2013-11-22 「社内報」という暴力装置


Once, I contributed the column in company news, because of be asked from the authority. But they ordered me to re-submit new column and changed my pen name without my permission.


I used my own pan name, that indicated me directly though. I want anyone to notice who is the author was. The authority prohibited us to use real name.


But this pen name also was changed some ID against my intention.

著作権法の条文集(第18条 氏名表示権)を開いて、文句を言いにいこうかとも思いましたが、止めておきました。

I thought I went to protest against this alteration with capitulary of copy right. After all I stopped it.


I didn't annoy them with shouting "It is invasion of human rights!", and to tell you the truth, I didn't get angry so much.




I think that the reason why newspapers are not obsolete is easy mobility, usability and light.


In fact, the market of encyclopedia has already been banned perfectly. Enough to one CD or DVD. Now any encyclopedias is accessory for the bookshelf ( I already have told same stories again and again).


So I think that newspapers have value as paper media, but I doubt whether the company newspapers are same.


It might be no problem to show them on web site, and some persons who want to have paper, print the papers out.



The junior fellow said "Mr. Ebata. You misunderstand the purpose of company newspaper".


"It is not important whether read or not. It is whether received or not.


You said that no problem if nobody read the papers?


He looks to say like "Are you talking someone at this time of day?"


"Any company newspaper is a sort of violence appliance that makes anyone not to say he/she doesn't know the news."

2014-11-22 ―― 1件あたり最大490ページ、51件の英文明細書を、約半日で、ざっくり理解できた


Yesterday, I wrote my diary, that subject is "Bigdata must die."


However, there are some good "bigdata" analysis in the world, and some analysts or engineers try to find solution using "bigdata"



I went to the conference, at which I have been looking forward attending.


I really enjoyed the conference even from the afternoon session only.


Especially, I was fascinated with the research procedures of patent descriptions and papers by text mining method.

―― 1件あたり最大490ページ、51件の英文明細書を、約半日で、ざっくり理解できた

"Possible to understand more than fifty descriptions, one of them includes maximum four hundred ninety pages for a half day"



I thought that I tried this method as soon as possible, and I wanted to write the follow-up report of this column.

2015-11-22 これらの作業を通じて思ったのは「酒は生き物」ということです。


(Continuation from yesterday)


There is pleasure to pursue one's best taste.


Through this operations, I could know "liquor is creature".


Handling it carefully, even an amateur can make splendid bottles, and if to slight my work, it is going bad soon. It is like a sensitive creature.


I think that the reason why I became able to have the constant respect for commercial liquor is that I passed through a process called this self brewing.


Particularly, I think that it is a kind of miracle to produce products of the same taste in large quantities, transport, and send them to store stably.


だから、―― 逆説的ですけど ―― 私は「自家醸造を止めてしまった」のです。

Therefore "I stop the self brewing, even if it might be paradox.


Well, a bottled wine of 500 yen that was purchased in a general merchandising store, can surpasses taste of my hand-made wine.


The low-malt beer of the original brand of the DIY shop has each personality, and they are delicious and fun.


(To be continued)

2016-11-22 それなら、最初から「悩みごとはなんぞ相談しないでくれ。煩わしいから」と言ってくれた方がマシというものです。


When you talk to your boss or teacher who says "I always accept your trouble" about your problems


―― 逆に叱責された

have you had an experiment to be scolded inversely?


With saying


"Solve such a timid accident by yourself!"



I can understand your anger.


From the beginning, the phrase "I don't care your troubles at all. please don't ask me anything. It will annoy me" is better for us.


(According to teachers, the above saying is out of question, So teachers are excluded)



However, your boss never have malicious intention and behavior against you.


For the boss, your problem is


"really, as simple as being stupid"



(To be continued)

2017-11-22 ―― その手の出資に、私は躊躇はありません。


As pen and paper have shifted to word processors, personal computers, and smartphones,

絵画も、紙と絵の具から、液晶タブレット(液タブ)に移行する ―― と思っているのですが、どうでしょうか。

painting also shifts from paper and paint to liquid crystal tablet (liquid tab). How do you think it?


The reason why I am asking "How do you think it ?" is that I am not familiar with the field of creative painting.



