woman is in growth process to adult, is called a "girl" isn't it? If so, you should be called "Puella Magi" because you are going to be a hex."


This time, I found that someone opened an interesting comment about this released column.


Here is my interpretation.

―― "弱いAI"だった「彼女」は、いずれ、"強いAI"の「嫁」になる

"My girl friend like a "weak AI" will become my wife like a "strong AI"



I was very surprised that a new paradigm like above is coming from my work.

2017-08-02 ―― 至福の時 [長年日記]


At the last day of the academic conference in Hamamatsu, I went to Indian restaurant at the underground town of the hotel.


At the restaurant. I asked the waiter to make all dishes super-spicy with saying "I am different from ordinal Japanese".


When the master chief came to me and asking how I like the dishes, I said to him "these are very great, however, if the more they are hotter, the more I can enjoy them".


After that, he put both a cardinal red liquid and a jetty gelled mass to me.


The spices condiments were not only "hot" but "delicious".


I mixed them in curry, added them to spicy chicken, and stuffed them into my mouth.

I could pass the time away, with feeling

―― 至福の時

"hour of bliss"




Recently, I think my orientation and preference to spicy-food is going to be excessive.


I sprinkle more than one cup of red chili powder with soba, udon and ramen.


If I find unusual foodstuff including spicy ingredients at the grocery store, I are always purchasing.


(To be continued)

2017-08-03 「最近の、北極ラーメン、少しづつ、甘くなっていませんか?」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To celebrate completing the first version of the prototype program which has been improving in two months, I went to eat Hokkyoku-ramen alone.


This is a question for Hokkyoku-Ramen freak,


"Recent Hokkyoku-ramens become sweet little by little doesn't it ?"


Previously, drinking the soup every just three times, made me cough, and seven refills of water were needed by the finishing the bowl.


Yesterday, there was zero time to cough, and just one time to refill to water.


Above all, I am really filled with horror that I could feel "delicious", however, not "hot" at all.



Now I feel thought attack that


"Hokkyoku-ramen is going to be downmarket"


with a back door at the at a national level.



Considering the "Mouko Tanmen, Nakamoto", the shop becomes very much in the news more and more.


I have a political gospel of ""hotter tasting" is the way to "global peace"", with a reasonable logic.


Therefore I have observed the improved visibility of "Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto" with my joy.


However, if new "hot" cult want to use "Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto" for political purposes, I cannot turn a blind eye to the cult, as one of


"Hot fundamentalist"



(To be continued)

2017-08-04 ―― この人は阿呆か [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Using "Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto" for political purposes, is for example, to redraw the electoral map of sweet voters with the deregulation of "Hokkyoku Ramen's hot".

「極辛」とは、「極左」「極右」の直行ベクトルに位置する、第三のイデオロギー ――

"Hot extreme" is the third ideology that is located in the same position of both "extreme left" and "extreme right".


It is a minority that can not obtain people's will, because it is an extreme,


Therefore, it is paradoxically contributing to world peace ,by not being able to take power.

『北極ラーメンが、大衆化路線に舵を切った』ことは、この第三のイデオロギーの権力掌握への萌芽ではないかと ――

The fact of "Hokkyoku-ramen is going to be downmarket" is a sprout to the ambition for power grasping to this third ideology.


I have to give full warning.



When I talked to my family about the above story, they responded

―― この人は阿呆か

"Is this man foolish?"



(To be continued)

2017-08-05 江端:「私は、他人の前で、アンダーシャツ一枚になる機会はないが」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It is so small a matter that I can acquire a tolerance against super-spicy taste by having dairy super-spicy foods.


As a Hokkyoku-ramen freak, I should resolve a bad rap of "Hokkyoku-ramemn.


Set it aside,



Go back to the board.


After coming back home, when I feel hungry, I make a dish of bean sprouts saute with much chili pepper and garlic, and eat it alone.


This dish doesn't include carbohydrate at all, and is low in calorie content. So I know that I have already confirmed that there is no impact against dieting from long term observation.


After coming back home, I take a bath, and cook and eat it with only underware (trunks and shirt). So the soup of chili pepper will splatter and adhere to my shirt.



The other day, my wife complained to me.


"I cannot get "red" stains out of your shirt"



Ebata:"Did you said about my underware?"


Wife:"Of course"


Ebata:"I have never had a chance to show my shirt to others as I remember it"


Wife:"Are we going to talk about it?"


