2016-09-01 シュタインズゲートの第23話と最終話で登場する、未来の主人公が、フケて、太って、説教するようなヤツだったら ―― [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


I think there are many contents that the past myself comes to visit the present myself.


On the contrary, there seems to be few case that the present myself comes to visit the past myself. Even if the case is, it is almost "letter from the past".


Yes I can understand the situation.

髪の毛の薄くなった、皺が増えた、肥満した、なんとなく「くたびれた」風の中年が、自分が、自分の前に現われたら ――

If the future myself, whose hair is thin, wrinkly, fat and somehow exhausted middles age, comes to appear in front of myself, and

そして、それが理由で、絶望した若い自分が、自殺などしてしまったら ――

if the future myself elects suicide because of desperation of my future,


This becomes a really serious time-paradox with suppressed mirth.



To begin with, the reason why the old myself wants to meet the younger myself, must be




I never come to think anything except for the reason.


I am afraid that the story is going to annoy us beyond comparison.



For example,

シュタインズゲートの第23話と最終話で登場する、未来の主人公が、フケて、太って、説教するようなヤツだったら ――

On the scene of the 23th and the last of "Steins;Gate", if the hero in future is thin, fat and annoying,

―― あの偉大なアニメは、その時点で台無しになっていたハズです。

the great animation would have been ruined at that time.

2016-09-02 「カンタン」は常に正義です。 [長年日記]


One board computer, "Raspberry Pi" is enormous great.


Constructions and installs will be completed by just one command line.


There is no desired about the performance as a private server.


In special, it is very good that there is no physical driving mechanism.


Because any device that moves and circles is frangible basically.


Mouse, keyboard and display were installed just one time without problems.


In conclusion, it is "simple"



You might think "what Ebata wants to say on earth?", so I will tell you my stories of the past.


As for "one broad micro computer" of the past.


- Firstly, I failed to show any message on the display. So I had to make a image of the message in my mind, and input the command and return the key. Of course, I failed it over and over again.


- Secondly, the keyboard output stranger characters, so I had to make a conversion table by myself.


- Thirdly, I had to install device drivers again and again to use the mouse,


- Finally the micro computer was ruined by conflicts among device drivers.


Anyway, "one broad micro computer" is grand sum of my nightmare for me.



However, I don't want to say "Today's young people don't know the burdens" like complaint of old.


"Simple" is justice at any case.


I think that "technology succession" is to make it more simple and leave the "justice" to the next generation.



By the way, technologies of "simple" that really surprised me are,


"Hatsune Miku", "Baysian network","Unity", "EtherCAT" and "Raspberry Pi". though,


"bigdata" and "AI" are not left in my mind at all.

2016-09-03 Dear Science students of Kagoshima resident. [長年日記]


Dear Science students of Kagoshima resident.


Do you have any part-time job?


What I am going to ask you is to connect the micro server to a port of a given Ethernet work, to get to the connection check ping from a personal computer, and to share the screen from the remote.


Because it is enough for me that you implement the work depending on my instructions.


Of course, that I expect you to have basic knowledge of IP network and experiments of easy LAN network construction.


Before, I ordered my daughter to make the wireless LAN construction, however, it had failed because of the unexpected the home router specification.


So I think that I need a person who can respond depending on the situation.


When I was a little more young, using a network system, I was doing a pretty "naughty",


However, there seems to no person who cannot do it so.


Of course, we should not do such "naughty" things to deceive the system

それでも、「システムを欺く」ことができないと、「システムを欺くやつを撃退する」こともできない ―― とも、思うこともあるのです。

Still, I sometimes think that methods of "deceive the system" will be needed against "guys who deceive the system".

2016-09-04 手書きの価値は、手書きの価値以上の価値はありません。 [長年日記]


As I live and breathe, there are schools that cannot accept a homework made by word processor(WP).


I was surprised to hear that my daughter is enforced to submit her homework to the teacher as a handwritten note.