All patent drawings and materials for customer presentation are to be made by PowerPoint.


No longer handwritten paper, neither customers nor academics can accept documents. (The patent office may still be okay).


I have created articles of Neighborhood Association and column illustrations by a drawing tool of the PC, and there is no room for handwriting anymore.



I think that when I was a teenager. I was suffering from paper, pencils, brush, paint for a long time.


I did not want to write sentences or draw pictures.


I thought that "coloring book" was not stupid.



Everyone will not be inclined to digital,


I think that the world where paintings, pallets, canvas, and such were "omitted"

―― 結構、幸せな世界

might be a happy world, fair enough.



After all, I, who has been half a century of my life, and who has no genius, am full of gratitude. Because the world of digital painting, makes me feel like drawing illustrations,



So, now I'm thinking about buying a "Liquid Tab" for my daughter.


I am satisfied with PC and SAI now, If my daughter will be able to enjoy creation in the digital world just like me,

―― その手の出資に、私は躊躇はありません。

"I am not hesitant in the investment of it."

2018-11-22 ―― 「化粧が身だしなみ」であるなら、男でも毎日「化粧」をすべきだろう


I also sometimes think that "I was good to be born to men", "I wanted to be born to a woman".


However, these are from the viewpoint that my current "sex" is men (physical and mental) merely to the last.


So, the following is completely personal feeling (and excuse me).


In that personal feeling, I will cast a vote for "good to be born to men" from the perspective of culture "makeup".


I feel uncomfortable just by "painting sunscreen oil" in the summer.


Even so, I am very sorry for women being forced to "torture" to paint the pigment on their face everyday.


Of course, if they say that the act of "make-up" is unusual, and 100% individual's free will, I will not say anything.


However, when I hear a "Make-up is appearance (for only female)", I am irritated with it.

―― 「化粧が身だしなみ」であるなら、男でも毎日「化粧」をすべきだろう

"If "make-up is appearance", even men should also "make-up" everyday


I think that.



Before, my elder daughter got angry,


When I was a high school student, I was criticized as "to making-up", but when I become a college student I am criticized as "not making-up"



I also think "what standards moral is working in our country?"


If "make-up is appearnace", we should make "make-up class" in the moral time of elementary school.


Of course, boys should join together and practice "make-up" in pairs.


Imagining this class scene, and if you think that it is "creepy", you (and me too) should have something missed (*).

By the way, I have some hypothesis about this thesis "Reason why only women are forced to makeup". Still, it is just a hypothesis after all (extended interpretation of [hypothesis 4]).



Recently, I hear a news that women have started wearing masks for the purpose of "hiding no makers".


(The mask does not hide the whole face, so it is unknown whether "no make up" is strictly correct or not. However, I will use the "no make up" for convenience)


It will be possible to make time to use "no make up" for 3 months at the time of hay fever of early winter to early spring, and for 3 months at the time of cold in winter.


Of course, at other times, even if they use a mask, it is not strange. Because allergies (by allergens) are drifting in the air throughout years.

この「マスク戦略」の延長線上に、『ノーメーク』が日常化すれば ―― 何人かは、嬉しいと思える成人女性もいるのではないか、と思っています

On the extension of this "mask strategy", if "no maker up" becomes an everyday affair, some adult women come to happy.

―― 正直、全然分かりませんが。

To be honest, I do not understand at all.


Quite a while ago, I have critically discussed the custom of Islam which prescribes "to hide my face with black cloth for all women".


(Although it may be totally wrong) In these customs, I think that "about a few percent" of women's labor come to be easy.

―― 正直、全然分かりませんが。

To be honest, I do not understand at all.

2019-11-22 ―― 若い人の斬新で前衛的なアイデアが、合理的かつ効率的に潰されるシステム

本来の「相対性理論」とは異なりますが、その理論は人間関係にこそ適用できる ―― と思っています。

It is different from the original "relativity", but I think that theory can only be applied to human relationships.


In particular, I think that "distance" and "age" are major factors.


I will talk about "age".



When I was young, my surroundings were full of people who disturbed me.


Any proposals, any improvements, and even the in-house policy of “bold challenges” have been kept in the way.


There is a memory that I lived in anger every day.