(To be continued)

2017-08-06 嫁さん:「残念だけど、そのロジックは成りたたない」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


We understood that we were not different positions, so we started to talk about this issue seriously.


Ebata:"I can understand that the shirt with red chili pepper sauce is going to make me lose the trust in our society. But who can notice stains on the stains ?"


Wife:"I believe that any underware should be maintained as just one unified color, and I think that wearing such a shirt is uncomfortable for us"


I got it.


We were sold each other, to know "there are many ideologies in the world"


Finally, this issue were decided as following.

―― その当事者である「私」が気にしないのであれば、そのまま放置しても良い、

"If I don't care of it, my wife leave the shirt to take its my course"




Ebata:"Let us try another way. this way works as a kind of audit."




Ebata:"This becomes a collateral evidence, that the possibility of my love affair is infinitely low, if I keep wearing such a shirt"


Wife:"Unfortunately, the logic cannot be done"




Wife:"A praiseworthy woman who can love affair with you, will be guessed as a person who is able to survive everyday life, even if she get a stain of red pepper to her bra"

2017-08-07 「どうせ俺らは受験失敗の『負け組』だし」「俺らはブラック企業に就職するか、非正規労働者決定だから」 [長年日記]

I wrote a diary with the book "How to walk the first grader of a university", two times before.


The other day, I was shocked to fine the following book review in Amazon 's comment section about this book.



- This is an interesting book, I think, however the voices and figures of college students covered in this book, are observed in schools with high deviation values.


- In colleges that are low deviation values or that have many students who failed the examination, there is no sense of uplifting to the start of a new life, even in April.


- In such a college, they look like to think that "anyway we belong a losing group of failing to take the exam" or "we are going to work for black companies as a non-regular worker",at even the entrance ceremony.


- I would like you to know that the figures and opinions of the students in this book, are a little different from those in a college where the students regard themselves as losers, with low deviation value.



It was just after finishing a column about "non-regular employment". So when I read this review, I was depressed because of my simple consideration.


This story is going to continue in the column's extra edition of "disgraceful junior".

2017-08-08 江端:「あなたの母国語の語彙が、英語の1/10しかないというのは ―― 大変失礼な質問とは存じますが [長年日記]


Previously, I attended a lecture whose speaker came from a small country in Africa.


As I recall, he was trying to make an translation software between their mother mother tongue and English, e.t.c.


He said that the most important problem is the asymmetry postulate of amount of vocabulary.


In short, the vocabularies of the minority language dictionary is just one tenth of those of English


I asked him a question after the lecture.

江端:「あなたの母国語の語彙が、英語の1/10しかないというのは ―― 大変失礼な質問とは存じますが

Ebata:"I am interested to hear about the less numbers of vocabulary in your country. I don't mean to be rude, but I want know the reason. Now I have two ideas.


(1)Representational power of your native language




(2)Your native language can express a variety of meaning using complex combination of the vocabulary.



Speaker:"Both are incorrect. The reason is simple, "a development of electronic dictionary is delayed"



"Quite so", I think.


Wherever human beings live, I think, the concept coming into being, should be almost same naturally.


For an extreme example, I cannot bring a language without a concept of "anger" to mind.

しかし、「怒」だけがすっぽり抜けている国があったら、そこで生まれ育った人は、結構幸せなのではないかな ―― などと考えていました。

On the other hand, I also think that people might be happy in the country where they live.


Especially, for a person like me who is not good at "anger control"

2017-08-09 ―― 血塗れになって散乱した自分の体のパーツを見ながら、最大級の激痛と絶望の中で死んでいく [長年日記]

I have contributed the result of "simulated diving suicide into train" over the course of 1/100 second unit.


In the column,


"Dive suicide" that

―― 即死することができず、

- is not killed instantly

―― 血塗れになって散乱した自分の体のパーツを見ながら、最大級の激痛と絶望の中で死んでいく

- is going to die in the greatest severe pain and despair, while watching parts of my body that became blood clotted and scattered


I showed that the possibility is high, with being given some advice from an active doctor and being used a computer.



Actually, I learned this method from the program of

"NHK Special, Impact of atomic bombardment for 10 seconds "



This program strongly gave me the fact that

「事象」を、「事後の結果」で認識するのではなく、「時系列のプロセス」で「見える化」することが、どれほど事象を正確に伝えるのかを ―― 鮮烈なまでに ―― 私に叩き込んだ番組でした。

"event" should be expressed by something "visible" in the "time-series process", not "posterior result", in order to tell the event accurately


In the first place, information is destined to lose much of the amount of information at the time of transmission.