She should rewrite the handwritten note from the note written on WP.

―― アホか

I came to think "it is helpless",




According to teacher's story, the following problems will annoy them.


- Making a memo by copy and paste,


- Copying a memo of others.


- Being difficult to estimate the quality of the memo.



These stories seem to be logical, however, it is odd, I think.


The value of handwritten note is nothing more than the handwritten note.


The contents are not related with the method like "handwritten" or "WP".


(To be continued)

2016-09-05 とは言え、これのらツールやアプリを、激務の現場の教師に押しつけるのは、酷かもしれません。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

もっとも、コピペ防止対策は、私達エンジニアのタスクなんですけどね ―― というか、ほとんど、そのような技術は完成しているのですが。

Engineers like me, should provide the teachers with a copy-guard technologies, however, these technologies has almost already completed.


Though there is a similarity determination technology, it might not be popular for quotes from the Internet, or copy and paste among friends.


On the other hand, it is a pity to enforce the front-line busy teachers to use these tools or applications.


In addition, students are used to using these technologies.


An effort to avoid the waring of these tools, is finally to make the students understood the contents of the report deeply.


Finally, all of the above will achieve the first target, after all, I think.



However, I am afraid that there is a problem of this method.


This method needs a major premise, that all juniro high school students can use WP.


(To be continued)

2016-09-06 しかし、今や、企業において、ワープロやスプレッドシートが扱えない人が必要とされる可能性は、1mmもありません(断言)。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


To tell you the truth, this is more serious than other issues.


Now, I hear that some young people can make a reports by a smart-phone, however, they form only a small part. I think I need time to reach the level.


For example, what time should we have waited for starting even the email emergency service at my daughter's element school ?


Because we cannot start the service even if one person cannot use a email system.


It cannot be helped, concerning the service nature.


Our nation is proud of the high literacy rate, so we can bounce out with "it is your own responsibility"


However, we cannot say "what you cannot use e-mail is your own responsibility" because our nation doesn't have the high quality IT literacy, (Especially for elder people)



Thus, my daughter should wait for the time that pencils, brush-pens and notebooks become things of the past, in order to submit her homework written on WP.


She must throws up it.



Now I assure that there is no possibility that companies need a person who cannot use WP or spreadsheet on PC.


It is likely that a company tries to hire an "illiterate people",


I hear the story that more and more students become not to be able to use PC.


However, young people can use smart-phone easily, so I think I don't have to worry about the above problem. (I remember that my upper generation's anti-PC-lsm was really tremendous)

2016-09-07 江端家では、全ての家電製品、その他の器具は、私のドレイです。 [長年日記]


In the Ebata's all home electric appliances and other devices are my slaves.


I can control them at my will and even if they go out of order, I almost can fix them by pincers, drivers, tester and copper bit.


On the other hand, all members of the Ebata's except for my, are salves for all home electric appliances and other devices.


They are going to give up easily against troubles of doorknob, hinge and exchange of light bulb and battery in the end.



One day, my wife called me in my office, and asked me to go back home immediately, saying "I will pick you up at the station by car". I was pale and asked her the reason, she said,

―― パソコンに、日本語が出てこなくなった

"The PC cannot show Japanese characters on the display"



I shouted "Try Google search!"


She said "I cannot do it without Japanese"


Well, it was reasonable. The PC was wrong.

再起動しても、入力設定を元に戻さないとか ―― 一体、どこのバカが設定の設計をしていやがるんだ、と本気で腹が立ちます。

I got mad with someone who makes the ridiculous design that "Not returning the initial status, even after rebooting.


I think "to return the PC status for Japanese after rebooting, because the PC is in Japan".

昨日、「パソコンが使えない」ことと「筆記用具が使えない」ことは同義 ―― みたいなことを書きましたが、実際のところ、「パソコンって、筆記用具以下だ」と思うことは、多いです。

Yesterday, I wrote that "not to use a PC" is same as "not to use a pen", however, I sometimes come to think that "a PC is inferior to a pen".