But at some point in my life over half a century, I remember that they stopped.


This is not a story that says "My proposals, improvements and challenges are now accepted", but

―― 無視されるようになった

"they have ignored me"


I felt that.

はっきり言えば、『江端のことは、もうほっとけ / 好きにやらせておけ』という感じです。

Speaking clearly, it was a feeling that "Ebata is already relieved / let him alone".


Even for me, as I grow older, old company politics and connections are formed.


It may be thought that "it is better not to have relationship with Ebata", because it is troublesome to face the front of Ebata.



Well, that's fine, however, this time, I come to feel to disturb


"any proposals, any improvements, and even the in-house policy of "courageous challenges" of young researchers and engineers"



I feel that my casual criticism is 100 times more powerful than that, and it is destroying the aspirations of young researchers and engineers.


This is because the elderly have the experience of crushing young ideas "without doing anything".



In this way, the world is based on the relativity of "age"

―― 若い人の斬新で前衛的なアイデアが、合理的かつ効率的に潰されるシステム

"A system that rationally and efficiently destroys the innovative and avant-garde ideas of young people"


has completed.


The way to avoid this is independent, such as a venture, however, the bankruptcy rate within 3 years for a venture is 97%.


It can be said that the above system functions not only in "in-house" but also in "society".



So if you are in the organization and want to do what you want,


I think that there is only "Weekend Entrepreneurship" or "Weekend Engineer / Researcher".

ただ ―― 起業資金や、研究設備投資に「億の単位お金が必要」、という案件では成立しないのが、難点ですが。

However, it is a difficult point that it is not realized in the case of "requires billions of unit money" for entrepreneurship funds or investment in research facilities.

2020-11-22 そもそも、ゲーマーって、何歳になってもゲームから引退しませんよね。


There used to be the idea of the "30-year old programmer retirement" theory.


This is because the working environment for programmers was poor (long hours of overtime and working on holidays was the default).


In addition, programming technology is advancing rapidly and technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, and new programming languages are popping up one after another, forcing them to keep learning new technologies.


I think "always learning" is the same in other industries, but in the world of programmers, I think the trend is more pronounced.



According to the "programmer at 30" theory, I should have retired as a programmer a long time ago, but the reason I continue to do so is

―― プログラムがイメージ通りに動いた時の快感

"The feeling of pleasure when the program works as I expect"


I believe that.

私の知る限り、30歳以下のプログラマーを知りません ―― まあ、私の人脈は、針の穴よりも小さいので、あまり当てにはなりませんが。

As far as I know, I don't know a programmer under 30 years old -- well, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so my opinion is not so reliable, though.



I think the reason why the "30-year old programmer retirement age" theory was disqualified, is the same reason why the "30-year old gamer retirement age" theory does not work.

ゲームこそ、技術は進歩が激しく、腐化も著しく、新しいゲームが次から次と現われ、常に新しいゲームのルールを勉強しなければなりませんが ――

Game is that technology is advancing rapidly, obsolescence is significant. and new games are coming one after another, they must constantly learn the rules of the new games.


To begin with, gamers don't retire from gaming at any age, do they?

私の知る限り、ゲームを止めて、俳句や、習字や、カラオケに乗り換えたと言う人を、私は知りません ―― まあ、私の人脈は、針の穴よりも小さいので、あまり当てにはなりませんが。

As far as I know, I don't know of anyone who has stopped playing games and switched to haiku, calligraphy, or karaoke! -- well, my connections are smaller than the hole in the needle, so my opinion is not so reliable, though.



After all, "It is important to listen to the theory that is whispered in half"

2021-11-22 だって、どうせ、やつら『何だか分からんが、とにかく動かせ!止めるな! 予算を越えるな!!』って叫んでいるだけでしょう?


(Continuation from yesterday)


マイナンバーカードと運転免許証と保険証の統合をする程度のことに、何年かかっとるんだ? と思いますし、そこに、クレジットカードとSUICAも、機能アドインするくらいのことができんのかなぁ、と思っています。

The reason why people are not getting their own My Number cards is because the government has not been able to present the benefits. How many years is it going to take to integrate my number card with my driver's license and insurance card? I also wonder if it would be possible to add credit card and SUICA functions to the cards.