The list of adjectives such as "sad" is "painful" and "spicy", has limited power, no matter how many words it overlaps.


In words, both the speaker and the listener can not have a place (background) to share.


On the other hand, "chopping the time section of the event and disclosing it all" forcibly creates a sharable place and provides an environment in which nobody can escape.

私が、自分の著作の中で、―― それがどんなに拙いものであったとしても ―― 「シミュレーション」に拘る理由は、この「強制場」を作り出したいと思っているからで、

In my writing, why I am concerned with "simulation" - No matter how bad it is - is that I want to create this "forced field"


And I think that I want to drive the reader to the situation of "they can not escape anymore".


(To be continued)

2017-08-10 ―― 原爆を許すな [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Every year around August 6, NHK will offer programs that will demonstrate this "forced field".

今年の「NHKスペシャル 原爆死」は、近年の中でも、群を抜いて秀逸な作品であったと言えます。

I think that this year's "NHK Special Genbaku Dead(Death by atomic bomb)" must be a precious outstanding work among recent years.

原爆による死者数の推移を、地図上にマッピングする ―― というのは、これまでに数多く行われてきました。

"Mapping the transition of the number of deaths by the atomic bomb on the map" has been done so much, so far.


However, in this program, the view to "visualize" the change in death toll in the time series, has impacted me.


Furthermore, the "Genbaku death" was divided into three categories, and one of them is

―― 即死することができず、

- cannot be killed instantly

―― 血塗れになってボロボロと朽ち落ちていく自分の体を見ながら、最大級の激痛と絶望の中で死んでいく

- is going to die in the greatest severe pain and despair, while watching my body, going down with bloodshed and falling down


This program showed us the existence of the death.


In addition, with paintings, testimonials, data on the occurrence situation of wide area fire generated by the atomic bomb in time series,

In the collapsed building,

―― 生きながらにして焼かれる

- burned down while begin alive


This program showed us the existence of the death too.


The program could make it clear that theses "deaths" are due to the "murder" act that "can not be admitted" as a murder of human being.


So, I want to send the greatest tribute "this is an outstanding and a superb work" to everyone involved in the production.


"Do not accept the existence of the atomic bomb"


Whatever the political background, whatever the geopolitical consideration is,


Our Japanese should protest against all "logic to accept atomic bombs"


with just closing our ears, closing our eyes, keep on screaming,


leaving like "ignorant and ignorant fool".


We don't need any logic of "Do not allow atomic bombs", in the same way as a logic of "parents protect their children".

(2017年7月 「核兵器禁止条約」が採択されるも、日本政府は「署名しない」ことを決定)

(July 2017. Even though "Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons" is adopted, the Japanese government decided not to sign)



Aside from that.

「NHKスペシャル 原爆死」の中では、「ビッグデータ」という言葉が何度でも出てきますが、これは、アーカイブの段階で「データ解析」と修正されることを提言致します。

In this program, the term "big data" comes out again and again. However I will propose that this will be corrected as "data analysis" at the archive making stage.


If you want to leave this content for another 100 years,


the frequent use of buzzword "big data" which only works now, will

―― 後世の人間に「苦笑い」される

"be laughed" by future generations


I am afraid of that.

2017-08-11 ―― 心がカレーを食べたがっているんだ [長年日記]


I often wrote that again and again, I love spicy food.


"Japanese curry" (that doesn't exist in India) is a pronoun of "spicy food", however I cannot feel hot about all of time in Japan.

I usually use "LEE x 20 times by Guriko Co." and put much red and green peppers into the curry soup.


Yesterday, I strongly felt that

―― 心がカレーを食べたがっているんだ

"My heart wants to eat curry"


(It is just a parody of the movie "My heart wants to cry")



I heard that just before catching a cold, human beings want to take ingredients contained in curry.


Recently (also) I have been exhausted everyday.However, I also had to return my country home this summer, and I will not allowed to fail there. Finally I decided to force "a curry for one person.


(To be continued)

2017-08-12 ―― 日本の将来は、意外に明るいかもしれない [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


My second daughter hate eggplant and bell pepper, and all of my family hate organ meat. Moreother spicy level is very low, that is far from my level.