(To be continued)

2016-09-08 「第2条 前条が困難であると客観的に判断される場合に限り、自分以外の家族に助けを求めることができる」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


By the way,


Nowadays, I am seriously worry about my family's down-skill, for example they don't exchange batteries.

電灯が切れて暗くなっても、テレビのスイッチが入れられなくても ―― 「私の帰宅を待つ」という状態になっています。

Under the situation of dark room without lights, gray display of a television with switch disorder. what they are doing is "await my return".


It is a abnormal condition.


The Ebata has two original rules.

「第1条 自分のことは自分でやる」

"The article 1. I have to do what I have to do for my own, by myself"



「第2条 前条が困難であると客観的に判断される場合に限り、自分以外の家族に助けを求めることができる」

"The article 2. Despite of the preceding article, I can ask my family to help, as long as the completion is difficult objectively"



This rule has a constitution purpose that all of my family can keep their life whenever the form of my family changes, for example, abscond, marriage and death.


So I think that all of us can do every house-keeping by ourselves, for example simple cooking, washing, garbage disposal and using PC.


(To be continued)

2016-09-09 しかし、最近、「第2条」の拡大解釈が著しい。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


However recently, the stretch of the article 2 becomes terrible.


New interpretation "everyone can ask a person who can solve a problem about life infrastructure at home in minimal-period for the help."


has come, and the constitution purpose is going to be ruined with grave situation.


Repairs of all home appliances and other devices are enforced to me.


Though I will give the technique to them, they don't have no intention to learn it,



I said to them "Understanding the structure of things and repairing disabled things, are feeling of pleasure, aren't them?", however,


they let the my words pass, like

―― まだ世界に知られていない少数民族の言語

"unknown minority language"




Apparently, they believe "all things exist only in the direction to break", and


I think that they have no intention of "Let's go to the outside from the doctrine of the law of entropy" absolutely.

2016-09-10 己の器量を測ることもなく、小さい器の自分に自分が与えた、これらの「限界のない激辛への希求」が導いた結実は一体何だったか。 [長年日記]


Recently, even eating Hokkyoku-ramen, I don't feel no longer painful as of old.


As normally delicious ramen, it will complete to have it from the beginning to the end.


In life in general, I become to seek more and more spicy foods. Recently, I bought a red pepper (crushed ones) for kimuchi of large bag containing, and I carry around to put in a bottle.


And, I sprinkle the pepper over and over again on ramen and soba noodles and curry.



After eating three times spiciness of the Hokkyoku-ramen, I remembered the nostalgic feeling "Hokkyoku-Ramen is hot and painful".

そして、先日「北極の極み」という ―― 定量的な辛さは分かりませんが、唐辛子だけで構成されたスープで、箸が立つくらいのラーメン ―― を食しました。

A few days ago, I tried a ramen, called "Hokkyoku extremely". I didn't know the spicy level by a numeric value, however,


I don't know what is what about this spicy, and finally, I don't know what I am aiming at no longer.


I remembered a nightmare at that time.


My foolish behaviour patterns, "Ends and means become reversed".


Without measuring self-evaluation, what was on earth, does "desire to no limit spicy" give me ?


It is, "the precious delicious ramen becomes something full of painful"


a truly foolish act.

2016-09-11 「5時間」くらいの時間が「1分」くらいの感覚で失われる ―― というのは、本当に人生の浪費だと思うのです。 [長年日記]


For the whole of last weekend, I was making a home server of "Raspberry PI".

「Raspbian OS」でシェル画面が立ち上がらなくなり、rootログインもできなくなり、サーバとしては動いているけど、何も手が出ない状態のブラックボックス状態に陥いってしまった為です。

I had made it by "Raspbian OS", however, command prompt view didn't work, and root login was also impossible. The server was working but I could not access the server any more.

