2013-12-03 「超開運パワーストーンでぐんぐん幸せになる本!」というのを買ってみようかと思っているんですよ。


I am going to buy the book whose title is "Super good-luck power stones make you happier and happier".


I would like tell you "shriek of my joy" on my blog site.


Yes, I am really exhausted from the fiscal and mental stresses.


今朝、出勤の時、電車内の朝日新聞のデジタル広告『あなたはたった ふた駅でTPPに詳しい人物になれる。』

This morning, I saw the advertisement of "ASAHI Digital Newspaper in the train, which said “You make you a specialist of TPP during passing through just the two stations"

―― 私は、もの凄く勉強したつもりでいて、それでも、まだ詳しいとはとても言えんけどなー などと。

In my case, I did study it very hard, but I never think that I made me a specialist of TPP at all.


Yes, I am really tired.

2014-12-03 日本の未来は明るい ―― と思いました。


There is an elementary school on the way to my office from the station.


The ground of school faces pavement, so I can look at children who take a physical education and play on the ground.



This morning, when I walk by the ground,

「アナと雪の女王」の主題歌"Let it go"を絶唱している男子児童の声が聞こえてきました。

I could hear the voice of the boy who sang a superb song "Let it be", that is theme song of the movie "Frozen".


In addition, I thought it was very good.


日本の未来は明るい ―― と思いました。

I thought that the future in Japan was bright.

2015-12-03 ―― 基本的にどこでもそうですが、サポートセンタはサポートしてくれない

Yesterday, I wrote the diary "A Software "Synergy" is great".


To tell you the truth, I didn't work this software, and I sent some question mails to the support center.

―― 基本的にどこでもそうですが、サポートセンタはサポートしてくれない

"Basically, many support centers doesn't support us"


But I sent the mail again and again, and finally I could get resolve one of the problems.


Regardless of the process, I thanked them to erase the problem and I send so-called "thank-you" mail to them.



After a few days , A mail

「よかったね! あんたから貰った御礼のメール、うちのサイトのFAQにアップしておいたよ!」

"It is great. We have already uploaded your "thank-you" mail on our FAQ site."


came to me.


―― まあ、いいんです。

"I don't care at all"

―― 「釈然としない」なんて、全然思っていないです。

"I don't think that "I am not satisfied with the mail" at all.

2016-12-03 「でもね、『エイティーン』という雑誌はないの! 『エイティーン』は、『セブンティーン』という人生の絶頂からの転落そのものなんだよ!!」


(Continuation from yesterday)


Ebata:"Well, the recognition of age seems to be related to our age. Human being is apt to put a certain generation in one bag.


SD:"I wonder about that"


Ebata:"In my case, people under 25 year old, are in a frame of "children""


SD:"In my case, people over 27 years old are in a frame of "over 27 years old".


Ebata:"You said that you cannot make a self-image of 27 years old and more ?"


SD:"Exactly. I don't know what I should do after the birthday of 27 years old"


Ebata:"Well, your opinion is very danger. I can agree with you, though you will make enemy of all women of marriageable age



SD:"You know! "Seventeen" is a glorious age for girls. Do you know the magazine whose name is "Seventeen?


Ebata:"I know"

長女:「でもね、『エイティーン』という雑誌はないの! 『エイティーン』は、『セブンティーン』という人生の絶頂からの転落そのものなんだよ!!」

SD:"But there is no magazine whose name is "Eighteen". That means that "eighteen"is a concept of tumble from the summit of glorious life.


(To be continued)

2017-12-03 ―― なるほど、こういう風に運用を開始したか

Four years ago, I was developing an opinion on "Law concerning child prostitution, acts related to child pornography, etc. and protection of children."


And this time, the Metropolitan Police have arrested prominent manga artists in violation of the above law.

―― なるほど、こういう風に運用を開始したか

"Indeed, they start this law like this"


I think.



Regarding this issue, I have no other comment (already 4 years ago), however,


This time, my wife came to confirm me that


""I guess you do not have that kind of thing, right?"


There was something interesting for me at this point.


法律とは、トップダウン型の権力者の横権では足りず、ボトムアップ型の身内からの圧力があってこそ、効果がある ――

Laws should be managed like this, by not only exertions of authority, but also pressures from the bottom up type of people, in order to obtain the effect.


I think that this is an easy-to-understand example.

2018-12-03 ―― 誘いたくても誘えない


Last weekend, when we went to family dinner in a restaurant after a long interval, my second daughter said,


"We don't invite a fattish girl to go shopping.


I was frightened to hear the story.


I shouted to her "Do you have a part in bullying ?", however, she told me with philosophy

―― 誘いたくても誘えない

"I cannot invite her, even if I want to do"




In the story, "shopping" means "to go to clothes outlets"


If going a clothes outlets, they have no choice but to go to a store for an average girls high school size.

その場合、その「平均的な体型から離れた女の子」をショッピングに誘うことは、誘う側、誘われる側、双方にとって、きまずい雰囲気となる ―― のだそうです。

In that case, inviting that "girls away from the average body shape" to shopping, is going to to be an uncomfortable atmosphere for both the inviting side and the invited side.


Because my wife was also nodding deeply, I think that "they do not invite a fat girl to clothes outlets" is common sense among women.


I had been serializing about a diet for nearly a year, however I did not notice for such a point of view at all.


I am shocked to know that diet for women is "a necessary condition for belonging to a group" more than being "a measure to become beautiful".

「私は、知らないことが多すぎる」 ―― と、改めて実感しました。

Again, I feel that "there are too many things I do not know".

2019-12-03 ―― 「不倫発電」という新型エネルギーや、「浮気デバイス」という増幅装置が作れないかなぁ


I don't know the diffearence between "affair" and "cheating" well, but I know that this act is subject to damages under the Civil Procedure Law.