So I had to need to enforce making "curry for one person" yesterday.


I made curry, with being excited. I can use "bliss" when the time to eat that curry, with the cheap beer of a dubious manufacturer.



To my sunrise,


I saw that my senior daughter was eating well the original curry only for me, "including eggplant, bell pepper, and organ meats"


I thought "anyone can not eat this curry", so I would keep them frozen later. but when I saw the scene that she ate the curry,

Japan's future may be surprisingly bright.


I thought that.

2017-08-13 と、まあ、「"付託"エキスパート」である私には思えるんですよ。 [長年日記]


The word "commitment" became popular this year (or, even now it is popular).


And now, the "commitment" used in the Diet does not have a problem with the "commitment" itself.

(1)「9億円の土地を1億円で売却した? 何故?」

(1) "You sold 0.9 billion yen land for 100 million yen? Why?"

(2)「その差分の8億円分って誰の金 ? えっ?私の税金?」

(2) "Whose money for that difference about 800 million yen is it? Oh, My tax?"


(3)Don't be silly.



It is natural for administrative officials to get on top of the administrative agency.


Private companies are the same.


"The purpose of organization" is to understand the intention on the top.


That is the behavioral principle of the organization.


In that sense, I have done the "commitment" for my business man's life, as possible as I can. I also can say


"I am made of commitments"




However, with this story of "commitment", I feel a sense of bad. The phrase "stereotyped" that is posted in newspapers and magazines, "If they do not understand the intentions of the top, their way of career will cease".

―― 本当にそうかなー

"Is it true ?"


I come to think that.



I believe that the essence of "commitment" is in "challenge for trouble".


- There are many jobs that I must be cleaned up


- I will clean up quickly about the trivial work of "selling 900 million yen land at 100 million yen", and I want to get to the next job soon.


- I don't want to face the subordinate trouble about the politician's power troublesome struggle.


- In my house, there are parents who have to take care, and poorly performing daughters recently. Anyway I do not want to go crazy about my life's rhythm by even politicians.


I, who is a "commitment expert" come to think that.


Well, there is a unique view of the world about Ebata, "anyway, "People who "get on" do not look so happy"


I can not affirm that this is a general solution.

2017-08-14 実家で、のん気に、飯食って、寝ているだけの、バカに。 [長年日記]


I sometimes think that when I feel tired, I want to know how to live without body".


If living in my PC, I will make my body easy.


I think that personal computers with Ebata's personality are more useful than artificial intelligence.

―― って、実家に戻る度に思います。

I think so, whenever I return to my parents house.



As for homecoming, I think that "few people who become happy" event for both people who go and welcome.


Needless to say, at least, there is no excitement like "Disneyland" on homecoming.


- It is difficult to secure accommodation facilities (futon)


- It is difficult to plan an event





- It is difficult to estimate the amount of meals



So, for those who do not have any melancholy against homecoming, basically


"They do not think about anything, and they are just easy fool"


I think that it is a proof of the above.



So, you may forward the URL of today's diary to someone.


The fool, who just sleep, just eat, easily at parents house.

2017-08-15 英単語さえあれば、オリンピックの期間中くらいなら、なんとかなります。 [長年日記]


I think that many foreigners will come to Japan at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.


Dear Mr./Ms. taxi drivers.


Are you ready?


私、今年、家族で、台湾を旅行してきて ―― 日本語が使える人が多いことに結構感動したのですが

Our family were traveling in Taiwan this year, I was often move by the fact that many people can speak English, however

―― 最後の最後に、日本語どころか、英語も全く通じないタクシー運転手のおばさんに当たりました。

At the last day, I met Ms. taxi driver who could use neither Japanese nor English on the way to the airport.


Of course, I don't think that we have to use English frequently, however, this was a real taxi of horror, that we could not use


"International airport"



"domestic airport"




we could not share the concept of "airport"


That is why I am deeply reflecting on this, now.



We don't need "English", but "English words".


If you have English words, it will be managed if it is during the Olympic period.



However, "If you come to Japan, remember the Japanese words" is justice,


No matter how much it is, it is you, after all, to get in trouble.