同じものを作り直してもよかったのですが、Ubuntu(Linux)のGUIを揃えてくれている、"Ubuntu Mate"をインストールしました。

I thought that I tried to make up the same OS on "Raspberry PI", but, this time I selected "Ubuntu Mate" because it provided Ubuntu GUI in advance.

―― と書くと、簡単みたいですが、"14.04版"やら"16.04版"とか色々試して、SDカードのOSの書き換えを4~5回くらい試しました。

Seeing the above, it seems to be simple, however, I tried to rewrite the OS of the SD card about four to five times, for example, "14.04 Edition" or "16.04 Edition".



Well, I really think that a server construction is to waste enormous amount of time.

「5時間」くらいの時間が「1分」くらいの感覚で失われる ―― というのは、本当に人生の浪費だと思うのです。

Time of about "5 hours" is lost in a sense of only "1 minute". I think that it is really a waste of life.


Without the existence of "computer", I wonder what kind of way of life I have lived.


I might have died in the boring, or I might have to find another thing, for example, devoting to the poor writing.


However, if there is no computer (more precisely, a word processor), I did not write any sentence at all, and I am not doing series of control LAN and artificial intelligence.


Also, it would not can also be used to calculate the statistics of the railway of the injury.


If I think so, the world of "If" might be meaningless.



After standing up Samba server, Web server, FTP server, Synergy server, and VNC server, the weekend, has expired.


In addition, much time was spent to modify the configuration file of each server.


(To be continued)

2016-09-12 「数字に魂が籠っていない」 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

Let's turn the world by "Number" Accident resulting in injury or death (34) "

"Dutifully of the railway company, from the analysis result of that "delays in the injury" is not a lawsuit"



"You don't put your heart and soul into the number"


The junior researcher of mine said that,


has existed.

2016-09-13 サンプル用の拡張子は、zaru(ザル)で、いかがでしょうか。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from day before yesterday)


Most sample "configuration files" don't work well as an initial condition, because they are provided with the most severe security configuration.


What I should do is to repeat endlessly the loop between changing configuration file and rebooting with the touch-up.


I know the importance of security though, I also want to claim "why do you want to make the strict configuration file that doesn't make the server work.


Like of me,


- I want to confirm the operation of the server first, even if the server is hijacked.


- I want to think about security problem after I confirm the operation.


I think not a few engineers are existing to think the above.


Even if my lazy works give the other's cyber attach chances, it is my fault absolutely.


No one would deny that my fault.



I want to ask the people who is developing the server software, to add a new type of configuration file "default configuration file with non-concept security"


How do you like the extension ".zaru"?

apache2.conf.zaru, とか、vsftpd.conf.zaru とか。

apache2.conf.zaru, or vsftpd.conf.zaru

「こんな設定を使えば、ほぼ間違いなくサーバを乗っ取られる。しかし、絶対に動く」という、zaruファイル ―― ってダメですかねえ。え

Do you want to use the idea of this ".zaru" file that "if you use this configuration file, your server will be hijacked easily, but it works absolutely."



I know that even if a server is hijacked, the server becomes a foot stool and starts other servers, so the contents of configuration files should be strict.

でも、設定ファイルの一つのコメント外すだけの為に、5時間も時間を喰われるとか ―― 本当に勘弁して欲しいんですよ。

However, I want to say "give me a break" because I have to waste my precious five hours in weekend, just for finding one comment out.

2016-09-14 例えば、相手の女性が「月子」とか、あるいは変身後の「セーラームーン」だったならば、この翻訳は『なかなか上手いこと言った』と言えると思います。 [長年日記]

"I love you"を、「月がとてもキレイですね」と翻訳した作家がいたとか ―― 真偽のほどは知りませんが。

I hear the story that there was a writer who translated "I love you" to "the moon is very beautiful", however I don't know whether it was true or not.


Anyway I think that nobody can know whether it is reasonable as the translation, before reading the states of the conversation around this phrase.


For example, as the heroin in the book, her name is "Tsukiko" or, she is a transformed "Sailor Moon", this translation is, I think "quite good."



