2013-12-21 ―― そんなに、怒らんでもええやんか


Now I leave illustrations of my column to my daughters.


The first daughter is in charge of the columns about English, but the second daughter take a rest for another column, because she is a student preparing for an exam.

で、私が描いているのですが ―― これが難しい。

So I am doing the drawing alternatively, but it is too difficult for me.


I plead with the first daughter to make the concept and under drawing of my columns.


After that, I make line drawing and painting after all.


When I submit the line drawing to my daughter, she cannot accept my works at all.


"You don't understand the concept. It is the worst work. O.K. O.K. I will draw it again."


My line drawing is modified to her style, and is changing it for another work.

―― そんなに、怒らんでもええやんか

"You don't have to scold me so hard."

―― 私がグレたら、どうするんだ

"If I go wrong, what do you on earth?"


I could not say anything, and I was just looking at my daughter's working with my head down.

2014-12-21 いわゆる、家族写真とは、私にとって ―― 定点観測 です。


My family makes family photo of New Year's card every year, but my wife and I use the photo only.


My daughters has made the pictures of the card by themselves since a few years ago.

私たち夫婦が、写真に拘っているのは、家族の状況を知り合いに伝える為 ―― ではなく ―― 家族写真を残せる唯一のチャンスだからです。

The reason why my wife and I insist on the photo, is not for a good way to inform our acquaintances the state of our family, but just a chance to make a family photo.


Family photos are very interesting, if being set out .


Though the people who get my cards, might be interested in my daughter's growing-up, I am fun of watching my "aged deterioration".

いわゆる、家族写真とは、私にとって ―― 定点観測 です。

For me, the family photo is a kind of fixed point observation.



Unfortunately, the spirit of my family becomes low year after year.


Yesterday, for example, I noticed that it was a routing work that we just went to the pass at a hill nearby and took a photo by a digital camera.


But once we starts the event, they begin to propose new pose ,go crazy and "get high". It is also our annual event.

2015-12-21 ところが、長女が「結論から話せ」の江端家電話ポリシーを、彼女の友人に語っていたことから、―― 今回の悲劇は始まります。


The Ebata's has a policy of telecommunication, I have decided.

That is

―― 結論から話せ

"Conclusion, first"

The reason why I have decided the above is in the URL page.



In addition, there are several rules about using "family phone" in the Ebata's


(1)Nobody should take a call if the phone number is not shown at the display.


(2)Except for the (1), the head of family( it's me ) can handle it.

(3)上記(2)で対応する場合、私は、 「戦闘モード」で会話を始める。

(3)At the scene of the (2), I start to talk with fighting trim.



ところが、長女が「結論から話せ」の江端家電話ポリシーを、彼女の友人に語っていたことから、―― 今回の悲劇は始まります。


my senior daughter had told a friend of her about the above the Ebata's phone policy, and the tragedy became to start.


- Miss.A who is her friend should have contact my daughter as soon as possible because of an emergency issue.


- But the cell-phone of my daughter is out of order because of power luck.


- So Miss A found the Ebata's family phone number from the paper of emergency contact network and decided to call her.




By a stroke of bad luck, I was in my house at time of the day (coming back earlier)


Well, Can you predict what's going to happen ?


(To be continued)

2016-12-21 ―― 死ぬまでに、一度は見に行きたい劇団

(1)伊坂幸太郎さんの、「ゴールデンスランバー」は、『国家的な陰謀に巻き込まれて、首相暗殺犯に仕立て挙げられてしまった男性が、回りの人の助けられながら、闘う姿を描く』 ―― はっきりいって「傑作」です。

"Golden Slumber" is Isaka Koutaro-san's work, whose content is "a man who has been the false charge of a prime minister assassin in a national conspiracy, escapes and fights against the power, while being surrounded by people around me" is clearly "masterpiece".

This is the story that both my daughter and I watched the movie.