2017-08-16 『"部下"のほとんどが餓死している真っ最中にあって、"上司"には食事が与えられ、食べることができる』 [長年日記]


Up to now, I have described it several times, that I do not fully understand the significance of becoming a "career advance" or becoming a "superior"

However, I could understand the significance last night from the bottom of my heart.


after watching the TV program,

「NHKスペシャル インパール作戦」

NHK Special "Battle of Imphal"



In this program, the new memo has been released,

―― 雨が降りしきり、道行く先には腐敗が進む死体の山

- It is raining, and there are enormous corrupt dead bodies on the load.

―― 死んでるのは兵士や軍属ばかり

- the dead bodies are only soldiers and warriors

―― 将校と下士官は死んでいない

- Officers and noncommission officers are not dead




I see. It means,


"When most of subordinates are in the midst of starvation, all bosses are given meals and they can eat them"



Well, this is amazing for several meanings.

―― 「出世」とか「上司」には、死んでも構わない人間と、そうでない人間を、区別しうるという概念が、内挿されているのだ、と。

"Promotion" and "boss" include the concept of distinguishing between persons who have no problem to be killed, and persons who don't that.

Even if I am a "commitment expert", I have no intention to give my life to a boss."




It was a night of the end of war anniversary, to get confused two feelings that "I have to promote" from the bottom of my heart, and "it is too late" with regrets.

2017-08-17 『私に、当時の数値データ"だけ"を開示しろ ――!! 』 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number" : Work style reform(1) "

The problem of "non-regular employment" is "disease leading to national destruction"



This time, I tried to investigate Japanese employment problems retroactively to the past 100 years, however,


I was seriously worried because old material was not available.

雇用についての書籍が、戦前戦後のあたりになると、全部同じ色になるんですよ ―― 「マルクス」に。

About the books on employment problems published around after the WW2, they all had the same color - to "Marx".


What I want is just a numerical data, however, when this "Marxian Economics" filter is turned on, an irritation simulation had occured (for example, numerical values related to exploitation of capitalists, etc.). So it is no longer possible to trust the data.


If there had been "left wing", there also should have been "right wing". but I could not find them.


In short, the "power (government) side" has not left a book (or they might not have needed to left the books).


When I have to rely on "newspaper" and the "white paper of the government" of that time, but these cannot be relied on.



This time, I thought very much.

左も右も、極左から極右も、社会主義も、帝国主義も、なんでもいいから、そのまま(AS IS)で、そのデータを後世に残さなければならない、と。

From the left wing to the right wing, from the extreme left to the extreme right, from socialism to imperialism, anything is OK, so you have to leave that data in posterity (AS IS) as they are.


Anyway, newspaper companies and the Japanese government should publish all the articles and data, even if it is out of copyright (or not), as the digital archive (PDF) and on the Internet (really).


Well, if they open the past articles, they might be to be blamed for the inconvenient descriptions. However, now, we do not have an illusion that 'a newspaper tells the truth and facts', at all.(I think that anyone who continues to condemn the past articles of the newspaper company is stupid, or "newspaper" fundamentalists)

―― 思い上がるな

"Don't be full of themselves"


A newspaper is a kind of personality, so it can be deflected ideologically.


They can write anything, for example, compatible with power, complied article, and article published by Imperial Headquarters.

私たちは、それらの過去の状況(その時代の空気など)を考慮して、(少なくとも)私は、その記事を読み取ることもできます ―― うん、多分。

Considering these past situations (such as air of that era), (at least) I can read the article -- Yeah, maybe.



『私に、当時の数値データ"だけ"を開示しろ ――!! 』

"Please disclose only the numerical data of the time to me !"


I was crying in July.



"For me who wants to complete data and information collection at home, without going to the library"


The expectation for archives of newspapers and the publication of out-of-print books at that time by e-books is increasing more and more within me.

2017-08-18 ―― ようやく「戦争の悲惨さ」を、暗喩なしで、ダイレクトに、語れるようになってきた、 [長年日記]


I have written a lot about the "Pacific War" recently, but I have noticed somewhat.


It is a fact that it says "memory of war is being lost" and I am afraid that this is inescapable inevitable, however,


On the other hand, I also feel the atmosphere that "the situation of war is being told clearly".


例えば、最近記載した「NHKスペシャル インパール作戦」において、

For example, in the recently described "Impal Strategy" of NHK Non-Fiction program,

―― 飢餓に陥いった兵士が、死体となった同胞の肉を食べたこと(カリバリズム)

"Soldiers who fell into hunger ate meat of fellow countrymen who became corpse (caribalism)"


was quite a shocking content for many people, I thought.