Such a context conversion between "people" and "thing" is bad for me, as an engineer.

「苦手」というのは、それが「できない」のではなく ―― というか「できない」なら良いほうで ―― 「完璧に間違った方向に誤解する」ということです。

The "bad" doesn't mean that I cannot do the context conversion. If only I cannot do it, it is better. It means that I understand the wrong direction of the book.


Particularly in classical literature field, it is terrible. As far as I can remember, for example, "disqualification as a human" of Dazai, "Kokoro" of Soseki and "red and gray" of Stendhal.


I already told you that I have received criticism of rumbling from others, by my misunderstanding of complete interpretation of those books.


However, the fact that "for even such a person, there might be chance for writing to be given by others" is, I believe has given courage to many engineers, (might this be misunderstood).


(To be continued)

2016-09-15 「惜しい人をなくした」というフレーズがありますが、これって、結構、辛辣だと思うのです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Set it aside,


There is a phrase of "we have lost a person of much account", and I think this is an acid phrase.


What I am obsessed with is "what is an account of the person?"


I think that it is not about a pure and simple person, but skills, ideas, actions, works and services of the person.


As for me, I hear that "we have lost a person of much account" is the same phrase of "We want to use the person's skills for our profit."


Moreover I come to think it with evil emotion, I can reach a concept of "a person of less account"


Of course, I know that this is a kind of "misrepresentation",


in order to express condolences to a death person as an ordinal method.



To think again, "a person of much account" will not make me happy, however,


"I was glad with him/her anytime"


"I wanted to enjoy talking more with him/her"


"I feel lonesome because he/she has gone"


I like the above phrases more than "a person of much account".



However, I decided,

―― うん、これ以上考えるのは止めよう。

"I will stop thinking it anymore"

私が死後に何を言われるか ―― 批判とか非難とかでもあれば、まだマシな方で、

After my death, even if any criticism and disrespect against me, will be rather welcome,


in the less time than reading out "Ebata is dead"


everyone becomes to write out all memories of Ebata, as if Ebata hasn't existed from the start.

―― ということを、私は知っているのです。

I know well that.



"Why is Ebata confident about it ?"


Because I live my life with keeping deleting my memories like the above.

2016-09-16 ―― 少くとも、「一流」ではないな [長年日記]

I have already written the story that I hate a phrase of "xx technology that Japanese are proud of". I also have a word I hate extremely. It is





There are a lot of words that are used remain undefined, and I do not want to agree with the assertion that "words that can not be defined should not be used".

―― 少くとも「一流」には、数値が「1」が入っている

"First(1st) class" includes for a numbers "1".


Moreover there are "second-class" and "third-class" in the world, I think the term "first-class" should have been used as a comparable unit.


Even If so, the world should be defined quantitatively.


Of course, we do not need to be a universal definition (I think also would be impossible such a thing).


If there is a book whose title includes "first-class", the author should defined the meaning of "first-class" in the book.


The author who can not do it, is

―― 少くとも、「一流」ではないな

not a "first-class" person, as a author at least.


I also falls into the logic of contradictory circulation loop.


(To be continued)

2016-09-17 I just hate the word of "first-class". [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


So far, this might be my "casuistry".


I just hate the word of "first-class".


I also hate the word of "success".


The reason I hate the words, is


a feeling of unpleasant that the words are used as be undefined and differentiated.


a fact that my life is passing without the words of "first-class" or "success"




a fact that I was called "successful person" from a utter stranger.


My uncomfortable feeling had been maximized.



Yeah, maybe, you would have thought that Ebata is troublesome guy.


However you don't have to worry it.


Even if you say "Ebata-san is first-class" or "Ebata-san is a successful person" to me at a drinking party, I am smiling.


2016-09-18 江端は、その人に対して、「その人の何を褒めれば良いのか分からない状態である」―― と思って頂いてO.K.です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Trying to think well, I have never thought that "he/she is first-class".