(2)劇団集団キャラメルボックスは、以前、深夜の時間帯に、たまたま、出張先のビジネスホテルのテレビで「きみがいた時間 ぼくのいく時間」を見て以来、

I knew a theater company "Caramel Box" when I watched the stage whose title "Time you were, and Time I will go" on the TV by chance at the business hotel in the late night, and I decided

―― 死ぬまでに、一度は見に行きたい劇団

to go see the stage by the time I die.


I have made up my mind since more than 10 years ago.

# ちなみに、その翌日は、出張先で睡眠不足で仕事になりませんでした。

By the way, the next day, I could not work at all because of lack of sleep.



The other day, I said "How about are we all going to a theater in Shimokitazawa ?" and the daughter who remembered it, played the best trump of


"a theater company "Caramel Box"" plays


"Golden Slumber"



There was no reason why I could not catch it.

However the final chance of Tokyo stage seemed to be on the 25th December.


I was afraid that "It might be too hard to get the tickets without miracle", however, I admitted her to start the process. As a result, she got the entry.


D:"When is good for you?"


Ebata:"Any day, any time is O.!".


D:"How about your work?"


Ebata:"Never mind my work!"



Now, some seats seem to be available.


Hurry up, if you want to get the ticket.


(To be continued)

2017-12-21 今年の作品も、大変面白かったです。


Since the last year, we decided "Theatergoing is our Christmas event" in my family.


This year, my senior daughter(SD), wife and I went to the theater "Caramel Box" that was the same theatrical group. Second daughter was absent since she went on a school trip.


Last year, the title was "Golden Slumber", which was a super-well-known literary work presented by Isaka Koutarou-san. On the other hand, this year's title is "Tears Line".


I felt anxious a little, because of the full original work. However it is "Caramel Box" as is to be expected.


This work was perfect!



In a restaurant, senior daughter and I exchanged impressions with the play.


Ebata:"Student plays are not bad for me. But their plays are apt to include "ideology" and "politics". They seem to be sermonical"


SD: "It's unreasonable to set changes too. They try to explain about the background just to read lines. or push ahead with long monologize"


Ebata:"That's right. They force guest to understand the background by the strong hand. I want to ask them not to force the guests to your negligence.


SD:"Compared with that, the professional theater company is great. We don't have to worry about "any interval of their silent".


Ebata:"I want to say "Well done!". the stability is valuable. I don't want to care of "forget their lines" or "trick by their ad lib".The price of ticket pays for that. But the ticket is expensive isn't it?"


SD:"No way! The price is reasonable, because.."


Ebata:"Don't say any more. I know well"


劇団の運営 ―― というか、その、ビジネスモデルの破綻ぶり ―― について、興味のある方は、是非

"Theater management", about the mess of biz. model, if you want to know it, I would to recommend to read the book

有川 浩さんの「 シアター!」を御一読下さい。

"Theater!" written by Arikawa Hiro-san


When I was in the family overseas trip, I borrowed this book from SD, and read it.


My memory of itinerary is missing while reading that book.

2018-12-21 残念ながら、江端家では家長自らが『ロジック優先』を唄っています。


My wife gets angry with daughters who are walking around in an untidy manner(euphemistic expression).


However, they always plead not guilty, with saying "Papa does the same thing doesn't he?".



I am sorry but, the Ebata's top priority is "logical activity"




"Men are O.K."


"Parents are allowed in exceptional circumstances"


These phrase are not allowed. Because they are illogical reasoning.



Thus, I absolutely have to wear a night-clothes after taking a bath.


However, the night-clothes is awfully cheerless, like, "an elder wears in a hospital".


My wife has already got a cheerful night-clothes for me, and recommended me to wear it, but I have not tried it.


これは「嫌がらせ」―― ではありません。

"Harassment", of course, it is not.


The night-clothes "an elder wears in a hospital" is really comfortable (and a little expensive).


However, I am wondering why the providing company doesn't intend to make them flamboyant in design. Is there something reason for it ?