(By the way, I knew it well because I read a lot of books about them since I was a teenager)


Furthermore, in that program, the opinion

―― 怪我をした状態のままで一人でいたら、襲われて食べられかねないという恐怖があった

"When they were alone in an injured state, there felt a fear that they could be eaten by being attacked"


was introduced.


(I was surprised because I did not even know this)



This seems to be related to the fact that "the number of people who want to conceal such facts (especially people on the power side) are decreasing".


After over 70 years of age,

―― ようやく「戦争の悲惨さ」を、暗喩なしで、ダイレクトに、語れるようになってきた、

"Finally we become able to speak "misery of war" directly, without metaphor"


I thought that it might be possible to interpret "positively".

2017-08-19 ―― やっぱり、できないんだろうなぁ [長年日記]


TV news sometimes says that people of the Imperial family have also been engaged in research activities between official duties.


I am a weekend engineer, so I can understand the difficulty of the research activities well (Is it right? maybe NOT).


In general, I think that the research topics of the imperial people are related to "plants" "organisms".



For example,


"Research on high efficiency, low cost nuclear explosion reaction"


"Study of fusion product formation by genetic manipulation"


"Study on Multilateral Diplomacy Problems Using Computer Communication with Negotiation Agents"


The themes of research, like the above,

―― やっぱり、できないんだろうなぁ

"will be stopped by, for example Official of the Imperial Household Agency"


(Even if they are doing them, it might be hard to open the research result)


whenever I hear the news.

2017-08-20 自分でも「愚かなことしているなー」と思わずにはいられませんでしたが、「配線」は私の趣味みたいなものですので。 [長年日記]


This summer, I went back to my country house with my junior daughter, and the day was a "Owari-monogarai(last half) on the air.


My country house was is the local area, and I knew that the program was not broad casted in the area.


I sent her "Unfortunately, we should watch it on the Internet", and she replied "BS11 is not available is it?" to me.


This her unnecessary phrase lighted my fire.


At my country house, Not BS wave but only the surface wave is delivered from cable TV line. Because there is no need of BS channels for my parents.



I could use BS11 channel during only the period of our homecoming, I came to think that

―― 「終物語(下)」放映時間中(夜間)のみの、BSアンテナのテンポラリ設置

"I will install BS antenna only for the airtime, temporary"



(Permanent installment might annoy my parent when I don't stay at the country house)


For the first time, I bought a BS antenna from Amazon.com, and tried to check the connectivity of connectors and cables. Because I wanted to try it before the real installment.


In addition, the time we would arrive at the country house was just before four hours to start the TV program.


With a big parabola antenna whose diameter is 45 centimeters, I rode on an automobile, train and Shinkansen-express.


I came to think "How foolish I am", however, I also know by myself that "connection activity" is like my hobby.

ところが、何をどうしても、テレビからは、BSの信号の検知が得られず、結局、この計画は、全く無益 に終ってしまいました(今でも原因が分かりません)。

No matter how much I tried, I could not confirm the BS signal detection from the TV, and it came to be in vain after all.



However I have no intention to give it up.


At the next homecoming, I will continue the "connection test" even if I break out the cable at my house, and get the the TV turner.


Though I don't like the words of "kizuna(bond)" and "connect to friends around the world!"

I am a party who insists on "connection studies / manual studies" in the compulsory education process.

2017-08-21 ■テーマパークのメシは、私が安い乾麺から作るソバより、はるかに不味い [長年日記]


I do not think that I'm very happy about the system that "holidays of more than a week will continue" in the next term of the Bon and the New Year.


Rather, it might be helpful for me to install the system of "three-day holidays in a week".


Also, I am not convinced of the policy of government holidays to gather public holidays on weekends.


I'm really happy that the holidays on Wednesday and Thursday could rest your body.



However, I also know that enlarging holidays is unavoidable and has the significance.


First of all, in order to rest the stakeholders of complex work all at once, there is no way to rest all at once.


Also, it is a good means to enlarge consecutive holidays as much as possible in order to expand consumption at sightseeing spots.


Especially for couples with small children, no such occasion, motivation to go to "the country of the rat" or "the theme park of the movie company" will occurs.


Also, we will not be able to make seniors think "Let's go mountain climbing".


しかしなぁ ―― とも思う訳です。

But I think "however",


For me,


- Most things are got at Amazon.com


- Foods, drinks and other products are got at the cheap butcher's supermarket in the neighborhood


- About Music, video entertainment, Youtube is enough.