It is not even just once.


I have no idea that the what kind of meaning of the "first-class" there is, in the relationship with me.



For me, the criteria of a third party are


"Fun for me"


"Useful for me"




I don't know any more.


However, in my community, I know that I have some person that I have to keep a contact.


Still, I continue to make an effort to enjoy me or help me ,using the person.


Even in the worst case, I have written about the unpleasant person in my columns.



Anyway, if I say


"You are first-class aren't you" with compliance,


"Indeed, success person is different from banality like me" with acting impressed,

江端は、その人に対して、「その人の何を褒めれば良いのか分からない状態である」―― と思って頂いてO.K.です。

It is O.K. that you think "Ebata doesn't know what something good of the person is".

2016-09-19 まあ、「正しいこと」の成果は、100年オーダで見なければならないのだろうと、腹を括っています。 [長年日記]


"The Equal Employment Opportunity Law" is absolutely a correct law, however, who can deny that the declining birthrate has accelerated by the law.


When so I think it, "declining birthrate society" has no choice because of the result of operation by a correct law.



Now, the government, aim to achieve zero overtime or reduction of working hours society. The legislation also would proceed.


I think It is a correct action undoubtedly, and the correct legislation.


But, perhaps, this also creates another problem, I am afraid.


Even if this happens, I think I have to say "it cannot be helped".


The results of the "correct action" will appear after 100 years, and I have already prepared for it.



I will finish my life without seeing the results of the "correct actions" however,


If I can die with believing that "correct actions" will change with "good results",


I want to come to think "It is not bad".

2016-09-20 まあ、健康目的の全身運動が「愉快で仕方がない」ということはないでしょうから、これで良いと思うのですが。 [長年日記]


There is a sport gym on the way to my office.


The gum is in the five-storied building, and I can see the dancing people for exercise from a large windows even at 9 to 10 at night.


The window looks like a clear movie screen, and I can watch their facial expression.


Before I wrote the story about I watched the shadow of maid girls in Akihabara, who were doing listless performance at the tea room.

シルエットからだけでも、メイドさんたちの「やる気のなさ」が伝わってくる、心が寒くなる光景だった ―― とお伝えしました。

Just from the shadow, I could understand their powerless feeling, and became cold.


As compared to the girls, the dancing people in the gum seems to be willingness, however, they don't seem to be happy and happy.


I think that the exercise for their health might not be "happy and happy", this is no problem.

ですから、テレビで、チアガールズのパフォーマンスの最中の、あの掛け声と異様なまでに創作された笑顔を見ているだけで ―― つい、チャンネルを変えてしまいます。

On the other hand, when I watch the performance of cheer girls with scream loudly and studied smile on TV, I unconsciously feel like changing the channel.


For me, I feel that it is painful.


(To be continued)

2016-09-21 それは、もはや「前世の記憶」のようです。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


In order to realize the reduction of working hours or healthy life expectancy, I think that the exercise is important.


However, from my experiments(from the battlefront of care of the aged), even if you try to go to sport gums or take a jog, it is coming at once when it comes.


By the way,



I used to go to a tennis school on my way home.


However it is likely to have been in a previous existence.


I think that I, who could go scurrying around a tennis court, lived in an alternative world.


On the other hand, transferring, moving, marriage and birthing are a kind of event that makes us move the alternative world.


After happening to the event, our environments or conditions are changed dynamically.


At this moments, we have to restart an alternative world from zero. we are like to be born again whenever such event happens


新しい異世界生活開始の前後にあっても、一定のアクティビティを維持できるような何か ―― 手法なのか、マインドとか ―― を、準備しておかなければならないと思います。

I think I have to prepare for Something techniques or mindsets in order to keep the activities, even before and after the new alternative world life starts,


However, I do not know really what I can do with it.


Anyway, if I continued whatever even swimming or tennis, I might not have been daily fatigue recently.

2016-09-22 ―― 「国際連合事務総長」って「権力」何もないじゃん? [長年日記]


Recently, I am working for a top of several head offices.