In the past, I read the book of the Six Laws and the Interpretation of Civil Law and found that these acts were breach of contract (derived from the interpretation of Article 752 of the Civil Code).



While working in my room, when I come down to the living room to get non-alcoholic beer, I often see a variety show that deals with the theme of "affair" and "cheating".


Whenever I see them,

―― みんな、本当にエネルギー余っているんだなぁ

"Everyone really has energy"


I am honestly impressed.


In my case, everyday, I'm full of raspberry pi kernel panic, year-end patent review meeting, and demonstration experiments that will start next February.


I'm a really "cheap guy" because when I just confirmed that "the specified communication message has arrived at the server", I gave a whoop of joy.



Even so, if there is so much energy of "affair" and "cheating" in the world,

―― 「不倫発電」という新型エネルギーや、「浮気デバイス」という増幅装置が作れないかなぁ

I wonder if I can make a new energy called "Affair Power Generation" or an amplification device called "Cheating Device"


I really think it seriously.

2020-12-03 「なるほど、これが『美術部部長』という人間の資質か」


The other day, I went on an overnight trip to Hakone with my family.


My wife said she won the event for the experience stay. She is a good wife.


And so, the family went around the standard tourist attractions of Hakone.

特に、今回は「美術館」を重点的に回りました ―― 次女の現状(高校の美術部部長)と、将来(デザイン学)へのインスパイアになれば、とも考えていました。

In particular, this time we focused on the "museums". I also hoped that my junior daughter's current situation (head of the high school art club) and it helps her future (design studies).



I can't say that I'm an art lover, but still, I like looking at art to the extent that I can say "I like it or not".


I was surprised to find myself as if my soul had slipped away, when I was standing in front of a painting in a museum in Paris, France,

―― なぜ、こんな素晴しい人類の至宝が、この国の国民から(以下省略)

"Why such a great treasure of humanity from the people of this country (hereinafter omitted)"


I was thinking about how rude it was, and so on.


At that time, I was in a meeting for a few days, and I was really pissed off.


うん、ある国の一部の人間の挙動だけを見て、その国の国民の全てを非難するなどというとは ―― ネットでしか騒ぐことしかできない一部のバカに任せておけばいいのです。

Yeah, you can leave it to some idiots who can only make noise on the net, just watching only the behavior of some people in a country and blaming all the people of that country.

Confusing "nation" with "people" is a disservice to the understanding of the country, and

Not trying to verify the facts with their own eyes and ears is not fair.


Well, aside from that.



I also thought I was a pretty slow viewer at the museum, but I couldn't compete with my daughter's concentration.


The first day at the "Forest of Sculpture", of course, and the second day at the "Okada Museum of Art", my daughter set a record of four hours in the museum.


Our family was able to get a good sleep in a chair in the exhibit room and get some rest.

She said that


"I thought I was going to look around at a very fast pace"


and I understand


"I see. This is the human quality of 'the director of the art department'".


2021-12-03 「政治資金収支報告書のオンライン提出を怠っている政治団体」を、江端から思いっきりDisって欲しい


I received a phone call from the person in charge at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, to whom I made a request for information disclosure, stating that they would be able to send me the documents today.

I was prepared for it to take a long time, since they had to create a document that didn't exist in the first place, however...


Nevertheless, I'm very grateful for their careful follow-up.



While I'm glad for their kindness, I'm getting a little worried.


The reason for this response is that I think there are three possible cases.


(1) Basically, the person in charge at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is kind.

(2)情報開示請求をしてくるような民間人はやっかな奴が多い → その対応のノウハウがある

(2) Many private citizens who request disclosure of information are difficult, so they have the know-how to deal with them.

(3) A guy who writes a column like this (Ebata) can be a pain in the ass if they piss him off.


I hope it's (1) above, but if it's (3), I'm a little sad.



Oh, there may be the fourth case.


(4) They want Ebata to disrespect "political organizations that fail to submit their political fund balance reports online" with all his might.


Yeah, that's a possibility.


"It's not good for the government to embarrass a political group, but if a civilian writer (Ebata) can do it, so much the better"



This is a win-win situation for the government and me.


まあ、こんな感じで、『アナログ かつ アナクロ な政治団体を見張っていくのは、私のようなシニアの義務だろう』てなことを思っています。

In this way, I think it is the duty of senior citizens like me to keep an eye on analog and analogous political organizations.

2022-12-03 ―― 過去の不摂生な生活は、そこから脱した後でも、私たちを許してくれない


Recently, actor Mr.Toru Watanabe passed away.


Also, columnist Mr.Takashi Odajima passed away.


Mr. Toru Watanabe had been obese and lost weight repeatedly, and was not obese at the time of his death.


Mr. Takashi Odajima also overcame his alcoholism on his own.

何が言いたいかというと ――

What I want to say is--

―― 過去の不摂生な生活は、そこから脱した後でも、私たちを許してくれない

"Past neglects of health do not forgive us, even after we get out of them"



So, well, maybe I won't be 'forgiven' either -- even if I don't consume a drop of alcohol now.

2023-12-03 先日、YouTubeのショートを見ていたら、私の作成した図が使われていました。


The other day, I watched a short on YouTube, and a figure I created was used.


I have spent a lot of time thinking about and creating this figure.


If he is going to quote (Article 32 of the Copyright Act), shouldn't he 'include the reference (URL, etc.) in the video?' I think so.


ちなみに、YouTubeで、"死後 脅迫 フローチャート"で、検索すると、その動画が見つかります。

By the way, if you go to YouTube and search for "postmortem threats flowchart," you will find the video clip.