- Dishes of the amusement park is far more unpleasant than soba made from cheap dry noodles by me.


(To be continued)

2017-08-22 ―― なんか、このモデルさん達。遊んでいる最中にぶつかったら「骨の音」が聞こえてきそうだなぁ [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Even if it's a holiday, I have a lot of work to do as a weekend researcher, and my daughters go out without permission and my wife is sinking on the sofa.


So, for me, there is no "reason" to go out.


I think that the next time I go out is that my daughter's couple will bring my grandchildren (to come true?) to the future.



Even such me, I can recognize the "summer" by looking at the poster at a station, that shows the ladies who wear swim suits stretched at the station's home.


There is an amusement park with a large pool near the station of the railway company I usually use. and a poster that changed the concept is displayed every year.


This year, it is a orthodox type, that the swimsuit women seems to be enjoying in the pool, however, The model women who come out in the poster,

"Production president who adopts a slimming model are arrested (French country) in this era"


All are pretty slimming women.


I am not in a position to support or non-support for Pro-ana at the present moment, so I have no intention about women.


One thing of my impression about the poster,

―― なんか、このモデルさん達。遊んでいる最中にぶつかったら「骨の音」が聞こえてきそうだなぁ

"Something, these models. If they hit each other while playing, I am about to hear 'sound of bones'"



"I was scared" just a little bit.


I would like to tell you just my small impression today.

2017-08-23 ―― 私には"ともだち"がいない [長年日記]


From the time I was a teenager, until now, I have not known the definition of




「友人」というからには、相互に「友人」であるという認定が必要なはずだ ―― という、面倒くさいことをずっと考えていましたので。

"If we use the word "friends", we should be certified as "friends" with each other" --- I have thought it is troublesome.


In fact, when I heard that someone was saying "I am Ebata's friend", I always thought that


"Do not call me "friend" easily,"



And that logic came back to me like a boomerang,


"Can I call him / her" a friend "? "


I always went felling into self - contradiction.



However, this problem seems to be solved by IT right now, is not it?


It is an "application for" friends ", by a SNS function


In my respect that my long-standing philosophical apolia was technically resolved,


I think that "technology" is still great.



On the other hand, by the above "technology", the fact of

―― 私には"ともだち"がいない

"I have no friend"


has been confirmed reasonably.

2017-08-24 ―― VR(Virtual Reality)のエロが凄い [長年日記]


Previously, at a drinking party,

―― VR(Virtual Reality)のエロが凄い

"Erotic of VR (Virtual Reality) is amazing!!"


About the talk about juniors who talk hotly,


I was listening, like


"I am interested in just technical perspective"




Can someone make the detailed report and send it to me?

EE Times Japan編集部に、次の連載の提案ができないかの検討 ――

"I would like to examine for whether I can propose the next series to "EE Times Japan" editorial department" is not true, but


I want to know it, personally, strongly at the bottom of my heart.

2017-08-25 ―― この「ガイアの夜明け」の光の裏には、その光の数とは比較にならない程の、累々たる死体が転がっている [長年日記]


There is a TV program "Gaeah's Dawn."


This is a documentary program that shows various companies, groups such as NPOs, etc. creating beyond various difficulties, creating new markets, opening up sales channels and acquiring customers.




(1) Forced a difficult management


(2) about a small company,


(3) Young managers,


(4) In rural areas,


(5) positively

is fightting

という5要件を見たす作品は、 ―― もちろん、番組としての演出があるとしても ―― 視聴者(私)を勇気づけてくれます。

The program, including the above five requirements, encourages the viewers (including "me"). --- even if there are some performance in the story.


It is my favorite program that will help me when I am down at work or when I am in difficulties.



However, I who was a son of a president of a small town factory, has a bit worry.


That means that this program has become a misunderstanding manufacturing device that "If you challenge, you can be sure to be happy".

"Behind the light of this "Gaia's dawn" there are rolling corpses that are not comparable with that number of lights"


I am afraid that most people (especially young people) do not know that what I said above.


This "dead body" is not a metaphor. It is a true "human body".



However, since many people do not know this fact, they can not tell many people,


In general, nobody wants to watch such a brute story, even if someone makes it.

2017-08-26 以前、私が書いたコラムに心酔した権力者 [長年日記]


A powerful man who was drunken in the column I wrote before


is now straying the United States.