It is a "Secretary General"

基本的には、 「国際連合事務総長」と同じなのかなーと思って、このページの「国際連合事務総長」の仕事を、自分の仕事にあてはめてみました。

I think that it is basically same as the work of the Secretary-General of United Nations(UN), and I try to apply my work for this case.


- Organizational management of projects and events


- Disputing mediation between project members


- Project handles remarks on various issues


It is similar.


It is closer to the image of mother who manages her family isn't it?


At least I don't have the image of the "father".



It is too late to notice it, however,

―― 「国際連合事務総長」って「権力」何もないじゃん?

The Secretary-General of United Nations(UN) don' have any power, do them?


(Continuation from yesterday)

2016-09-23 ―― そう、事務局のトップは、その組織の意思決定に係わってはならない [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The Secretary-General of United Nations(UN)


cannot install the Security Force at all, and


cannot make a decision of economic sanction.


(The decisions are able to be done by the Security Counci)


I noticed again the fact that "The Secretary-General of the United Nations is just a top of a bureaucratic".


―― そう、事務局のトップは、その組織の意思決定に係わってはならない

"Yes, - a top of the Secretariat should not be involved in the decision-making of the organization"


Secretariat is just government agencies to support the project.


So, Secretary-General, must not concurrently serve as project members.

そりゃ、当然で、政府の役人と国会議員を兼任するようなもので、―― それは、三権分立の原則に反しているからです。

It is natural because ,it is like to serve both officials and parliamentarians of the government at the same time, ad It is contrary to the separation of powers principle.


However, the principle is just public stance in many cases.


(To be continued)

2016-09-24 ―― 国家を孤立化させると、ロクなことにならない [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


The Secretary-General of United Nations(UN) meets a Chief Executive to a dispute and makes a peace recommendation to ambassadors to the United Nations.


This is not "official work" but "diplomacy" apparently, and serious "political activity", close to "interference in domestic affairs".


Above all, any nation can withdraw from the UN anytime, based on their own free will, if the nation complains about the UN decision.


However, the withdrawal will cause a war in many case,


and enormous war beyond a joke.

日本も、昔、威勢よく「席をけって」国際連盟(League of Nations)を脱退したことがあります。

The decades-old Japan withdrew from the League of Nations with stalking out of the room n spirited manner.


Of course, Japan was isolated internationally, and other isolated countries were gathered to make a new framework of "the Axis powers".


This Axis powers raised a quarrel with the world, and the World War II, and the Pacific War started. Finally these Axis powers were defeated perfectly.


Not only that, all over the world, including non-combatants, tens of millions of people have been killed in the war.


To make this annoying country, the world knows experimentally that a troublesome is coming.

―― 国家を孤立化させると、ロクなことにならない

"If we isolate a nation, nothing good happens."


So, the world is always busy in order not to isolate the "north side of the country of the neighboring countries of the peninsula", the Secretary-General of the United Nations, should go anywhere all over the world.


(To be continued)

2016-09-25 「とっとと、ピョンヤンを空爆すればいいのよ」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


More than 20 years ago, I visited a family of military personnel of the US forces stationed in Japan, and asked them to teach me English.


At that time, when I was talking about the problem of the so-called , the wife said,


"We may be bombing Pyongyang as soon as possible"


Hearing her opinions, I looked pale.


"Well, though it is enough for you to drop bombs on Pyongyang, our nation is going to fall a victim to the revenge"

―― と、当時の私の英語でば(そして、多分今でも)、婉曲的に表現できなかったので、その話題からは離れました。

however, I was away from the topic because I could not express the fact with euphemistic phrase (maybe even now).


By the way, the policy of the United States "anyway, bombing should do" has been consistent perfectly from Vietnam war to until now.


And, they have almost failed.

正確に言うと、空爆のその国の戦後統治に失敗し続けている ―― ですね。

To be precise, the United States, continues to fail to post-war governance of the country after the bombing.