It may be that it is a sort of "beauty of form".

2019-12-21 進歩ないなぁー、と思っています。

It is time to submit a 3Q patent. For me, "Chripa" is not a Christmas party, but a Christmas patent (patent).

―― て、2002年に書いたんですが、今、まさに、同じことやっています。

I wrote the above phrase in 2002, however, now I am doing exactly the same thing.


"No progress", I am afraid.


How long will the company keep using me, as a patent writer?

まあ、これくらいしか使い途がないのかもしれないけど ―― 「王禅寺の特許明細書製造マシン」は。

Well, I might be useless only this way, except for "patent specification manufacturing machine in Ozenji".

2020-12-21 『みんな、もう、腹をくくろう』

―― 良い来年を迎える為に、今は我慢の時です

"Now is the time to be patient so that we can have a good next year!"


This was shouted in the spring and summer.


And now...

―― 良い2021年にするために、今は我慢の時です

"Now is the time to be patient so that we can have a good 2021"



Well, I think the critical difference between now and when the emergency was declared is that the "new corona cure" and the "new corona vaccine" are now in scope.


Indeed, if these are developed, we can go back to the time when there was no new coronavirus, "to some extent".



However, I feel nervous.


I can't help but be concerned about the unusually strong infectivity of this virus.


Besides, viruses have a strategy of surviving by mutating.


Even if a "new corona cure" and a "new corona vaccine" are installed, I don't think the virus can be completely eradicated.


Ultimately, I believe that these effects come down to a "matter of proportion".


The "matter of proportion" is "the number of sick must be controlled to the extent that it does not cause medical collapse"


だから ――

So, I think that


From now on, we will live our whole life in such a way that "being alone" is "daily life" and "gathering with others" is "extraordinary life".


"Let's face it, people"


I think it's okay to start saying things like that now.



Oh, I just saw the news that 'approval of Avigan until the end of this year, has been postponed'.


One more thing broke my heart.

2021-12-21 ―― 軍師なんぞをたくさん集めて、どうするんだ?


Cao Cao", who appears (basically as a villain) in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, seems to be famous as a human resources enthusiast.


He collected all kinds of people who were skilled in military valor, art, and technology, as well as military strategists.


However I think that

―― 軍師なんぞをたくさん集めて、どうするんだ?

"What was he going to do with a bunch of military strategists?"




A military strategist is a person who advises the monarch or general commanding an army on strategic command.


I think that if there were many such people, all of whom had different opinions, monarchs and generals would have a hard time planning their strategies.


General Eisenhower, who planned the Normandy landings, said, "I will not accept the command of the operation unless I alone am the final decision-maker.


(I haven't been able to find any evidence of this.) I was also told that the core of Microsoft's Windows OS is basically built by a team of a few people.



It is a common practice for organizations to put people into a team that is in a death march, but it causes a lot of confusion in the field.


This is because the cost of training new members takes up a lot of the team's resources.

私、一度、このような炎上したチームに投入されたことがあるのですが、何も命じられなかったので、何もしませんでした ―― 実に3ヶ月間。

I was put on such a flaming team once, but I didn't do anything because I wasn't ordered to -- for three months, actually.


Over the past three months, I have been able to study the Linux kernel code at length.


Of course, I had to make up some random story to report at the regular briefing.


「曹操」に集められた軍師の大多数も、適当なことをやって 禄を食んでいたんじゃないかなー、と思っています。

I believe that the majority of the military strategists gathered by Cao Cao were also doing random things to earn their stipends.


Because, after all, there are only about three military strategists for Cao Cao in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and those three are usually the ones who propose the strategy.