I know that in companies where remote work was not promoted even during the Corona disaster, the president alone (not the employees) is basically IT illiterate. I know that it's not that the president "can't" do it, but that he "won't" do it. The reason why the president doesn't change the way he works is because it's too much trouble.




I know very well that IT integration is deathly difficult, so when I build a system, I basically rebuild it from scratch. However I also know that this is because my systems are experimental, and I am comfortable building them independently of organizational structure and internal political pressure.



The fact that the banking system will be shut down six times in 2021 alone is an extraordinary situation. If you really want to realize e-government or public-private partnership, you have to give the head of the system development unit a degree of authority and cooperation that even the president or the prime minister cannot interfere with.


だって、どうせ、やつら『何だか分からんが、とにかく動かせ!止めるな! 予算を越えるな!!』って叫んでいるだけでしょう?



I know that IT illiterates with power are the biggest cancer in system development. Because, anyway, they're like, "I don't know what it is, but just move it! Don't stop! Don't exceed the budget!" How do I know that? Well, you only have to look at how IT-illiterate those politicians are.


That's all.

2022-11-22 これは、『インターネットといえども、権力には勝てない』ことが証明された、ということです。

I read "Democracy in the 22nd Century: Elections Become Algorithms and Politicians Become Cats" by Yusuke Narita.

この本の中で提案されている、「アルゴリズムによる民主主義の自動化」―― 私は『無意識的政策決定システム』と読みましたが ―― 興味深いと思いました。

I found the proposal in the book, "Algorithmic Automation of Democracy" -- which I read as "Unconscious Policy Making Systems" -- is interesting.

I previously wrote a column about the anime BEATLESS.


This "automation of democracy by algorithm" may be more easily understood if you read the function of the political hIE "Mikoto" that appears in BEATLESS.



I have recently been writing a column about the "new democracy" and I am frustrated because I don't 'feel like I get it' when I read the Cabinet Office material.


For an engineer like me, "automation of democracy by algorithm" and "Mikoto" are more compelling.


Because a systems engineer like me can visualize in my mind the "blueprint" of such a "democratic system".


However, I can't say with confidence that 'this system is good'.



We (the generation of engineers) take pride in the fact that we have embedded the "soul" of "protocols" in the communication medium called the Internet.


I think there was also a belief that the Internet would create a truly free, fair, and equal democracy

所得格差を広げ、ポピュリズムを押し広げ、過激なテロ集団のインキュベータとなり、政敵を批判し大衆を扇動する道具に成り下がる ―― そんな無惨な民主主義を作り出すなど、想像もできませんでした。

We could not have imagined that we would create such an atrocious democracy - one that would widen income inequality, push populism, become an incubator for radical terrorist groups, and become a tool for criticizing political opponents and inciting the masses.


The biggest shock is the reality that the Internet, which is supposed to guarantee free communication and speech, has easily come under state control (speech control is now possible).


This proves that 'even the Internet is no match for power'.



As far as I have been able to find, there is not a single reference (book, article, etc.) that mentions this atrocious democracy before the advent of the Internet.


"Algorithmic automation of democracy" is a wonderful system, but perhaps there is something more than that lurking in it, something horrifying.


However, this is only an emotional sentiment of a senior engineer who believed in "the coming of a great democracy through the Internet" in the past, only to be betrayed and frustrated by it.


So I think it is correct to go through my delusions above.


「22世紀の民主主義 選挙はアルゴリズムになり、政治家はネコになる」に酷似した本として、

As a book very similar to "Democracy in the 22nd Century: Elections Become Algorithms, Politicians Become Cats."

There is a "third wave" by Alvin Toffler.


He wrote "democracy in the 21st (x22nd) century" and contained a wonderful and highly accurate forecast of the future.


However, the book is devoid of stories of

- 絶望的な所得格差、

- abject income inequality,

- 大衆に媚びる政治家、

- politicians who flatter the masses,

- テロリスト勧誘サイト、

- terrorist recruitment sites,



- 都合の悪い選挙結果に対して直ぐに『不正選挙』と叫び出す下品な元大統領、

- a vulgar ex-president who immediately cries "rigged election" in response to unfavorable election results.