I am deeply responsible for that now.

2017-08-27 ―― 教師と紛争を起して、トラブルを法廷に持ち込んでみませんか [長年日記]


From the end of the Bon event, I am afraid a black stain, that is called "homework for summer vacation" become spread out your mind.


Dear you, of the teenager who looks pale with looking at the whole amount of homework.


Why do not you prove that you cannot complete homework during a summer vacation, and

―― 教師と紛争を起して、トラブルを法廷に持ち込んでみませんか

"would you try to conflict with your teacher, and cause a lawsuit



As a matter of fact, there are quite a few low-teachers who can not quantitatively calculate a casual amount of homework.


In fact,


- A teacher named "Miyamoto" of junior high school teacher without creative ingenuity, who had done writing of an enormous amount of kanji, which can not be done unless it took six hours a day, 30 days a day,


- a teachers named "Shizuka", who do not know anything other than world history of high school, made us translate the original book of words,


I still "hate" them even now.


When I was a teenager who was serious, and working on this homework seriously, I could not do anything to play during summer vacation.


(To be continued)

2017-08-28 ―― あなたは、その宿題と、うまくうけば、その教師も、ほぼ確実に「潰す」ことができます。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Then, I will teach the strategy.


- First of all, please let us know that homework is objectively impossible during the summer holidays. Specifically, it is sufficient to calculate the execution time in hours per day.


- Please make a consent form for such agreement, with a minimum of 10 people, possibly 100 persons order.


- If there is parental consent, it will be better. However that is not important. You should not send the consent paper to not the teacher. but "principal" and "city or provincial board of education", directly,


If you do so far,

―― あなたは、その宿題と、うまくうけば、その教師も、ほぼ確実に「潰す」ことができます。

"You can almost "crush" the homework and, the teacher at the same time hopefully"



The important thing is not to bring in "direct confrontation with teacher" or "cooperation with parents".


The purpose of this strategy is to use the "principal", "board of education" and "mass communication" to make things flame up.


No problem.


What you "teenagers" should to is start burning fire. On the other hand, turning off the fire is a job of "adult".


Of course, you are not subject to legal responsibilities such as claims for civil damages, as well as criminal punishment.



Now, it's a few days left, but now it's time to do it now


It is still in time for it.


Let's calmly balance the "effort to complete homework" and "effort to deflate the fire" and start the game.

2017-08-29 ―― エラそうに [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Over the AI(14) ---- beyond a reach of our imagination of AI"

Artificial intelligence coming to bay ---- Rare technology that has advanced due to giving up "perfect"



This story is a typical example of the following.

"Don't make me laught!" in my diary.



In fact,


The person who has never tried coding of AI technology,


writes the books about the AI technology, makes the materials of the AI functions,


and speaks about the future of AI service.

―― エラそうに

"with an arrogant attitude."


えー? 違います、違います。

Well? No, no. No way.


It is not about you.


It is about me isn't it? of course.

2017-08-30 映画「この世界の片隅に」 [長年日記]


I saw an amazing movie.


- In the first 2 minutes, I was drawn into the picture, and in the first 5 minutes, I was fascinated by the heroine's voice,


- I could not identify the scenes that I could say "This is an impressive scene!"


- In the still picture of end roll which is not related at the story, I was about to be overflowing with my tears.

なぜ、この映画に対する、筋の通った論説がどこにもないのか、私はずっと不思議に思ってきましたが ―― その理由が、やっと昨夜判明しました。

I've always wondered why there is no streaky editorial on this movie. However I could come to understand the reason finally.


Now, I am also one person who can proudly say "I can not do well-edited thesis" openly.



Even so, I was really happy.


I was about to miss this amazing movie.


Anyway, wy wife was great, because she got a ticket for this movie to be held at a local hall.

2017-08-31 明日(または今夜)、日本中で100人を越える子どもが、"確実"に自殺をします。 [長年日記]


To: Parents with children

Tomorrow (or tonight), over 100 children in Japan will commit suicide "surely".


Please watch over your child tonight, if possible, talk with him/her relaxingly.


If it is necessary, it may be good to say "I do not have to go to school tomorrow. Take it easy".


To:Dear Children


You can escape from school(really).


To your parents and teachers, you can insist that "I was sentenced to the man called Ebata," and can tell them my contact address (really).


If the adults around you are useless, 'I' will fight with them at the front (really).