2022-12-21 この程度の「軽さ」が、世界の悲劇から目を背けずに、向き合い続けるコツかなぁ、と思って生きています。

心理学とか経済学では、人間をホモ・エコノミクス ―― 「経済的合理性」にのみ基づいて、かつ「個人主義的」に行動する人間 ―― と見なして、理論(数式やらロジック)を展開します。

In psychology and economics, theories (mathematical formulas and logic) are developed by considering human beings as homo economicus -- people who act only on the basis of "economic rationality" and in an "individualistic" manner.

ところが、OSS(Open Source Software)が登場してきた時、「伽藍とバザール」というエッセイで、この人間像が、少なくともソフトウェアエンジニアについては、『当てはまらないことがある』という論が提示されました。

However, when OSS (Open Source Software) came along, the essay "Kyan and Bazaar" presented the argument that this image of the human being, at least for software engineers, "may not be true.


To sum up this essay in a few words,

―― 利益が得られなくても、人間は行動する

"People will act even if no profit is gained"



―― エンジニアは、お金が得られなくても、自分が独自開発したソースコードを世界に公開する

"Engineers release their proprietary source code to the world even if they don't get paid for it"


as their behavior.



I also publish shoddy source code on my blog, however in my case, the reason is


"I wouldn't feel comfortable if I didn't give a little back with my programs in return for the software the world gave me for free."



I have "no" desire to actively contribute to the world. It is "nothing" at all.


To begin with, I don't feel that I am benefiting from the world.


However, I would like to give back to this world in a big way, because I have benefited greatly from the software world within that world.


That aside.


世界中の紛争や悲劇に関して、私たちは無力感を感じることが多い日々です ―― 特に、今年は、それを痛感させられる年でした。

Every day we often feel helpless regarding conflicts and tragedies around the world -- this year, in particular, has been a painful reminder of that.


I did not expect to be shown the "imperialist paradigm (of war and conflict based on imperialism)" that was popular around the first half of the last century (1930-50) in this century.

『帝国主義』などという、ダッサいパラダイム、もう、とっくの昔に放棄されたと思っていたのですが ―― まだまだ有効なんだなー、と、実感しています。

I thought the lame paradigm of "imperialism" had been abandoned long ago, but I realize that it is still valid.



I am sure there are ways to balance one's peace of mind by over-blaming one's own helplessness or offering exorbitant donations in response to such a situation.


However, in my case.

―― できることをやり、できないことは諦める

"Do what I can and give up what I can't"

―― できるようになったらやり出し、嫌になったら逃げ出す

"When I can do it, I start doing it, and when I don't like it, I run away"


I live my life thinking that this level of "lightness" is the key to not turning away from the tragedies of the world and continuing to face them.


Anyway, I am doing what I can to "save money" and "save energy" and "publish shoddy programs".

2023-12-21 これまで、何度、雪の運転で、死にかけたか分かりません。


Since yesterday, there have been news reports that "the whole country of Japan is panicking because of snow damage," so I panicked and changed my tires at noon today.


Fortunately, the weather was good in my area.



Not only for money but also for the peace of mind of knowing I can change a tire whenever I think of it.



I do not drive my automobile when it is snowing or still snowing.


I have a lot of trauma going in the snow.

- スキー場から帰宅の途中の衝突事故

- Collision on the way home from ski resort

- 高速道路のど真ん中でスリップ反転停止し、目の前に迫ってくるトラックに直撃されそうになったた事件

- An incident in which a truck almost hit a car coming right in front of the driver after he had a slip-flip stop in the middle of the highway.

- 長女をひとり残した車が、滑走して、自宅前で衝突して止った事件

- An incident in which a car that left the eldest daughter alone skidded, crashed, and stopped in front of a home.


I can't tell you how often I have almost died driving in the snow.



I will not take the car out if it is snowing, even if my wife or daughter asks me to.


I tell my family, 'Walk while russelling,' 'Call when you leave the station,' and 'Activate your GPS service.


If a rescue call comes in, I will carry my winter gear, food, and drinking water in my backpack and go to my family's rescue.


These things are sometimes no joke in a place called the Minamitama area of Tokyo.