As long as I remember, it is only a country "Japan" in the Far East that the United States succeeded in the post-war governance, moreover, the support from the public of the nation.


(To be continued)

2016-09-26 「それが会社組織というものだ」と応えます。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


Set it aside,



Now I am a secretary-general of a technical project.


As a rule, I must not tamper with the project.


However, far from tampering, I am working as a member of the project member,


with heart and soul.


If you ask me "why does Ebata should double as the secretary-general and the members simultaneously?"


I reply to you "This is a company".



Anyway, recently I feel empathy for

―― 国際連合事務総長の潘基文(パン・ギムン)さんの、仕事や大変さへの共感さ

the tough and difficult works of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr.Ban Ki-moon



2016-09-27 最近、この「『スポーツ観戦』を楽しめる能力」というのが、全く侮れないことが分かってきました。 [長年日記]


If you watch sports, I like rather "digest version".


I would quite feel as "troublesome" to continue looking at the baseball and football more than two hours.

I don't think that this is based on the spirit of the technical writing, "speaking the results first",


Even engineers like to watch "sports".



Recently, I come to think that this ability to enjoy watching sports is worth much.


In particular, when we become elderly and difficult to move our bodies, this ability will exert a great power.


"Watching Sports" is, after all,


to be provided nearly all day in real-time, and


uncertain the result, and


to make a drama than expected.


That is a wonderful contents, and moreover,


no need any devices like keyboard, and mouse,


no need any machine like PC,


The "killer content" in the true sense of the word.


(To be continued)

2016-09-28 『その不倫相手が、"ひ弱い感じの男性"か、"マッチョな感じの男性"かで、知識を変えるべき』 [長年日記]


Today, new my column is released, so I take a day off.

"Over the AI(3) ---- beyond a reach of our imagination"

"You get the raspberry from AI, and manipulated to the articles"



"When I am the affair with male partner, what kind of knowledge should I give to the expert system ?"



"You should change the knowledge whether the case of the partner is "a sickly man "or, or " a macho man"",



My senior daughter, who answered it in no time,


has existed.

2016-09-29 私にとって「パソコンが使えない世界」というのは ―― 恐怖です。 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)

私にとって「パソコンが使えない世界」というのは ―― 恐怖です。

It is fearful for me that I cannot use PC.


The center of my world is made from "loves", and the special tool that put "loves" into shape, is a computer.


(*)Above all, the old days, I had been called "perpetual-motion machine of love"


"Computer, this annoying and foolish machine, needs a lot of helps of human being, and if you want to get it work well, you have to give many supports to computer.


At the same time, however, it is also a lovable machine because it can work if I give the correct orders to it.


As far as I am concerned, blocking communication with a computer means that to lose a method in order to realize "loves", and discontinuity with the world.


It is really serious for me.



Whenever I have a power to hit a keyboard and watch a display, I am sure that I make me happy.


However I have seen that even the power is going to be lost near myself in real-time,

―― それはもう「これでもか」と言うくらいに。

like "one after the other"


In addition, now I have already started the deterioration of visual and hearing power absolutely.


I come to get tired easily, and need much time to recover from the fatigue.


I have a lot of things I want to do, however, I feel that "aging" starts to prevent me from trying them.


(To be continued)

2016-09-30 「価値のない人間」 [長年日記]


(Continuation from yesterday)


It might be in vain against "aging", even if I prepare for it and and counter it with soul and heart.


"Aging" comes to deprive us of several things, like,


physical capabilities, intelligence, senses, any and every.



We are taught to believe that "individuality, originality and creativity are essential values of our life",


I doubt whether they are really "essential values".


Above all I think that "individuality", so called, is biased toward many people's hope, however I have already told this story and I will omit it today.


However, it is true that the concepts of "making better today than yesterday" and "make plus condition is more valuable than zero" have been count.


What is coming on the way of this concept, is


"worthless people"



(To be continued)